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The writers and photographers of New York Cool are your eyes on the street. From the bowels of the Lower East Side to the glitter of the Rainbow Room, we are constantly on the prowl, looking for the weird and the wonderful. New Yorkers are accomplished voyeurs; we look at each other and collective create the culture.

Check out: New York’s Rockin’ Music Scene; Interviews with Kate Winslet, Stephen Haldry, David Hare and David Kross of The Reader; Toledo Diamond of Dark Streets; Forty-Nine Current Film Reviews; Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Week; Theater; Miss Wendy’s Texas Love Advice and Occasional Comments on Popular Culture; Celebrities Out and About in New York City; and much more.

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New York Cool launched in April 2004 and all our stories are still up in our archives section click here. New York Cool has the best Listing Section in town; we update daily (sometimes hourly). is an online magazine that celebrates the New York scene: Art; Music; Celebrity Interviews; Nightlife; Film; About Town; Theater; Fashion/Style; New York Stories; and Miss Wendy’s Texas Love Advice and Occasional Comments on Popular Culture. Published monthly, updated daily (sometimes hourly), so check back often.

Photo from the Angel Devil Fashion Show by Photographer Yosra El-Essawy

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Cheryl Hughey Promotions Expands to Small Business Mentoring

St. Louis, Missouri – Cheryl Hughey Promotions, a United States based international publicity firm, recently announced its expansion into small business mentoring services.

Since its inception in 2005, Cheryl Hughey Promotions has established itself as a pioneer in the indie music marketplace. Originally formed as a part-time outlet for Cheryl’s concert and other music promotion activities, the firm quickly grew into a full-time operation serving the publicity needs of independent musicians around the globe.

As her firm progressed, Cheryl found herself advising others both inside and outside entertainment on how to establish and/or sell themselves as successful small business entities. Whether doing a talk on marketing to a small group at a comedy club or creating brochures for a fitness client, Cheryl has found great satisfaction in helping each person indentify specific branding goals geared to stimulate economic movement.

“No matter what size of business you own, there are specific steps you can take to energize your business plan. Every successful company starts with goals and dreams. However, you need a war chest of tools that will help make those dreams a reality. Meeting with someone can give you a clear outline on what you need to do to achieve,” said Cheryl Hughey.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].

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Atomic Brother Announces Teen Strong: New Hampshire Teen Center Benefit Concert

“Teen Strong: America” is a series of concerts to benefit teen centers and youth programs across the nation, presented by the rock band Atomic Brother.

The first Teen Strong: America event, called “Teen Strong: New Hampshire,” will take place on January 24th, 2009 in Derry, NH at the Stockbridge Theatre in the Pinkerton Academy. During the event, James and Sebastian of Atomic Brother will be talking to the kids about the importance of following one’s dreams, and the amazing experiences they’ve had traveling the world with their music. There will be prizes and gifts raffled off, as well as a chance to “Meet-and-Greet” the band after the event.

Having begun their musical journey as young teens, the band understands what a powerful tool creativity can be in combating those awkward years. Whether it’s pressure from kids choosing the wrong path, parents who don’t understand, feeling that you don’t belong, or the need for attention that isn’t always there, the band’s goal is to show kids that artistic expression of any kind can provide an outlet for all of these emotions.

“Whatever it is you’re interested in—whether it’s sports, art, music, etc—it’s there for you,” says Melillo. “It’s important that kids learn to form a healthy relationship with their passion for a certain art form. My relationship with my guitar began as a teenager, and now that I’m an adult, my guitar is still my best friend. It helps me deal with anything; if something is troubling I can put it into perspective by putting it into song.”

Atomic Brother has made it their goal to reach out to today’s youth and let them know that there are a great many positive, creative outlets that can be used to deal with the inevitable difficulties every young person will face in their adolescent years.

Teen centers and youth programs provide a valuable service to teens, providing a safe, positive and friendly environment for teens to gather. These teen centers foster a sense of respect and responsibility, giving teens the tools to get through these tough transitional years. To provide these services, teen centers depend on corporate and private donations, town funding and fund-raising efforts from within their communities.

With “Teen Strong: America,” Atomic Brother is helping to raise money so that these important non-profits are able to continue providing their valuable services to the teens of America. Each teen center which attends the show will receive 100 tickets which they will sell for $10 each, whether to fellow teen center members or to friends and family—and 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales will be given directly back to the centers as a donation.

