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A few years ago before the internet was as BIG as it is now, I remember thinking about all the bands that were out there playing music that I had never heard of. Bands that I would never hear. I felt out of control.

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A few years ago before the internet was as BIG as it is now, I remember thinking about all the bands that were out there playing music that I had never heard of. Bands that I would never hear. I felt out of control.

Sure, there were bands that I loved listening to on mainstream radio and seeing play live in my area, but I was fully aware of the fact that there was no way that I was even getting a fraction of what was really going on musically around the country – or the world for that matter.

Fast forward to the present, and luckily the internet has been a key to helping solve my quandary. I can now easily access bands’ music online, however, the amount of music seems infinite and overwhelming at times, which can also hinder the process of discovering new bands.

I started because I wanted a place online where I could help myself and others discover new music and to spread the GOOD word about bands, musicians and artists – established and new. Signed and unsigned. All genres. Everywhere. I love receiving emails from bands and artists wanting to share their music. I also enjoy publishing their information on

There has been a large volume of news, music and review requests coming into my inbox as of late, and it frustrates me that I can’t publish all of it, as there’s only one me here, and only so many hours in the day.

At this point, my solution to this problem is to ask unsigned, signed and/or indie bands, musicians and artists to please leave a comment (not too long) with information about your music along with a couple links, so that readers can learn about you, listen to you – and hopefully buy your music.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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By: Jenny May

Author: Jenny May

Jenny May is the founder of Band Weblogs. Based in Oxford, England (originally from New England), Band Weblogs was created in 2005. With a passion for music, Jenny May has performed with bands in the US and the UK, her music has appeared in films, she was a vocal coach for the Yamaha Rock School and has worked on music projects with musicians such as Jon Fishman (Phish), Fyfe Dangerfield (Guillemots) and Cisco Adler (Shwayze). Jenny is currently publishing music news, conducting exclusive interviews and writing music commentary for Band Weblogs and writing, recording and performing music with duo Purple May.

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  1. keep it up jenny, Nubian Conqueror. below is my bio.
    About Nubian Conqueror

    From the rhythms of Africa comes Nubian Conqueror with roots rock reggae. His passion, powerful melodious voice and conscious lyrics uplift and inspire you to live in the higher heights. And his music lingers in your mind all day long.

    Nubian Conqueror resides in Ghana, a country in the western part of Africa. He has a very deep love for music. He jammed with some members of the All Stars Band and Orthodox Band of Ghana in the early 2000s. He then went on and released his ten-track debut album “Africa Go” in 2004.

    Currently, Nubian Conqueror is working on his next album, music videos, interviews, live shows and more for all reggae lovers. Besides his very deep love for music, Nubian Conqueror enjoys conversing, sight-seeing, sports and more. As a global conscious person, one conviction he holds is, humanity is blessed and all what need to be done is to manifest this blessing.

    About his conviction that humanity is blessed, he reminds you with “Blessed” a track on the “Africa Go” album. In “Go Yonder” another track on the same album, he encourages you to “be courageous and confident, meditate on Jah word day and night for your success and prosperity”.

    It is irie (feelgood) time with Nubian Conqueror. Enjoy Nubian Conqueror music “Africa Go” and get iriefied (feel good) all day long. He is inviting all reggae lovers to keep in touch because he intends to make them have a memorable experience with roots rock reggae music, surprises, gifts, merchandise and more. Blessed.

    1. I co wrote this song along with the lead singer of the WORLD FAMOUS BAHAMEN. He is one of the young innovative singer/songwriters of the Bahamas and indeed the world. Listen like and share.

    2. Dear Weblogs! i have just come across your page and its great to see what you are doing for unsigned artists!
      We are ‘Charie Rhymes’ a concious, cause based band based in london Uk.. we are the definition of starving artists.. doing everything oursleves and pouring everything we have into our music.. we record everything in our half fallen down house in camden town and speak from the heart about things in the world which stimulate our creativity and touch us.. our sound is Pop/Rock/Dance/Lyrical
      and we are a full 5 piece live band with a similar setup to pendulum using lots of synths and big fat dubstep drum sounds mixed with anthemic lead guitar lines and dirty basslines.. we are doing all we can this coming year to reach the world with our message and to break into the alternative music scenes around the world wherever the people are who get what we are about… we have massive plans and big dreams for the future.. will you help us to reach out to the world?

