October 12th, 2005

Garage Band Demo

GarageBand on

GarageBand on

The GarageBand demo was last night and all went well. We were demoing the recording software for the Oxford Mac User Group here in Oxford through the University which I found quite exciting. I wasn't sure what to expect..maybe a classroom type setting but instead the demo was in a lecture hall! There were quite a few people there-all ages, women and men and most wanted to hear a basic demo, which was great because we've only been using GarageBand for about a year now, and I don't consider myself an expert. I thought that the best way to go about something like this was to just show how we use it and walk through the basics. Luckily there was a projector, so everyone could see what I was doing. Dave was my lovely assistant, so anytime I needed to record the guitar, there he was, ready and able to strum away!

So I demonstrated how to create a song by adding tracks, recording with the acoustic guitar and then using the effects that come with GarageBand to change your acoustic to an electric, choosing from quite a few different electric guitar effects. Also showed how to layer vocals as well as the vocal effects etc., the mastering process, creating loops from your own live instruments and vocals as well as the pre-recorded loops already installed in GarageBand. I also went through the steps of going from recording your song, to importing to iTunes and then either burning a cd or converting to mp3 format.

One thing I found about preparing for something like this was that I couldn't really prepare! I mentally went through the stages of the demo, but I never 'practiced' it, really. Just one of those things where it was better to just do it. There were a few questions which was great, and also I asked the group if they had any tips or suggestions as well, since my experience in using Garage Band is that I'm always learning something new.

I told Dave that I felt we should be wearing apple shirts or something. For crying out loud, Steve Jobs we're doing your job for you!! How about some help getting our music 'out there' in return?! Lol. Actually, Steve, if you want to pay us to go around the country demoing GarageBand, we would be more than happy to do that!

Well, the reason we did say yes to doing the demo was because we really do feel passionate about GarageBand and truly believe that it's so helpful for musicians who either can't afford going into the studio, or just want to be able to record all the time and most importantly, the ease of use is just amazing.

You can find our music on our website:The Babylon Cowboys. All our songs are recorded using GarageBand.

By: Jenny May
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