Patrick Yandall releases New York Blues

I had a feeling this was going to happen. Patrick Yandall has decided to play the blues after releasing a series of outstanding jazz releases. New York Blues is a welcome change for the guitarist and as I would expect, a fine recording straight on through. Jazz and blues are kissin’ cousins and nobody knows … Continue reading “Patrick Yandall releases New York Blues”

Richard Zeier releases Phenomenation

Richard Zeier’s Phenomenation is a cleanly produced, mostly instrumental album that incorporates sounds from rock, classical, new age, and electronica. The album is well composed and Zeier’s guitar work is superb. Each of the thirteen tracks explores emotional locations that combine to create an overall sound that at once transcends time and location yet feels … Continue reading “Richard Zeier releases Phenomenation”

RiffWorks Recording Software Review

It never fails. I’m sitting in my studio jamming away. When I discover the greatest riff of all time. The riff to slay all other riffs. The King Kameamea of riffs. I HAVE TO record this! Okay… so I put the guitar down, (first mistake), go get a mike, run some cable, open my recording … Continue reading “RiffWorks Recording Software Review”