Currently, we are seeking sponsors to donate food, drinks, raffle prizes and–most importantly– more money for the teen centers! Get in touch with Shanna at teenstrong @ or visit to find out how your teen center or business can become involved.

Teen Strong: New Hampshire
January 24, 2009
Stockbridge Theater @ Pinkerton Academy
5 Pinkerton Street
Derry, NH 03038
Doors: 2pm

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Audioporn – Rock Barden’s Boudoir, Stoke Newington, London

What a night it was for all those at the Barden’s Boudoir in Stoke Newington. Kicking off with an album launch for the Blue Bambinos, who played a great set of raw Rock n Roll reminiscent of Nick Cave, with an unusual accompaniment from a saw providing an almost lap steel sound working perfectly off the guitarists overdriven Jazz guitar to create the son of Scotty Moore and the Jesus & Mary Chain. A solid performance of funk-rock from Last Man Standing, lead us with anticipation to the headline performance of the evening from Audioporn.

Those who have not seen Audioporn before are in for a treat. Dressed in matching white suits, the band took to the stage to play their current album – A Message from our Sponsor. The album is a tour de force of our celebrity based, debt ridden, CCTV dominated society, the lyrics of which seem even more relevant each time we pick up a newspaper or switch on the TV. A concept album played in its entirety demands our attention and the musical variety and references never fail to captivate its audience. It was a late night, so an encore was short, but worth the wait, with a finale of Alien Frequencies taken from their Rarities album – a fantastic track worthy of a Mercury Prize on its own and one that never fails to leave me in awe of Audioporn.

Lucy 9mm coaxed some beautiful sweeping sounds from a new keyboard, adding a richness to the sound. Che Man must be one of the best drummers gigging anywhere, amusing us with his Dr No impression and “stare out” that would have faltered Howard Moon. Ade Man’s embellished lyrics were even more poignant today than ever before, kept in rock solid time by Deep Pete with some great dub bass lines.

A follow up gig was immediately secured – keep an eye out and check them out. You will not be disappointed.

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Joan As Police Woman, Ron Sexsmith, Kimmie Rhodes, Meaghan Smith

One is rock (Joan As Police Woman-Joan Wasser), another is an iconic singer / songwriter (Ron Sexsmith), Kimmie Rhodes is a legendary country / pop singer / songwriter, whose covered tunes have been certified platinum many times over, Meaghan Smith is a rising star, who recreates vintage jazz sounds from the 1920′s and ’30s in her original compositions. You will find interviews with all of these artists and many more at Riveting Riffs Magazine,

Here are the links:

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Osaru-Home Review

Osaru is a musician, composer and vocalist who lives and works in the heart of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, USA. His debut CD, Home, now available on CD Baby, takes you on an R&B and Jazz infused journey through his early adult years to the present day. It celebrates life, love and long-term commitment.

Osaru presents the listener with classic R&B vocal styles and movements that keep the overall vibe more ambiguous as the instruments also stay specifically within tried and true R&B perimeters. The prominently instrument-heavy mix offers a relaxed melody and rhythm that is definitely not over-produced and presents an old school feel to Home. An older crowd could surely attach themselves to the vibe as well as younger crowds that relate to and enjoy a classic R&B sound.

The chemistry of sound and production between Osaru’s vocals and music lends itself to a relaxed and in the background feel. The direction of rhythm and feel on Home stays very consistent and within itself while the production and composition work makes sure not to experiment with other musical influences, avenues or production. Home’s sound engineering takes interesting liberties in offering less low-end frequencies/bass and much crisper and noticeable highs/high-mid frequencies and his smooth vocal delivery left me wanting to hear them more prominently in the mix.

Osaru’s lyrical themes are classic and the production makes no attempt to deviate by mixing in or innovating the album with a more 2008 Pop/R&B sound. The lower vocal mix gives Home a more private/bedroom music vibe.

As opposed to the vocals and lyrics fueling the emotions of the album, the high music mix is the engine of the tracks. The instruments are what may encourage the listener to stay in the emotional moment while being only slightly egged on by the vocals.

