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Accidents Can Happen - new video by SIXX A.M

This latest video from Sixx A.M a band formed specifically to record the soundtrack to “Heroin Diaries - a year in the life of a shattered rock star” is not only an amazing book and soundtrack but also has a very important message being shared by Nikki Sixx.

“Addiction is one of the biggest problems we have on this planet right now,” he says. “What I can do as a tiny, tiny part of this work is just to give back. Maybe one person gets it, maybe 100, maybe 100,000, maybe a million. I’ll never know. If I can pass my knowledge on without being a preacher or without getting on a soap box, that would mean something. All I’m saying is, this is my experience. Read it, or not. Believe it, or not. Absorb it, or not. I’m not telling anybody what to do. I’m just putting my experience out there and hoping you can learn something from it.”

Check out the video @

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