Ivor Cutler - family have announced NEW release of 'A Flat Man'

Ivor Cutler - A Flat Man

Two years after the death of iconic poet and musician Ivor Cutler, his family have announced a new release of 'A Flat Man', Ivor's final album.

Originally released on Creation Records in 1998, this much-sought-after album has been unavailable since 1999. The release also marks the launch of Hoorgi House Records, a new company set up by Ivor's family, which is destined to become the major label for Ivor Cutler material.

Jeremy Cutler, Ivor's son, says: "Ivor was a prolific artist but his work can be hard to locate. We not only aim to bring back into circulation some on the material which is currently unavailable, but also look to release new material which has never been publicly available before. Ivor has fans all over the world and Hoorgi House will help to ensure that they can continue to enjoy his work."

Ivor Cutler, recently revealed as the inspiration behind Franz Ferdinand's song "Jacqueline", counted John Lennon, Bertrand Russell and Billy Connolly amongst his fans.

He recorded 21 live sessions for John Peel, appeared in the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour film, and published over 30 books and 10 albums. Often called Scotland's alternative poet laureate, Ivor died on 3 March 2006, aged 83.

'A Flat Man' is released on 17 March 2008, with a new sleeve featuring Ivor's artwork, and notes by his son Jeremy:

"This is possibly Ivor's darkest collection of songs, stories and poems. The macabre is permeated, however, with veins of nostalgic sweetness. Ivor's humorous mastery of the inappropriate is also here, together with his granite acuity." - Jeremy Cutler

Title: A Flat Man
Artist: Ivor Cutler
Label: Hoorgi House Records
Release Date: 17 March 2008
Catalogue number: HHCD01
Format: Mid-price CD
Playing time: 50mins 50secs
Distribution: Proper Music
Digital Distribution: Kudos
48 Tracks including: "A Bubble or Two", "I Ate a Lady's Bun", "Living Donkey", "My Next Album", "I Built a House", "Knocking at My Door".

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About Hoorgi House Records

The label was established by Ivor's family in 2007 to ensure the continuing availability of Ivor Cutler material for new and existing fans, and to extend the range of material available. 'A Flat Man' is the label's first release; further releases are in the pipeline. The name Hoorgi House is taken from a story of that title in Gruts, Ivor's first published work. Ivor Cutler's own illustration of the story is the logo of the new company - an appropriate flag to hoist over the extraordinary realm of the creative and productive Cutler.

Hoorgi House Records Official Website

Ivor Cutler

About Ivor Cutler

Ivor Cutler, loved by generations of fans for his unique brand of music and poetic humour, published 30 books, produced 10 record albums, and was a phenomenal stage presence for 50 years. He is also famous for his radio work - especially his 21 sessions for the legendary John Peel.

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  1. jenny bloomfield

    to Jeremy and Dan, have finally listened to your Dads stories music poems...
    Sorry it took me so long!
    Great, really great.
    I wonder if you remember me from FSC and Piers.
    It would be good to hear from you.
    I have friends who are fans of your Dad, and a friend who played with him, Fred Frith.
    All the best

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