Inner Surge’s Signals Screaming Out Now

The album “Signals Screaming”, released through Cyclone Records, is now available for pre-order in the SHOP section of Supply is limited. We do not charge shipping. To preview the album, go to the “Discography” or “Music” section of

Cyclone Records

Here is the tracklisting:

1 AzurA 2:20
2 The Outcome 4:04
3 Flames in Synergy 3:45
4 Branding the Muse 3:53
5 Retribution Song 4:39
6 The Bottom Line 4:19
7 We were once 2:51
8 Welcome to the 5th World 5:24
9 Wolves 2:56
10 When the Door Locks 3:34
11 No Profit in the Cure 4:23


The reviews for the album to date have been overwhelming. Here are a few quotes:

“From beginning to end, Inner Surge’s Signals Screaming is a disc full of superb music, which will both captivate the listener and bludgeon him with intense, well written audio assaults. Possibly among one of the best imports that Canada has to offer.”
– RWS Magazine

“This CD was a great blend of Hardcore, Metal, Punk and Rock. It was deep, aggressive and uncompromising to the sounds of music today.”
– Scratch E-Zine

“This is not just a cd of new songs. This is the crest of the wave that Inner Surge has been building for sometime. It’s passion, rebellion, and anger. Signals Screaming is a huge statement, it is saying that Inner Surge is here, and they are here to stay.”

“This album is sure to be one of the most essential metal albums of the year.”
– X-Treme Productions

“Even the weakest of this band’s releases will blow almost any other band out of the water.”
– Independent Clauses

Lovebox Weekender Festival, East London

The Lovebox Weekender festival was this past weekend and we were there, experiencing the current sounds of today’s hip and trendy. The main reason we went was to see the Guillemots perform, which we did and they were great as always.

Guillemots at Lovebox Weekender Festival
Guillemots performing at Lovebox Weekender Festival
We were there all day on Sunday and watched bands Lorraine (from Norway), Hoover Manoeuvres, Secret Stealth, Guillemots, Mark Ronson, The Feeling, The Bees, Jimmy Cliff, headliner Jamiroquai and there were a lot more bands and djs performing in tents and on smaller stages around the festival grounds.

One memorable band was Lost Pirates playing on a smaller stage. They were dressed up as – you guessed it – pirates and were funny to watch and a pretty good band to go out and see if you ever get a chance.

One surprise of the day was how good The Feeling were. They mentioned they had just flown back from LA and were jet lagged but their set didn’t show it. I’m not too familiar with them but I like their song ‘Sewn’ which is radio friendly here and I was looking forward to hearing it, which they played, and it sounded great live as did the rest of their songs. Their harmonies were refreshing to hear and they reminded me a little of the Beach Boys and a few other bands mixed in but I’ll leave that to your judgement if you want to take a listen to The Feeling on their Myspace page. I highly recommend them and their tour schedule is as follows:

Aug 7 2006 8:00A
Gaelic Club Sydney
Aug 8 2006 8:00A
Prince of Wales Melbourne
Aug 12 2006 8:00A
Summersonic Festival Tokyo
Aug 12 2006 8:00A
Summersonic Festival Osaka
Aug 19 2006 8:00A
V Festival Staffordshire
Aug 20 2006 8:00A
V Festival Chelmsford
Sep 8 2006 8:00P
Debaser Stockholm
Sep 9 2006 8:00P
Sticky Fingers Gothenburg
Sep 10 2006 8:00A
John Dee Oslo
Sep 11 2006 8:00A
Little Vega Copenhagen
Sep 13 2006 8:00P
Melkweg Old Room Amsterdam
Sep 14 2006 8:00A
Knust Hamburg
Sep 15 2006 8:00A
Prime Club Cologne
Sep 18 2006 8:00A
Flex Club Vienna
Sep 19 2006 8:00A
Ampere Munich
Sep 20 2006 8:00A
La Laiterie Strasbourg
Sep 25 2006 8:00A
Rainbow Club Milan
Sep 26 2006 8:00A
Abart Club Zurich
Sep 28 2006 8:00A
Razzmatazz Barcelona
Sep 29 2006 8:00A
Moby Dick Madrid
Sep 30 2006 8:00A
Aula Magna Lisbon
Nov 1 2006 8:00A
Academy Birmingham
Nov 2 2006 8:00P
Shepherd’s Bush Empire London
Nov 3 2006 8:00A
Shepherd’s Bush Empire London
Nov 4 2006 8:00A
Shepherd’s Bush Empire London
Nov 6 2006 8:00A
Corn Exchange Cambridge
Nov 8 2006 8:00A
Dome Brighton
Nov 9 2006 8:00A
University Oxford
Nov 11 2006 8:00A
Guildhall Southampton
Nov 12 2006 8:00A
University Cardiff
Nov 13 2006 8:00A
Academy Bristol
Nov 15 2006 8:00A
Academy Manchester
Nov 16 2006 8:00A
Rock City Nottingham
Nov 17 2006 8:00A
Academy Liverpool
Nov 19 2006 8:00A
Academy Newcastle
Nov 20 2006 8:00A
University Hull
Nov 21 2006 8:00A
ABC Glasgow
Nov 22 2006 8:00A
University Leeds
Nov 24 2006 8:00A
Mandela Hall Belfast
Nov 25 2006 8:00A
Ambassador Dublin

For changes or shows added to their tour schedule be sure to check out their myspace page: or The Feeling’s official website.