On Home, it’s obvious that Osaru gives his very personal best and is particularly passionate about his work. To be in the audience at a live Osaru performance at my nearest Jazz or R&B lounge would definitely be an enjoyable and interesting night.

Artist: Osaru
Title: Home
Genre: R&B-Fusion
Label: Osaru Records
Source Link

01. I Know
02. Home
03. Made Up My Mind
04. Don’t Stop
05. Downtown
06. Pretty Lady
07. Let’s Begin
08. Start the Dancing
09. 24
10. Keep It Real
11. Pretty Lady (piano Version)


Ahmad A. Farzad aka “Nastii”– Contributor

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Bob Mover – It Amazes Me Review

Bob Mover has been around a long time entertaining jazz lovers everywhere. The one thing that eludes him is the recognition many of his peers receive. Although deserving you just do not hear his name mentioned in the same conversation about the best alto and tenor sax players in history. That is unfortunate and quite unfair in my estimation. After listening to his most recent effort It Amazes Me, it actually does amaze me that this great musician does not get the accolades so many others do. The primary reason that this has not happened for Mover is that he has remained true to himself and the art form he decided to pursue. In other words the man never sold his soul for the big payday, thus the headlines and star over his name did not materialize. I for one applaud his honesty and pure soul and above all, his beautiful music.

I, like many others, had not heard of this man and his music and now find it a revelation to experience what he has to offer. It Amazes Me is an original jazz sojourn, the kind you would have heard in the heyday of jazz in the 1950s. Mover’s sax is his lover and his voice comes across relaxed and sincere. Even though his voice may not be his strongest asset, it certainly endeared me to his presentation. After around three listens, I was totally in the corner of this artist.

Like a championship team, Mover drafted all the right players to make his recording a special event. The contributing musicians fit very well with the overall scheme of things and support the focus of this recording superbly. Kenny Barron (piano), Dennis Irwin (bass), Steve Williams (drums), Reg Schwager (guitar tracks # 4, 7,9,10) and Igor Burtman (tenor sax on track #5) are exceptional accompaniment for Bob throughout this session.

“The Underdog” seems to be a self-assessment that relates back to my first comments about Bob’s career and lack of notoriety for his work. Moreover and appropriately, the album closes out with the musically poignant title track, which puts everything into proper perspective without the utterance of one syllable from the artist. The attentive listener can understand from where this sensitive and meaningful artistry comes from. The curtain closes making you feel the show should not be over, in fact, it feels it is just starting. What a beautiful ride you just went on and Bob Mover and his band provided some of the best jazz you have ever heard, so now what? Well the answer is sitting right in front of you, grab the CD and play it again because you will not fully realize the depth and importance of what this man is giving you until you hear it all repeatedly.

It Amazes Me is a solid jazz album with a mix of traditional and post bop with roots that reach far back, to when the jazz giants were all walking hand in hand down the road to glory’s end. It takes a lot to bring someone back that far and Mover accomplishes that with his ten tracks.

Artist: Bob Mover
Title: It Amazes Me
Genre: Jazz
Label: Zoho
Source Link

01. How Little We Know
02. I Believe In You
03. The Underdog
04. (Tu Mi) Delirio
05. Erkin
06. Stairway to the Stars
07. Sometime Ago
08. Deep In A Dream
09. People Will Say We’re In Love
10. It Amazes Me

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck


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Stryker/Slagle Band Pay Respects With The Scene

With their newest release The Scene, The Stryker/Slagle Band serve up a dedication to men and women playing their kind of music: warm, soulful jazz. Each and every track acts as an affectionate ode to personal friends and musical heroes alike, all while demonstrating the skillful guitar playing of Dave Stryker and warm saxophone riffs of Steve Slagle. Respectful yet upbeat, the recording shows what modern jazz can achieve in the hands of its biggest fans.

Accompanied here by tenor sax virtuoso Joe Lovano, The Scene offers something for everyone – from up-tempo urban jazz pieces to smooth, easy ballads – presented with the effortless style and grace that fans have come to expect from Stryker and Slagle. From the opening “Skee” to the concluding “Strikology,” all musicians are on the same wonderful page, exemplifying the kind of simple beauty that only contemporary jazz can accomplish. Certain to appeal to all types of listeners, The Scene is easy on the ears and soothing to the mind, infused with a level of musical joy that one rarely hears in modern music. Clearly, The Stryker/Slagle Band has succeeded in creating a whimsical ode to jazz’s unsung heroes.

