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Cool band alert: The Ghost Frequency + Nightmare video + tour dates

I've been listening to The Ghost Frequency, and I'm really liking their sound. They're an electro, foot stompin', head bangin', cool rocking band from London.

Is there a new trend happening? It seems electro has been creeping it's way into the airwaves at a higher rate than normal recently and I'm beginning to have a new outlook on electro music.

See if you can get your head around this: The Ghost Frequency have mixed electro with cool synths and bass sounds, clever changes, they've added an indie like feel at times with punk, rock and dance beats in such a way, that they've certainly peaked my ears and have caught my attention. It's always great to come across a band that's difficult to describe.

The Ghost Frequency's latest single, "Nightmare" is set for release 13th August 2007 on Buddhist Punk/City Rockers. "Nightmare" will be available on 7" vinyl and digital formats.

Watch The Ghost Frequency - "Nightmare" video:

The Ghost Frequency's 2007 tour dates:

Dates could be added or changed! Go to The Ghost Frequency's Official Website for the latest news and information.

8 August 2007 Rough Trade In Store @ new brick lane store london
10 August 2007 Year Zero Club London
11 August 2007 Leeds Faversham Leeds
12 August 2007 Manchester Roadhouse Manchester
13 August 2007 Endingburgh Festival @ liquid rooms sppt Duke Special Edingburgh
16 August 2007 Nottingham Social Nottingham
18 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Newcastle University Newcastle
19 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Glasgow ABC Glasgow
20 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Aberdeen Moshulu Aberdeen
21 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Edingburgh Liquid Rooms Edingburgh
23 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Preston 53 Degrees Prston
24 October 2007 Hadouken Tour- Tamwoth Palace Tamworth
25 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Brighton Corn Exchange Brighton
26 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Southampton Uni Southampton
28 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Bristol Academy Bristol
29 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Newport TJ's Newport
30 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Exeter Lemon Grove Exeter
31 October 2007 Hadouken Tour - Yeovil Ski Lodge Yeovil
3 November 2007 Hadouken Tour - Leeds Metro Leeds
4 November 2007 Hadouken Tour - Manchester Academy Manchester
5 November 2007 Hadouken Tour - Liverpol Academy Liverpool
6 November 2007 Hadouken Tour - Wolfun Hall Wolverhampton

For more information, go to The Ghost Frequency's new blog. There's pictures and some blog entries. Hopefully they'll continue to keep it up to date!

The Ghost Frequency Nightmare YouTube video link (website coming soon)
The Ghost Frequency on Myspace

By: Jenny May - Band Weblogs

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  2. By Persis Shanker on Apr 22, 2008 | Reply

    well if you like that kinda music check out new young pony club, the ting tings, CSS, Ellen Allen and The Knife.

    Cool 80s new wave, mixed with old Human-League like synthesisers or Joy Division riffs. Excellent new music trend that finally brings back the good ole days of what music should be like instead of the toilet paper wiping stuff that's on the American gangsta-rap 'pop' charts these days.

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