  2. Expecting excitedly the double live on March 6th and 7th at The Place (Rome)
    The second concert will be shown in streaming on the portal completely for free

    Fever is rising for the double event starred by Gino Vannelli in Rome: the popular Canadian artist, true icon of the international pop rock of the 80’s, will be in concert in March at one of the most popular clubs of the Italian capital city “The Place”, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7.
    Tickets are almost sold out, but on the other hand there are some fantastic news for all Vannelli fans spread out in the world: the concert of Sunday March 7 is going to be broadcast in real time streaming through the web portal This project has been launched by the music label Azzurra Music featuring One Italia a leading company within the digital music industry.
    To watch the concert directly from home, you just have to register to the relevant website ( and be online March 7 at 11 pm (local time) and all this is going to be completely for free! The concert program has for the most part lined up Vannelli’s successes, recently composed in a best-of album attached to his first book of autobiographic stories titled “Stardust In The Sand”.
    A concert you can not miss…..wherever you are!

    1. We are a new indie psych band from derby called Cabal, who have just been at dubrek studios and have our first three songs mastered. I noticed you did a review for a fellow derby band west of the sun who we are playing a festival with in October

      A review would be great if you can fit us in to your busy schedule

      Here is a few links

      Step into the sun


      Black ball



  3. Hey!
    I too have been in the same place thinking there are so many bands I will never get to see or hear, and I like what you are doing with this!

    I manage a band from Texas, Young American, and we are very proud of our debut release Late Nights/Early Flights! If you have any interest in Third Eye Blind, Brand New, or Recover.. we are for you!

    Catchy guitars with driving leads, passionate vocals, bass lines that keep your heart beating, and drums that remind you you are still alive!

    If this sparks your interest, you can check out the website or the myspace, whichever is your vice!

  4. Undergound66 is a four-piece rock band born out of the industrial sludge of their small Ontario town. Their sound has been called “factory rock with a poet’s soul”, and count bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, and the Tragically Hip as influences for their work.

    Underground66 band members are: Christopher McGruer – lead vocalist / Shay Morris – guitar / Brodie McGruer – bass / Ed Morrow – drums

    For more than two years Underground66 have been tearing it up in bars and clubs all over southern Ontario, including: The Harb, Owen Sound; Legendary Red Rooster, Burlington; The Juliana Bar & Grill, London; Gables in the Bend, Grand Bend; and both the Kathedral and The Opera House, Toronto.

    The song, You’re a Lush (but we love you) from their newly released self titled CD has received steady airplay on the radio station 94.5 The Bull. Underground66 and The Bull also teamed up to produce the benefit concert, Rock the Sanctuary, for Owen Sounds Homeless shelter in August 2009 at the historic Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound.

    Underground66’s self titled CD will be available for download through Itunes and other online stores. Hardcopy CDs will be available online through Bandcamp.

    CD recorded by Paul Farrow at ‘Avenue A Recording’ in Owen Sound.
    All ten tracks produced by Paul Farrow and Underground66.

  5. Hello! This is a new release, currently on preorder on iTunes. It’s called Running and it’s a charity pop tune, that comes in a four track EP. It’s racing for the charts and a review from you guys would be fantastic, please let me know if you’d like artwork or an mp3. Below is the story, followed by links to preorder, watch the video, and join the campaign.
    Thanks, Silvia

    Running – the single racing for the charts

    Musician and first time marathon runner Silvia Costeloe is launching a single to fundraise for Leukaemia Care, in memory of her father.

    Running is song that will leave you feeling breathless, as though you’ve just been for a run – even if you’re just listening from your sofa.

    As well as running a gruelling 26 miles (42 kilometers) at the London marathon, Silvia Costeloe is racing for the UK Top 40. With approximately 8,000 sales needed to secure a place in the charts, this race is equally tough. But Silvia Costeloe is feeling positive:

    “I’m calling people, getting them to listen to the song, watch the video, join the facebook group and preorder Running on iTunes. If it makes it into the charts, there will be a lot of money for Leukaemia Care, which would be amazing.”