A native Nebraskan, Dave Stryker has been a part of the New York City jazz scene for more than two decades, where he developed his legendary guitar-playing skills. Saxophonist Steve Slagle was born in Los Angeles but moved to New York in 1977, having already debuted his knack for the saxophone while playing with the Stevie Wonder Band. The Scene is their fourth release together as The Stryker/Slagle Band.

Visit Dave Stryker’s and Steve Slagle’s websites for more information, pictures, updates, and sound samples.

Company: Jim Eigo
Contact: Jazz Promo Services
Address: 269 S. Route 94, Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: 845-986-1677
Source Link

PR Created and Distributed By

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Tony Adamo Combustible Soul Music

Tony Adamo’s Combustible Soul Music

Urbanzone Productions

Fred E. Harris

Soulman singer, Tony Adamo and his long time Guitarist/ Producer Jerry Stucker were at it again at Different Fur Recording Studio, San Francisco, CA. They created some very hip combustible soul music for Adamo’s upcoming new CD release in ’09. Melecio Magdaluyo who plays with Pete Escovedo, The Whispers, John Santo and Bobby Matos wrote original horn arrangements and played the flute and sax on two of Adamo’s new tunes. Melecio brought in Henry Hung to fill out the bill playing on trumpet and trombone. Adamo continues to expand his musical voice and along with his producer are continuing to bring in superb session players who are outstanding artists in their own right. Engineer for this recording session was Rick Perez.

Mic Gillette who wrote the original horn arrangement for “No Strings” is one of those outstanding musicians. “No Strings” is a free wheeling romp of a funk horn section lead by Gillette and anchored by Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka, both of Tower of Power fame. Adamo’s in your face kool vocals propelled “No Strings” to be played on over 500 Radio Stations most recently KISS FM 102.7, Los Angles and WNUA 95.5, Chicago. Both have added Adamo’s “No Strings” to their independent artist’s playlist.

For more info on artist Tony Adamo, go to:

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Michael Lington Turns Up the Heat with Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac) in New Release

What do Michael Lington, Fleetwood Mac, Santana and The Grateful Dead have in common? The answer is mega-Platinum producer, Keith Olsen.

Keith has produced three tracks for the new Michael Lington release, Heat, on nuGroove Records. Keith has produced over 120 albums and more than one in four are gold, platinum, or multi-platinum sellers. Sales of these smash hits exceed 110 million units at retail, equaling more than a billion dollars in revenue!

Danish born saxophonist Michael Lington has demonstrated his contemporary saxophone chops with a steady stream of chart-toppers since his debut album in 1997. Soon after relocating to the US, Lington began playing with greats Little Richard, Randy Crawford & Bobby Caldwell and eventually segued into a distinguished recording career of his own. Five albums & 10 R&R hits later, Lington is a global touring force, most recently performing as part of the sold out, coast to coast Barry Manilow tour. “Michael Lington is one hell of a sax player! He absolutely brought down the house every night on my arena tour,” said Barry Manilow.

“With his ultra-sleek look, hip, edgy “now” attitude and charm and charisma to burn, Michael Lington has defined the contemporary urban jazz experience… Beyond his trademark mix of cool and explosive instrumentals, the Copenhagen native is crossing over into the mainstream pop/adult contemporary realm with two key vocal collaborations [Aaron Neville and Ace Young]…” – Jonathan Widran,

Michael Lington News:
Michael and Ace Young (American Idol) recently helped the Muscular Dystrophy Association raise a record $65 million dollars on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon over Labor Day with a stellar performance of “Baker Street” from the Heat album. Shortly after the performance, Jerry Lewis said, ““Beautiful music, great talent…and we’re lucky we got them tonight. Beautiful Michael!”

Michael will continue to be on a nationwide tour to support Heat into the fourth quarter.

Michael’s new album on nuGroove entitled Heat, features performances by such mega stars as Aaron Neville, Ace Young (American Idol) and Torcuato Mariano, and will take Lington to new heights!

Release date: September 2, 2008

Interviews or reviews:
Cheryl Hughey Promotions
811 Westrun Drive
Ballwin, MO 63021
[email protected]/314-660-1755

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