The Lovebox Weekender Festival was one of the trendiest festivals that I’ve been to. Located on Victoria Park in East London it wasn’t too difficult to find. We took the Oxford Tube (24 hr. bus service from Oxford to London), got off at Notting Hill, then onto the tube, central line from Notting Hill to Stratford and from there changed trains for one stop to Hackney Wick and about a five minute walk to Victoria Park.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day-hot with a few sprinkles of rain and then hot again. For festival goers looking for something different try to get to the Lovebox Weekender next year. If you haven’t been yet it’s one more to add to the list!

By: Jenny May

The Raconteurs – Steady, As She Goes

The Raconteurs Steady As She Goes

‘Steady, As She Goes’ – coolest song of the year as far as I’m concerned. Straight ahead rock ‘n roll. What a surprise to see Jack White show up in a new outfit, band that is, as in The Raconteurs.Jack White’s other band The White Stripes is good – I know there are a lot of people out there who love them. Many people were recommending them to me when they first came out. For some reason though, I am far more interested in and can relate better to The Raconteurs than The White Stripes.

Have you checked out The Raconteurs website yet? I just did and it’s so retro old school that just like their songs it’s cool. Reminds me of the days of Atari and Vic20. If you go to their media page you can listen to two songs – ‘Steady, As She Goes’ and ‘Store Bought Bones’ at present. There’s also videos, photos, tour information and more:

The Reconteurs have appeared on shows here in the UK like Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and on the Guerilla Gig live on bbc3 that was presented by Zane Lowe a couple weeks ago. It’s great to be able to turn on the tv and see these guys playing live – simple old school rock. No frills.

If you would rather see them outside of the tv – here are some tour dates:

22 JUL 2006 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre
23 JUL 2006 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre
25 JUL 2006 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
26 JUL 2006 – Vancouver, BC – Malkin Bowl at Stanley Park
27 JUL 2006 – Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre
30 JUL 2006 – Niigata, Japan – Naeba Ski Resort Fuji Rock Festival
03 AUG 2006 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
04 AUG 2006 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza, Grant Park
05 AUG 2006 – Ann Arbor, MI – Michigan Theatre
06 AUG 2006 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
19 AUG 2006 – Biddinghausen, Holland – Lowlands Festival
21 AUG 2006 – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia Theatre
13 AUG 2006 – Edinburg, Scotland – T on the Fringe Festival
25 AUG 2006 – Paris, France – Rock En Seine
10 SEP 2006 – Toronto, ONT – Virgin Festival, Toronto Islands Park
14 SEP 2006 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theater
15 SEP 2006 – Grand Prairie, TX – Nokia Live
16 SEP 2006 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits Music Festival
19 SEP 2006 – Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle
20 SEP 2006 – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live
22 SEP 2006 – Norfolk, VA – The Norva
24 SEP 2006 – Atlantic City, NJ – House of Blues
25 SEP 2006 – New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom
26 SEP 2006 – New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom
28 SEP 2006 – Providence, RI – Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
29 SEP 2006 – Boston, MA – Orpheum Theatre
30 SEP 2006 – Montreal, Quebec – Metropolis

—Dates could change and more dates could be added! For the most current and up to date concert listings, go to The Raconteurs official site where you will find the latest tour information!

By: Jenny May

In The Morning, Razorlight

“In the morning, you know he won’t remember a thing…in the morning you know it’s gonna be alright”.I can’t get the song out of my head. You know what I do when this happens? If I’m no where near a radio I try to hear (in my head) two different songs at once and then usually the song ‘goes away’. Sound crazy? Maybe but it works. Try it sometime. You’ll see.

Anyway, Razorlight has done it again with their song ‘In the Morning’ and that song rocks! Razorlight is one of my favorite bands – two summers in a row of hot tunes which is pretty good now a days considering the conveyor belt of bands that get thrown at us from the mainstream. Everynow and then though, they don’t disappoint and this is clearly one example.

How can you watch the singer of Razorlight, Johnny Borell and not think of Bob Geldof? If you’re a fan of The Boomtown Rats and you’re not familiar with Razorlight I think now would be a good time to check them out. Great tunes for the summer, hanging out with friends, spending time out in the sun. Crank it up!

Try to catch them on tour if you can. Here are some upcoming shows around the UK and Europe:

19/08/06 Staffordshire, UK V Festival, Weston Park
20/08/06 Chelmsford, UK V Festival, Hylands Park
20/10/06 Aberdeen, UK Press & Journal Arena
21/10/06 Hull, UK Arena
22/10/06 Sheffield, UK Hallam FM Arena
24/10/06 Nottingham, UK Arena
25/10/06 Swindon, UK Oasis Leisure Centre
26/10/06 Plymouth, UK Pavilions
28/10/06 Cardiff, UK International Arena
31/10/06 Brighton, UK Centre
01/11/06 London, UK Wembley Arena
23/11/06 Evreux, France Le Rock Dans Tous Ses États

Razorlight Website

Razorlight Myspace

By: Jenny May

Blog in the Spotlight – Billy Morrison

Billy Morrison Billy Morrison has one of the coolest blogs out there – if you like your rock ‘n roll that is. Talk about a working musician-he plays guitar for bands Camp Freddy and Circus Diablo and each band has an ‘all-star’ musician line up of some of the biggest names in rock right now like Dave Navarro, Scott Weiland, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch and the list goes on. Actually it’s easy to lose track of what he’s up to because when he’s not playing in one of the two bands you might find him jamming with other musicians like Slash, who happens to be one of my personal guitar heros of today or appearing in some cult indie flick. He’s also played bass with the Cult.

Luckily Billy Morrison is willing to offer a window into his life via his blog, allowing VIPesque access to gig details, photo shoots, road trips as well as video blogs on occasion which is even more satisfying for the music fan who wants to become more familiar with the rock musician way of life.

Check out Billy Morrison’s blog for all the latest details of his comings and goings!

-Jenny May-