    The official release date for Running is the 19 April but it can already be preordered on iTunes, to help maximise the number of sales in the first week.

    Sunday 25 April is not just the London marathon, but the closing day of the first week of sales, crucial for the charts. It will be a challenging day for Silvia Costeloe, but also for Leukaemia Care who would greatly benefit if the song got into the mainstream.

    “I’m hoping people will buy it, enjoy it, and feel like they’ve been for a short run, even if they’re just commuting on the tube. On marathon day, I will use any energy I have left to get anyone who doesn’t have a copy to download one, so it can hit the charts.”

    Here’s how to get to it, listen to it, spread the word and watch the video – or just wish Silvia Costeloe good luck.

    This costs £1.29 of which £1.10 will go directly to Leukaemia Care – the rest is VAT and iTunes shares, no expenses are taken





  6. Our South African band of musicians and dancers is in the USA and will be performing at Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St. in the East Village of New York City on Tuesday, April 6th at 7:00 PM. We’d love to meet all the people who helped us get a Grammy nomination for our 1st USA release! See you Tuesday at Joe’s Pub!

  7. New Song Featuring Michael Jackson from Rapper Cane Murphy Released to Help Haiti

    In an effort to reach out to the people of Haiti, rapper Cane Murphy is releasing a new song featuring the late King of Pop himself-Michael Jackson.

    “While thinking about the need for hope and the search for happiness that can sometimes be found in an uplifting song, the inspiration for ‘Reflections’ was born,” says Murphy. The world needs change, and it needs it now. “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” was written by Murphy in the form of a letter to the late Michael Jackson, asking him for help remembering life’s highlights and becoming a driving force for change.

    “Do we wait to see if the world will change, or do we start by looking at ourselves in the mirror?” asks Murphy. “The concept of the song is not only to ask ourselves to remember the good times, [but also] rising above like the people of Haiti and remembering not to stay stuck thinking about the bad times”.

    “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” will appear on “The March Mixtape Madness Halftime Report”, a mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled and sponsored by coast2coast, Datpiff and HipHopdx. The mixtape will be featured on the front pages of, and The song features vocals from Michael Jackson, lyrics from Cane Murphy, and a beautiful instrumental from Blue Metheny overlaid with drums and arranged by Murphy and Sinima. “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” is available for download starting March 22, 2010.

    Cane Murphy isn’t placing a price tag on the digital release of “Reflections”. Instead, he’s asking fans to give a $0.99 donation to download the fully mastered version of the song
    from Cane 100% of all sales will go directly toward helping the people of Haiti.

    About Cane Murphy
    Cane Murphy is all too familiar with tragedy. The rapper is currently awaiting a second spinal surgery following a devastating accident. “I am…awaiting a very dangerous second reconstructive spine operation, with titanium screws and rods drilled into my spine,” says Murphy. “Instead of just laying down at home, I fought through the pain to write and record this song while looking for hope and strength myself.”

    Murphy is looking for partnership in the music industry to clear the sample and launch a radio campaign and bring “Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” into the homes, ears and hearts of men, women and children all over the world.
    For more information, visit

  8. Pandora’s Rock is a high energy dance, classic, alternative rock and metal cover band from the Inland Empire area that will ROCK your venue! They are all professionals that have extensive experience in cover and original band projects which allow them to play a very diverse song list with something that will please everyone.

    Pandora’s Rock is a dynamic, energetic and musically adventurous band. The members bring a unique collection of musical talent which combines classically trained musicians with harder edged rock backgrounds. Their ability to embrace and move between almost any form of music allows Pandora’s Rock to appeal to a larger range of audiences than most other bands. With every set they leave their audience anxiously guessing what the band will play next.

  9. Hi Jenny

    ALIEN ZOO are an Electro Rock Duo that are currently based out of Bondi Beach Sydney.

    ALIEN ZOO are blending Electro, Rock and Drum and Bass Styles to achieve a sound and show which has been considered fresh and unique and their flowing live sets effortlessly transgress the boundary between traditional rock and electro dance.

    Their music mixes and draws on influences from a number of diverse bands (and genre’s) including INXS, the Prodigy, Muse & New Order.

