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Guitar legend Joe Satriani has released an amazing 14 solo albums (two went platinum and four gold with 15 Grammy nominations between them) – his first album, ‘Not Of This Earth’ was released in 1986.

Joe Satriani

His latest release, Live in Paris: I Just Wanna Rock!, a two-disc CD and DVD, is out in February 2010. The show was recorded in 2008 at The Grand Rex Theater in Paris, France.

Joe Satriani has worked alongside many other influential rock guitarists and musicians over the years – on his solo tours, albums and playing guitar with other bands – including G3, a group he founded in 1996. Musicians who have toured with G3 have included Steve Vai (Joe’s former guitar student!), Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Stu Hamm, Jeff Campitelli, Adrian Legg, Robert Fripp, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, John Petrucci and more.

One of his latest projects is Chickenfoot and the lineup features Satriani on guitar, singer Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony – former bassist and founding member of Van Halen and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

And not to forget the gear. Satriani has a signature pedal line with Vox, JS signature straps, picks, pickups, the Peavey JSX guitar amp and of course his Ibanez JS Series guitars.

This year Joe Satriani continues to keep the music alive and will be paying tribute to his hero Jimi Hendrix on the Experience Hendrix tour.

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani interview with Jenny May and Dave Tommo

After temporarily replacing Ritchie Blackmore while on tour with Deep Purple in 1993, how did you come to make the decision to sign your solo deal rather than join Deep Purple?

I already had a solo deal that I put on hold for the band.

What is your relationship with Deep Purple like now?

I love those guys, and the band Deep Purple. They are rock royalty in my opinion.

With certain woods becoming a rare commodity, how do you think this will affect the way guitars will be made in the future?

Innovation always follows problems such as running out of certain resources, so, I am hopeful that new ideas will bring forth great instruments.

What materials would you choose to build a JS Series guitar of the future, if wood becomes unavailable?

Composites offer lots of value in sound and stability. Carbon fiber has also shown itself to be an interesting material. However, wood is still an excellent resource that simply needs to be managed.

How has your recording process for your solo studio albums changed over the years?

Every project I do, I purposely try to change the process in some way. I find it artistically stimulating to work in new ways.

How did your participation with the Experience Hendrix tour come about?

I got a call, I said yes!

What songs will you be playing on the tour?

I may start out with “Third Stone From The Sun”, “Foxy Lady” and “All Along The Watchtower”.

Have you worked on other Hendrix related projects?

Not really. This will be the first full length tour.

I have to ask, what are your favorite Jimi Hendrix songs?

“1983 A Mermaid I Shall Turn To Be”, “Voodoo Child”, “Voodoo Chile Slight Return”, “Red House”, “Machine Gun”, etc…

What band would you send out to space to represent the planet earth?

The Shaggs!

Do you have plans to tour the UK with Chickenfoot, Experience Hendrix tour, G3 or other projects?

Yes! It’s all coming your way in 2010 and 2011!!!

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