Hollywood Undead – Johnny 3 Tears (George Ragan) – EXCLUSIVE interview

Hollywood Undead - Johnny 3 Tears
Hollywood Undead have announced new spring tour dates in the US and Canada with support from Dance Gavin Dance and Abandon All Ships – after wrapping up the entirely sold out ‘Underground Tour’ this past January. Read the EXCLUSIVE interview with Johnny 3 Tears!

Hollywood Undead - Johnny 3 Tears

Hollywood Undead have announced spring tour dates in the US and Canada with support from Dance Gavin Dance and Abandon All Ships – after wrapping up the entirely sold out ‘Underground Tour’ this past January.

The tour comes hot on the heels of Hollywood Undead’s newest album, ‘Notes From The Underground’, which is available on iTunes now.

Hollywood Undead release behind-the-scenes footage of “We Are” video

The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200, which is the highest debut to date for the band.

Read the EXCLUSIVE BandWeblogs.com interview with rapper/songwriter Johnny 3 Tears (George Ragan)!

Jenny May: What is the meaning behind the band name exactly?

Johnny 3 Tears: It’s a reference to the city itself at night. When we were kids we would see these people, we didn’t understand what crack heads and prostitutes were yet so we thought they were zombies. We called them undead. When we formed the name fit.

What do you think of Hollywood?

It’s a love/hate relationship. Its a great place to be if in the sense that there is always stuff to do etc… It’s also revolting because the jackasses who move there want to be in a [fast food] commercial.

What gave the band the idea to use masks?

J.D. came up with the idea of us doing it. We never intended on doing it for any other reason than we liked the way they looked. We loved having some other expression than the songs alone.

Why do you choose the ones that you wear?

I think they mean something to each individual separately. Even if it’s in some small way that no one knows but him.

Do you get recognized “on the street” very often as a member of the band without your mask? (If so, where & when was the last time that happened?)

Ya. I have a three on my throat so it happens. Happened at the gym yesterday. I thought he was gonna ask me for some tips on working out his butt cheeks but turned out he wanted to talk about the band. Pissed me off.

What was the writing process for your new album Notes From The Underground? (Do you write together? Lyrics/music etc.)

Some songs we write together. Some on our own. I personally always start alone and bring it in once I have what I want done. But we write on the road and in the studio.

How was making this album different compared to your others? Did you have more freedom with the creative process?

Every album is different. This one was a lot of fun because we felt less pressure this time around. We always have creative freedom, that doesn’t mean the label is gonna see a song the same way we do. You always have to fight for your art.

Do you ever feel like you have any restrictions when expressing yourself? If so, in what way do you feel restricted?

Ya sure. Maybe some introversion at some points. But alcohol and such are great tools. Gotta be confident in what you are doing.

Who are one or two of your favorite bands that you’ve toured with and why? Who would you want to tour with that you haven’t yet?

Avenged Sevenfold – they are just rad guys, a lot of fun. And one of the better live bands out there, so every night we gotta watch a badass show. Can’t argue with that.

10 Years – the only band that’s ever made me feel like a light weight. Animals, hairy southern animals!

I would love to tour with nine-inch nails. Wouldn’t ever happen but just saying.

What kind of gear do you use on in the studio – and on the road?

We’re such gear heads I couldn’t name it all. Too much to name. Although we keep it analog… old school.

What do you need to see in a horror film to “tick all the right boxes”?

Suspense, a weird creepy kid, some titties yo.

Your top three films?

Horror films – Event Horizon, Congo, and Desperate Measures.

Reg films – Apocalypse Now, Magnolia, Dances with Wolves.

Hollywood Undead – We Are (Explicit) video:

Where is your ideal place to be, doing what, on a day off?

We turn into mall rats. Movies and dinner and a good nights sleep. We just try to recover from all the horrible stuff we do to our bodies and hold hands and all that.

For the latest tour dates, music and more, please go to:

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