    The band has be playing multiple Sydney dates in support of their newly pressed UK EP Punk is a Lie which can be listened to and shared below via our facebook fan page if you like.

    Just sign up to our mailing list via the My Band tab of face book fan page.

    Please don’t forget to become a fan of our fan page. It really helps us know if you enjoying what we do!

    Thanks a lot!


  10. Jazz Goa is all about promoting Goa’s immense music talent.

    The first album to roll out of Jazz Goa’s state of the art recording studio in Sangolda, features some of Goa’s most accomplished artistes.

    The album titled ‘Jazz Goa’ includes eight original tracks that span a whole spectrum of music genres from jazz, rock and pop to funk, fusion and latin sounds from Goa.

    The album is available free of cost at

    All tracks on the album are copyright free and can be used/broadcast/reproduced without permission.

  11. With their music described as “Buckcherry meets Kiss with some 80’s hair band thrown in”, P.U.S.H. definitely has their own unique sound. What started out as a modern rock cover band has evolved into an original act that’s taking the East coast by storm. Their debut CD being released in May is already generating quite a buzz in the music community.

    P.U.S.H. is a modern rock band from Baltimore, MD. The group was formed in 2003 by Geo (lead guitar) who was later joined by Mr. Space (bassist), Johnnie Black (lead vocals) and Jamie Loud(drums). When asked about their musical influences, their responses are quite diverse including Kiss, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Debbie Gibson, Tracie Lords and even Broadway. With that being said, fans are guaranteed to experience a unique and memorable performance at every P.U.S.H. show they attend.

    “P.U.S.H- like drugs, but legal”

  12. Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American singer, songwriter and performance artist.

    Everyone fantasizes about the jet-setting lifestyle of a socialite, few are invited in.

    The latest Jet Phynx creation is Pop Album, “The Art”, centered around the three F’s -Fame, Fortune, & Fashion. This album is a portal for young teens who cant wait to be a part of the scene and adults who lust for the fancy life. He holds a drink in one hand and a crowd in the other. Jet Phynx draws party-goers and teenagers with fake IDs like most people draw breath. The room gets hot, the smoke unfolds into red lightning bolts, and he hypnotizes everyone with his striking presence. Jet Phynx is “The Socialite”


  13. Tracey Dey comes from a long line of buttery sweet voices. Raised on Ella and Sarah with some Billie and Aretha thrown in, she is influenced by the fact that each of them sing purely with their own styles. With Duke Ellington, Grace Jones, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Nana Mouskouri and Calypso kings and queens playing on the home stereo she had a eclectic mix of compositional styles to draw on.

    Her songs can be quirky and quietly observant of human nature, there is no trace of boredom-inducing irony and she sings with the immediacy of the emotions and ideas behind her words.

  14. Hi Folks
    You really gotta check out this amazing Folky Indie Scottish band named Luva anna

    The first link is a song they wrote and recorded ” The Pigeon Song.”

    It will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

    This is another song they wrote and recorded called “The Ballad O Boabby Smith”

    Their myspace link (although they havent used this for a wee while now is ;

    Please have a look and listen as you certainly wont be disappointed!

    Thank you for your time


  15. Please check out the video link below… It’s one of my close friends, Steven James, playing a great song that he’s written. He’s entered a contest for an opportunity to play at Fish Fest on June 12th in So. Cal. and I would very much like to see him win. To win he simply needs to be the artist with the most video plays. Thanks for watching his video today!

  16. Yo guys, thanks for setting up a promotion area for up and coming bands.

    Well to anyone reading this out in cyberspace we are a fast melodic rock band from scotland that just like to play good music and put on a show.
    If you like Alkaline Trio, The pixies, NOFX, Early Foo Fighters, or a mix of all these together then we are the band for you.

