Shanghai to release debut single "The Judge"


Shanghai is set to release her debut single "The Judge", a stomping pop track (Lady Gaga meets The Noisettes) on February 22nd.

You may or may not recognise Walsall's Shanghai from her appearances on X Factor (where she reached Boot Camp) and Club Reps, but the determined young lady is certain that after hearing her self-written debut single "The Judge", even Simon Cowell will be uttering her name once more.

Shanghai has never been afraid to speak her mind, her vivacious personality saw her stand out from the crowd in previous television appearances. However, with past experiences teaching her hard lessons, Shanghai has decided to go it alone.

Unafraid of pouring her heart into lyrics, her self-penned debut album 'Blink' is due for release in the summer. The album speaks frankly about who Shanghai is and what she stands for. As she casually confers. "I have no choice. It's what I do."

"Am I gay? I am a free-spirit to love from the inside out. If that's what society calls gay then...damn right I'm gay!" Honing her act on the gay club circuit in Birmingham has built up a loyal and steady fanbase. Recent collaborations with Sykes have built on her status as one of Birmingham's finest upcoming talents.

With Shanghai's album nearing completion, Shanghai has decided to title the collection 'Blink'.

She explains, "I look at life like an eye. So many colours and layers, the eye is very deep and sensitive. It is the window to the soul. Spiritually we know so much more through using our third eye, looking forward into the future. If we just blink, it can all be over in a second. If we use our eyes and intuition we can see whatever we want to see. We don't always need to use our eyes, your heart can also guide you. Follow what you believe to be right, that is always my theory."

"The Judge" has been produced by Paul Sheppard at MPM Studios. All lyrics and music by Shanghai.

"The world is too judgemental, Always be who you are. Don't judge me for who I am. 'The Judge' was written about people who underestimate you as a person, who label you as someone you are not, who use your heart and spit you into the gutter. Its lyrical therapy!" (Shanghai)

The Judge
Released 22nd February 2010

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