Shiragirl @ Public Assembly, Brooklyn + watch "Sick Day" video

Shiragirl is perhaps known best for crashing the Warped Tour in 2004. The spunky pink-haired Jersey girl drove into the gates with her pink RV and set up in front of the skate ramp. A crowd immediately formed and she was invited to play the entire tour.

Shiragirl - Sick Day

This story describes Shiragirl best: she makes a scene, demands attention, and gains respect as she carves out her own place in music, rather than sitting around waiting to be discovered. She knows what she wants and she goes after it.

Her success at the Warped Tour has earned her an MTV Warpie Award, and a place in Cleveland's Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Warped Tour exhibit and time capsule.

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After working with several producers including Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Transplants) she teamed up with song-writer, musical director and drumming phenomenon, Rainey P, to write Scream! Spit! Sing!, her latest album.

Although they have roots in punk rock, and rock-rap, this album has a wide range of musical diversity. Shiragirl is nearly incomparable to any other artist on the market, once again, carving out her own place in music.

Watch "Sick Day" video:

A live Shiragirl show is outstanding and captivating. In 2009, CEO of Conquer Entertainment was about to walk out of Dock Street music venue in Staten Island, unmoved by the performances she had seen. Then Shiragirl took the stage and she was instantly excited. Shira's sexy moves and high energy stage presence, combined with Rainey P's off the hook drumming skills, twirling her sticks in the air and standing up at her drums, the CEO immediately offered the girls a management deal.

Shiragirl has opened for musical legends such as Joan Jett, Rancid, NOFX, Donita Sparks (L7), Theo (Lunachicks), Taylor Dayne, Agnostic Front, Murphys Law and more. She has also appeared on MTV's Real World Brooklyn. It's only a matter of time before Shiragirl breaks media glass.

Check out Scream! Spit! Sing! available online, and keep an ear out for new music coming soon from Conquer Entertainment.

WHO: All female punk rockers Shiragirl
WHAT: Live show
WHEN: Wednesday, February 3, 2010, doors: 8pm; Shiragirl 12am
WHERE: Public Assembly, 70 North 6th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

For more music and information, go to:

Shiragirl Official Website
Shiragirl MySpace

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