  17. Leroy Lane, is a mix of Classic rock riffs meets Johnny Cash Rhythm, meets A young Jim Morrison Vocals. We specialize in being crafty and different from the 1,987,098,000 bands out there. We are not setting out for fame, money, respect of even publicity. We just like to have fun and want you to have fun too! you can check us out at (if you like what you hear we have FREE downloads on I can’t stress enough how in the economic crisis we are in music should be free!! FREE FREE FREE!! We do have a short promise to adhere to, if you come to one of our shows chances are you will leave with something you didn’t have before you came there. Maybe a shirt? Maybe a keychain? Maybe a Hoodie, Maybe a pick!! This is no gimmick or trick to like us. We just want to be real with you upfront. Oh yeah!!! And we promise to give you guys the best show for the money. You will show up ready to see a band play and walk off stage. With us you will feel like you are at a light show haha well I hope i haven’t bored any of you come check us out if you don’t like what you hear message us and tell us why!! We want to know truly.

    Much Love

    Aaron- Leroy Lane Guitar Player

  18. Boston Ma-based Dirty Blues-Outlaw Country-Rockers.
    We just created and released our debut record ‘Massachusett’, and would love any and all feedback.
    Original music-in the vain of Black Keys, Howlin Wolf, Neil Young, White Stripes, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Led Zepplin, etc…

    Live Video:

    Road to Massachusett (making of our first record) Video:

    Speak with us on facebook:

    Free Track:

    If you would like to purchase our music, you can find us on Itunes or Amazon, but they take a profit from us. You can listen, and/or download Massachusett directly from us here:

    You can order a real copy from us here:

  19. Midnight Horizon wants you! Unified by their mission to throw light on the growing list of societies inequalities and festering hypocrisy, Midnight Horizon delivers the wake up call for the under-trodden of Sydney, their thirst to spread their message of empathy, unity and unbridled anger a big middle finger at the dwindling live music scene.

    Midnight Horizon prides themselves on delivering an energetic and eccentric live performance, spreading the word to anyone who dares listen, drawing to themselves like minded individuals and social misfits. Teaming up with a variety of similar working class bands. Their goal: To once again breathe fresh life into the music scene, rocking out in some of Sydney’s few remaining venues who actively seek to support the live music scene and seeking more comrades in arms from the other working class bands struggling to once again relive the glory days.

    Midnight Horizon’s debut EP release saw them enjoy the generous hospitality of the Annandale Hotel, one of Sydney’s, nay, Australia’s greatest supporter’s of live music. The band performing two whirl wind performances in less than a week, the shows fed by not only the energy of the band but the audience themselves.

    Not content with restricting themselves to being merely an on-stage band, Midnight Horizon as a collective have also immersed themselves in other elements of the industry in an attempt to distinguish themselves as a par above the rest. The band boast amongst their number a pair of more than leading sound engineers, evidenced from their latest recording of “Turn The Tide” and continue to dedicate time to recording and mixing.

  20. Hi,

    Metamorphic are a sextet based in London. Their music consists mainly of original material and some arrangements, and draws from their interest in textures, music in dreams and the translation of transformative emotional experiences through composition and performance.

    Metamorphic are: Chris Williams, alto (Led Bib); Kerry Andrew, vocals (Juice Vocal Trio); Tom Greenhalgh, drums (World Sanguine Report); John Martin, tenor (The John Martin Quartet); Paul Sandy, bass (Hey Negrita); and bandleader/composer/arranger Laura Cole on piano. The instrumentalists in the group all met while studying jazz at Middlesex University in London; vocalist Kerry Andrew became involved with the group through the promoter Moose Factory.

    They will be releasing their full-length album in the autumn to coincide with the London Jazz Festival (Nov 17 @ Cafe Oto) and ensuing tour.



    Mean Streets Rock Magazine of Los Angeles states, “Tony Newton is a monumental master and true music visionary!”

    Can you say “funk and Fusion” in the same sentence. Apparently so! Legendary multi-talented musician-composer-author, Tony Newton describes his new “THUNDERFUNKFUSION” 13 track hyper-dynamic CD as: Motown meets Hendrix meets Miles. If you love the music of Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Bootsy, you’re at the right place.

    Tony Newton a revolutionary Bassist-Keyboardist-Vocalist shows that he is fully in touch with his powers of musical expression, on the new Quantum Media Music, THUNDERFUNKFUSION album creating an astounding blend and delicate balances of deep, soulful Funk in combination with the high-energy power, and intensity of Rock-Fusion. Newton takes the genre to a new level of artistic creativity in contemporary music’s evolution forward. Newton’s latest project brings him into the spotlight after a long career and large body of work. “THUNDERFUNKFUSION,” a dynamic mega-culture CD “, contains a multi-style, inspiring collection of instrumentals, vocal compositions and songs.

