Little Comets, Noisettes LIVE review, O2 Academy Oxford


Little Comets

Thursday night on the Cowley Road, Oxford. It’s drizzly outside but warm in the O2 Academy, and as we enter we’re greeted by a steward who informs us of the forthcoming entertainment and hopes we enjoy the evening. So for some ale and to find a good spot to stand to see Little Comets.

The Damned, The Alarm, Henry Cluney review – LIVE at O2 Academy Oxford

The Damned

What is there to do on a Wednesday evening in Oxford? Watch TV? Go down to the pub? See the cricket? None of the above. Oh well, it’s raining in June again, constant pitter patter. But hey look! The Damned are in town and they’ve brought some friends with them …

Desert Storm @ The Cellar Bar, Oxford – LIVE review

Desert Storm

You know when you’re drinking, and you find yourself somewhere you never planned on being? Well that happens to me quite often these days. I had no idea I would end up at The Cellar Bar in Oxford last Saturday for instance …