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Garrison StarrGarrison Starr is a talented singer/songwriter and musician who graciously took the time out to answer a few questions for She’s currently on the road, touring around the US.

Garrison’s voice and melodic songs are enchanting to say the least. She’s recorded albums released by Geffen and Vanguard Records, with her latest, ‘The Girl That Killed September’ set for release on October 18, 2007 by Media Creature Music/12×12. ‘The Girl That Killed September’ was produced in Nashville by Neilson Hubbard, who also co-wrote on the album. Garrison Starr has performed with artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Steve Earle, Melissa Ferrick, Mary Chapin-Carpenter and played on the Lilith Fair tour.

Garrison Starr interview with Band Weblogs
Compiled by: Dave Tommo

Hello Garrison. How are things on the road at the moment?

Hideeeeeeehooooooooooe my friends. Things on the road are going well except for the fact that I’ve done something to my back and I’m a little gimpy at the moment. Never a dull moment. You should see the way we’ve rigged up the car so I can recline and take the pressure off my back! It’s pretty funny. Alice (Peacock) has been so sweet – she’s driving all the time and taking really good care of me.

We’re liking your video for your song, “Understood” with Chewbacca. Is this influenced by body dysmorphic dysfunction and what are your thoughts on this illness – or are we reading too much into the video?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! That’s funny. Margaret Cho was the brainchild behind this video, so you’ll have to ask her for the deeper meaning.

How and where did you meet Neilson Hubbard and what sparked your musical relationship?

Neilson and I met in college, and we had a mutual friend who was playing in his band at the time. The band was called “spoon”, but they had to change their name for obvious reasons. So, of course, they changed it to “this living hand” because, well, that was much cooler. We hung out some and I ended up playing drums in the band and singing background vocals. I would also open for them solo. We’ve been rolling in it ever since, and have become very codependent.

Are the musicians in your band session musicians or friends that you’ve met along the way?

No session players… I like to be keeping it real.

What are your favorite websites?,,!!!

Is there really extraterrestrial life out there?

I certainly hope so.

How many guitars do you have and which one do you like the most?

Hmmm. I have three acoustics and four electrics at the moment, and I must say my favorite is my 72 tele custom. She’s black and very sexy. That guitar never goes out of tune. It’s badass.

Do your guitars have personalized names?

Uh, absolutely not.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

Not really. I do try to just hang and not think about the gig at all. I like to relax.

Who is the best band or artist that you’ve seen lately?

I have to say I can’t think of anybody at the moment. I don’t get out much.

What makes you laugh out loud?

The Stephanie Miller show.

What is a good definition of freedom?

Feeling good in your skin.

Do you have a favorite painter/artist? If so, who?

I don’t.

Who would be the one musician that you would love to play with someday?

It’s interesting. When I was younger, I would have been able to answer this question with no hesitation at all. Now, though, it’s so different. There are a lot of artists out there I would love to play with. Tom Petty, Bjork, Annie Lennox, Butterfly Boucher, Heart, Peter Gabriel, Justin Timberlake, I mean, just to name a few.

Any plans for a tour in the UK?

Not at the moment, but I’m determined to get over there on this record.

Thank you!

No, thank YOU!! My pleasure.

Garrison Starr tour dates are as follows:

Dates could be added or changed! Go to Garrison Starr’s Official Website for the latest tour dates and information.

September 22 2007 Private Event, St. Charles, Missouri
September 26 2007 Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas
September 28 2007 Workplay Theater, Birmingham, Alabama
September 29 2007 Mucklewain Festival, Pinewood, Tennessee
October 5 2007 Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, SoHo, New York
October 12 2007 Hi-Tone Cafe, Memphis, Tennessee
October 20 2007 The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 21 2007 Jammin Java, Vienna, Virginia
October 22 2007 Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 23 2007 The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, Massachusetts
October 24 2007 The Living Room, New York, New York
October 26 2007 The L Club, Raliegh, North Carolina
November 9 2007 Eddies Attic, Decatur, Georgia
November 10 2007 40 Watt, Athens, Georgia
December 7 2007 The Basement, Nashville, Tennessee
December 8 2007 Eddies Attic, Decatur, Georgia

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