    Newton, a musician’s hall of fame member who has performed on over 25 gold and platinum hit recordings. Acclaimed for his dynamic work with the famed jazz-rock-fusion group, the Tony Williams Lifetime, Newton, one of the original architects of funk-rock-fusion penned the classic compositions, Snake Oil, Red Alert, and others. In addition to being a prime Motown bassist-music director, performing on hit recordings and tours with such artists as; Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson(music Director), the Temptations, Aretha Franklin, The Funk Brothers and more, as well as working with veteran rock guitarist, Gary Moore in the British group G-Force. Tony also performed and composed with legendary guitarist and friend, Robby Krieger from the mega-group, The Doors, on Robby’s solo CD, “Cinematrix”.


    Quantum Media Music announces a “FREE” Full Album or MP3 Single Download of the new TONY NEWTON “THUNDERFUNKFUSION” CD, which also includes “MARS ECLIPSE” a 3-D music video from the album. The package also comes with a 10×11 and 11×17 posters, ringtones, CD liner notes, artwork PDF and other goodies.

  22. I was not sure what to expect from the Dan Bruder Band’s debut album “Act of Kindness”. After all, this guy popped onto the music scene through his NJ-based rock comedy television series “Who the Hell is Dan Bruder” and the real life band that steps out of the show includes rock icons Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel), Lorenza Ponce (Bon Jovi), John Ginty (Robert Randolph/Citizen Cope), Muddy Shews (Southside Johnny) and Devon Allman (Honeytribe). The web series is about a slightly delusional, middle-aged wannabe rocker who can’t let go of the dream of stardom and has been building a steady global following. The show has premiered this month to the 15 million viewers of Relix and had a feature article this week in the North Jersey Record newspaper and in the upcoming issue of The New Jersey Aquarium.

    But having a web hit is a far cry from being able to deliver meaningful music, great musician line-up or not. But I have to hand it to Bruder, he created an album that is a a fresh, poignant Americana rock collection that has hints of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, but with his own flavor and colorations. It really works. Songs like Song For A Lucky Man are flawlessly executed and others like the title track, Act of Kindness are more raw with blemishes and warts but are forgivable because the energy and conviction of the music is very powerful. It is also important to note that Bruder is a killer songwriter and lyricist who deserves a lot of recognition in the industry.

    So the web series is very funny in that Larry David “Curb Your Enthusiasm” kind of way but the music is deadly serious. It is a nice overall package that I highly recommend checking out.

    Steven Langdon Estelle

  23. Hey all, thanks for the opportunity to share my music with you. I’m a guitarist and drummer and have just released my debut album, it’s electronic and experimental. I try to make music that anyone could find enjoyment in, no matter what their preferred genre is. So even if you’re not into electronic music (typically, I’m usually not!) please check it out anyway because it’s about the music, not what was used to make it. Hope you like it.

  24. In early 2009, four old school mates started a band called Standing On Giants with the view of having the time of their lives doing the thing they loved the most, just playing music.

    Since that time Standing On Giants fan base has grown and grown leading them to play such shows as supporting Bloc Party, The Holloways, Kid Harpoon, Kid British and many many more.

    With an exciting, energetic live show, they have come to be known as one of the best live acts on the underground circuit.

    Most recently Standing On Giants have just finished recording their Debut EP which is fittingly named ‘No A Medias’ meaning not by halves. The EP, that is already recieving rave reviews, is due to be released in October 2010.


    The band would love to hear from you and would love to meet you at one of their many live shows around the country.

    You can also check out the band on facebook and twitter both under the name STANDING ON GIANTS.

    We hope you like what you hear!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello,

    This is Marty from Tempting Tragedy, our band would like to submit our newest album for review. We are a Hard Rock/Metal band (For fans of Tool, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden) from Moncton, NB Canada that has been together since 2004 and we’ve just released our 2nd full length album. If you’d like to hear samples or learn more about the band, you can visit our official website at: or

    Samples can also be heard at:

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks in advance!

