Later Live with Jools Holland – Nicole Atkins, VV Brown, Carla Bruni, Metallica, more

Nicole Atkins

Last night I was excited to see that Nicole Atkins was scheduled to play on Later Live…with Jools Holland.

A few months ago I was lucky to have had the opportunity to interview Nicole Atkins over the phone – and then the next day to watch her play an intimate show at the Soho Review Bar in London. I was able to see first hand what a talent she was and knew then that she had the ‘full package’ to reach out to many, many more people – with her excellent songs, charming stage presence and determination.

Originally from Neptune, New Jersey and having toured across the US, making appearances on shows like Late Night with Conan O’Brien and David Letterman, Nicole is probably more known in the States than here in England, however, after her strong performance last night on Jools Holland (her British television debut), I’m sure she’s gained even more fans from across the pond.

Other acts included:

Kings of Leon (“Sex On Fire”); when VV Brown came on, at first I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but then as the song went on (“Crying Blood”), her quirky soulful/punk grew on me and now I’ll be interested to hear more about her; Sway featuring Lemar (“Saturday Night Hustle”); and the First Lady of France Carla Bruni was interviewed by a flirtatious Jools Holland and then later was on with her “Tu Es Ma Came” single. It’s strange seeing a President’s wife hanging out with musicians and then singing live with a band…a first for me anyway. Has this ever happened before? With any other country’s First Lady?!

Nicole Atkins performed her dreamy pop single, “Maybe Tonight” off of debut album, ‘Neptune City’ and then Metallica closed the 30 minute night of varied music with their single, “The Day That Never Comes”. All members ended up taking solos, which was interesting on live TV, coming dangerously close to running over time. Now that’s Rock ‘n’ Roll…BBC style!

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3 thoughts on “Later Live with Jools Holland – Nicole Atkins, VV Brown, Carla Bruni, Metallica, more”

  1. Just had to let people know on his behalf,
    Dan Bowskill is a new reggae/soul singer from north london! and i really really say..he should grace jools hollands show..he has exellent music! im not just saying that…

    just google his name!!

    i mean if the singer ” natty ” can do his showlol

    then Dan Bowskill really must


  2. Um, yeh, ok.

    Post modeling career, Carla Bruni was a fairly successful singer before she married the President of France, so I’m not exactly sure what is so strange in seeing her ‘hanging out with musicians & then singing live’. She is, afterall, promoting her THIRD album.

  3. Hi Drunk Country, thanks for your comment. Irregardless of her career as a singer before marrying Nicolas Sarkozy, she is now married to the President of France, and it’s not very often that I see a First Lady “hanging out with musicians…” in a band situation.

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