A Journey Down The Well release their debut: The Funeral Album

A Journey Down the WellPost-rock trio, A Journey Down The Well has released their debut "The Funeral Album". The whole album is downloadable for free in the band's weblog.

The band uses violin and cello as the main instrument of their music. It sounds quite sad, as its title. "The Funeral Album" contains eleven songs that express the feeling; being alone and loosing someone. All the instruments are used unconventionally, and the use of samples are quite interesting. The idea at the beginning was quite simple; "Let the instruments cry".

The Swedish and Turkish members Martin Bjelfvenstam, Anna Erneman and Taner Torun formed the band in 2006. Meeting accidentally when having a holiday in a Mediterranean town, the trio discovered that they had similar tastes of art and started playing together. After practicing for a while, this little project turned into a band. The debut 'The Funeral Album' was released on the 8th March of 2007. All songs are dedicated to their friends, who once upon a time shared their life then lost the battle.

The album is a self release just for now. The band makes a whole preview of the songs on their Last Fm page, and the whole album is downloadable for free on their weblog, in the music/downloads session.

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