  26. If you haven’t heard Christian Kane’s music, check it out. Go to his website, google it or whatever; he is very good if you like Southern rockin’ music.

  27. Hello folks,

    FIESTA Orchestra is a high-energy SALSA music orchestra in Miami, Florida featuring its own original material in Spanish and English, much to the delight of their fans and suporters! Currently, the group has a CD on the market receiving critical acclaim from industry leading magazines, DJ’s, record pools and online music forums!

    We certainly love the idea of having a place here where we can share thoughts with other musicians and perhaps gain some supporters along the way…Thank you Jenny!

    To learn more about our orchestra we invite you to visit our website and promo video!

    Thanks again Jenny!

  28. Hey there. Thanks for making such a rad site. My name is Jonny Darkness, and I am 48 Volts. My music has recently been described as kraftwork meets nine inch nails – and i think that sums it up pretty nicely. I am from the pacific north west in the old US of A. If you’d like to check out my music go here

  29. Hello. This is Stefan “Død Beverte” Klein of the avantgarde metal band Dethcentrik. We have a sound of our our fusing genres across rock and elements of electronica as well. Please feel free to stream us on, request us on by typing our name in the station starter box, and become fans. Thanks all!

  30. I read your blog regularly as I do many other blogs to keep up to date with new music and bands that I might be interested in. City of Trees is a Rock band from Long Island, NY who are real ‘people playing real’ music. These last 7 months COT have been working in the studio recording their Introspection EP. Introspection was just released on December 8th and is available for a free download on BANDCAMP.

  31. Hi! My name is Alexa Borden and I am a 16 year old singer/songwriter. I started teaching myself the piano at 13 for I had a desire to write music. I write and produce everything on my own. Please have a listen to my music (and look me up on iTunes!) My style is indie/pop and my music has been compared to A Fine Frenzy, Mazzy Star and Priscilla Ahn.


    Thank you for your time!!

    Alexa xx

  32. “The Dream of the Southern Seas”


    It is with the greatest amount of excitement that I write to you today to announce the official release of my new music album entitled, “The Dream of the Southern Seas”.

    This album is a love-child of my fascination with the sounds of a nylon string guitar and my passion for making music. It took nearly a year to compose, arrange, record, mix and master it in my home studio in Los Angeles, CA.

    I dedicate this album to my father – an accomplished architect, artist, and adventurer who’s dream of sailing the Southern Seas was never fulfilled.

    For that, and because I am not a professional musician, I pledge to donate the proceedings of this album to the TopSail Youth Program of Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) a non-profit organization that provides educational, character-building and sail-training adventures for children on their tall-ships, based in San Pedro Harbor, LA.

    With that, I would like to extend an invitation to you to sample the album at where you can listen to the music or for a small donation download either the entire album and burn a high-def CD, or download just individual songs for your iPod.

    Your support and generosity are deeply appreciated and mean the world to me. I hope you truly enjoy this album, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers !


    P.S. If you like the music, please spread the word among you friends and family. I will be so very grateful ! If you donate $15 or more, I will send you a signed original CD

  33. I would like to introduce you to the jam band the Glimpse Trio, a Bay Area based rock group. The band recently released their CD, “1985” and is currently on tour. With this release the group is filling 200 seat clubs each performance in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    GT is looking to redefine the rock/jam-band scene through staggering live performances and recordings. With the release of “1985,” their first full-length, studio release, they are now seeking labels for distribution and touring opportunities.

    I would like to invite you to review the new CD, write a feature or review on your website.

    You can view their electronic press kit here:

    Like them on facebook by searching for Glimpse Trio

  34. Just found out about a awesome new band named Standing Shadows and their new EP, “The Silent Revolution.” They are getting a lot of buzz on iTunes and Myspace ahead of their SXSW show at the Cedar Door March 19 (4:10pm). You can find their new EP under the Alternative New & Noteworthy Bands on the iTunes front page or click this link to download:

  35. Hello, here is Dirk from Germany and I am the founder of “heartscore”, an art-rock-project, which sets american poems to music. One critic wrote: “Well, when you start thinking you have heard everything under the star that shines on Planet Prog, here comes a humbling reminder that not everything has been done” (
    Listen to the music at:

  36. Darkest Greetings. I am the bassist from Horror Punk band Back to Zero, CA based band. Check out our social networking sites and have a listen to our music! We will be putting a new album this year followed by a tour! Our music can be heard on horrorradio, ruemorgue, fangoria, and many underground stations. We are looking for promotion in all areas. Our music is a mix of old rock, punk, and metal.

