Fuzzy Logic Baby – Exclusive Interview with Frontman Darwood Grace

Fuzzy Logic Baby - Darwood Grace
Fuzzy Logic Baby recently released their latest video for new track “Television”. It’s a great song – and video. Read the exclusive BandWeblogs.com interview with Fuzzy Logic Baby frontman Darwood Grace.

Fuzzy Logic Baby - Darwood Grace

Fuzzy Logic Baby recently released their latest video for new track “Television”. It’s a great song – and video. I was lucky to happen upon one of their live shows at The Bullingdon Arms in Oxford a few months ago. Ever since, I’ve been a fan of the band and continue to look forward to new material from them.

Exclusive interview with frontman Darwood Grace from Fuzzy Logic Baby

Jenny May: How long have you been performing in bands?

Darwood Grace: This is actually the first band I’ve been in. I just woke up one morning and asked God if I could have a band, He said “Why?” and I replied “cos I’m a Rock Star and every rock star needs a band”. Met the guys a week later.

When and how did the band members meet to form Fuzzy Logic Baby?

Met our former drummer Nico at a gig where he was playing bass for a mate’s band and we instantly became brothers, he said that he’d just formed a new band with his old school mates and that they needed an MC, so that’s how I got involved.

Why “Fuzzy Logic Baby” for a band name?

Cos when people look at us all together, the first question is how did you guys meet let alone end up in a band. We do look mismatched but yet the music makes sense. We’re mismatched Children that make sense but Mismatched Sense Children doesn’t sound as good as Fuzzy Logic Baby hehe.

Who normally comes up with the concept for your music videos?

I came up with the concept for Television and our follow up video/single Drunk Man’s Speech which was directed by Kidulthood & Adulthood star Femi Oyeniran. Jack (Guitarist) has come up with the next one. So it depends on whoever gets the best idea when they are in a sober state really.

Fuzzy Logic Baby – Television video:

How did the video for “Television” come about (concept/young actor)? Also, the song is sending a message…”Television is the new religion”… are you frustrated with TV? If so, why (or your thoughts about TV)?

The concept came from realising how many kids have been raised and are being raised by that innocent box in the room lol. It’s like this silent preacher telling you what’s going on in the world, what to buy and who you should idolise. TV and the internet is probably the biggest source of finding out information nowadays, not that it’s a bad thing but reading a book expands the mind so much more than a TV ever can. But what do I know, I’ve watched way too much football on telly to ever be frustrated with it. God bless Match of the Day because I dunno what I’ll do with myself if Gary Lineker ever retires. Funniest thing is, since we shot the video I don’t actually own a TV at the moment. Those TV licence letters started getting on my nerves.

Do you consider yourself a “politically aware” lyricist? How do you feel about bands merging politics & music?

I’m a human aware lyricist, as I talk about a lot of different things that affect me as a simpleton just trying to live a regret free life. I’m constantly trying to better myself and learn from previous mistakes so who am I to tell anyone how to live or how to think. Politicians have to be clean cut, and a few girls have enough evidence on their phones to stop me from ever running for the Prime Minister’s office so it’s easier to be myself and if I say something that others can relate to or that inspires them to better themselves then I’m cool.

Fuzzy Logic Baby puts on a great live show – you certainly have a lot of energy on stage. What makes for a good night for you during a show?

As long as we have fun, it’ll be a great night. Whether it’s a million people or one person in the audience, as long as we have fun, it’ll be a great night out for all involved.

Fuzzy Logic Baby

Do you spend more time in Oxford or London? Who’s based where?

We’re actually a London based band. Ben (bassist), Daniel (drummer) and I are from Hackney but Jack is originally from Oxford. His family still live there hence the connection. Oxford has become a second home and we stay at Jack’s parents house whenever we are there. And we play Tennis against each other, I’m still unbeaten.

Does the band write songs together? What is your general songwriting routine as a band?

Yeah, we write together but not one of our songs has been written the same way. It’s always so random, it might start with a lyric, or one of Jack’s guitar riffs, or Daniel humming a bassline, then Ben playing it, or Ben just writing a whole song that we then all make our own. I even beatboxed a whole song idea on my phone, played it to the guys, got told it was shit but then the guys interpolated it and Love Songs was born.

Are you signed? If not, do you want to be?

We’re not, bloody disgrace I tell ya! lol but of course we want to be signed, the only advantage to being unsigned is that you have to think outside of the box to get any attention but even then you can still get ignored. We’re a bit different, but all it’s going to take is a clever person to see us and take a risk. Whatever happens, we’ll just continue to have fun.

What are your views about Twitter? Do you think that it’s a helpful tool?

Twitter’s great for finding out stuff before it’s on the news. On twitter, EVERYBODY has a big mouth. Gossip central lol. As a tool for an unsigned musician/band, unless you are willing to buy twitter followers or youtube views, twitter is absolutely useless. Without a huge internet following, it’s like people don’t take you serious lol but real life still rules and I’d rather have a genuine real life following than a fake cyberworld one. Please follow us twitter.com/fuzzylogicbaby hahahahaha.

What other activities do you enjoy outside of the band?

I wish I could say something slick like horse riding and having daily tea gossip sessions with the Queen but alas no, it’s boring stuff like acting, directing, reading, watching footie etc… oh and I love being a Dad to my son, cool dude, he’s the actor in our Television video.

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