Peerless Pirates @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford review

Peerless Pirates @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford review

Peerless Pirates

I was passing by The Wheatsheaf in Oxford last Wednesday evening and thought I’d pop in and say hello to my old mate Joel the sound engineer – who has been engineering sound to some of the finest gigs in Oxford since the 1990’s.

After obtaining some ale and ascending the stairs to the stage area, there I was greeted by a sound I hadn’t heard in this place before.

After greeting Joel and being granted entrance to the venue, my attention was caught by an unusual band. A different type of indie with an “out to sea” feel about what they do. Yes indeed, lock up your cash and your treasure while the pirates are in town. The singer, Cliff, has a swashbuckling look about him and the bass player sports a little Steven type of bandana. Yes, very piratey. Makes me wonder if they are aware of Pastafarianism?

This band is Peerless Pirates – and indeed they are. Their songs are upbeat and all about, well, pirate escapades, such as songs like “The Ghost Of Captain Kidd” and “Bring Out Your Dead”. A fun band who you should go and see play live. Yes their songs are very swashbuckling!

Check out their Official Website or Facebook page and see when they’re next gigging. You won’t be disappointed.

Peerless Pirates Official Website
Peerless Pirates Facebook

By: Dave Tommo

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