    Our influences are misfits, iron maiden, 45 grave, ramones, megadeth, social distortion, motorhead

  37. Funk Whip are completing their first album right now. We uploaded some of the tracking demos last week to ReverbNation for a laugh.
    In just one week we’ve jumped to number 11 locally and 172 nationally.
    Weird. This is a new band with no real fanbase, until now that is……..
    Wonder what’ll happen when the finished tracks go up?

  38. Thanks 4 this great website…I am a bassist, singer, songwriter, who writes ecclecto funko psychedelic rock music that makes ordinary people feel sexy…Thats right, just a bit naughty! My songs contain rhythms that undulate hips, makes fingers snap, and heads bob!!! Dudes like that ladies. Check out my site…

  39. Hi thanks for having this open for bands it really helps a lot to be able to promote your band so I greatly appreciate it.
    My band name is Zombie Queen it’s weird i know but we’re described as sounding like korn, deftones, and just some weird mixture but go check us out we appreciate any and all support.

  40. Alice Peach is a singer songwriter with a voice that has incredible power and range who sings a diverse selection of pop/punk tracks. Along with songwriter j m fosterol, Alice wrote and structured the debut album ‘Home Sweet Home’ and over a period of 2 years (08 – 10) the album was recorded in Boltons Studio Seventy two with musicians Mark Shea (drums) and Paul Snape (Bass) who also engineered the album. The music is a melodic collection ranging from raw pop punk to acoustic bits and inbetween this an innate pop sensibility. Oh, and a waltz with Stephen Fry providing words.
    Album set to be released 2011.

  41. Hi, i think this website is a great idea!

    My band are called Echo Rain and we are currently making a name for ourselves in and around Brighton UK. We have a big summer tour booked so if you like what you hear why not see if we are playing near you and come say hi. Feel free to leave us a comment. we would love to know what you think and i hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy writing and performing it. x

  42. “What do Edgar Allen Poe, Prince, Tom Waits, Kate Bush, Carl Jung, Bjork, David Bowie, Beowulf and Anne Rice have in common? Reanimation”…….Jonathan Everitt Originals review

    REANIMATION is a mystical journey based on dreams and the supernatural.
    8 original compositions that tell the tale of spiritual renewal…!/malcolmmoore777


  43. Hey guys, I’m in a band called Lesser Knowns. We play loud rock n’ roll and are trying to raise enough money so we can go to CA and record in a professional studio. Check out our kickstarter page and donate (as little as $1)! Also, check out our music:



  44. FyreStarterz – (ARTISTIC AND SIDETRAK) are a dual production team out of San Antonio trying to make a name for them self’s and get their great music out to the world. This team is very open minded to all kinds of music and are willing to work with any artist because music is what they love to do whether its hip hop, pop,rock, rnb, this team is willing to experiment with anything with their futuristic style and sound. ,

  45. Hello all!

    First off, great to see sites like this around, they’re such a valuable resource for DIY bands, so thanks to the creator-moderator!

    I’m the bassplayer for a Belgian Hardrock band called Rosevalley Rebels. If you like bands such as Motorhead, AC/DC, Airbourne, Black Stone Cherry, Chrome Division and many more, you should consider giving us a listen!

  46. I discovered this hard hitting rock trio BLEECH a few weeks ago when they played at The Queen of Hoxton as part of Gary Powells club night.

    I was brought along to the night by a friend and The Queen of Hoxton was full of ‘Shorditch posers’ as expected and I saw a few pretty decent bands. Overall having a pretty decent night….then Bleech came on.

    It’s been years since I’ve seen such honest almost nieve guitar based good music! They are a three piece, two girls out front on bass and guitar and a guy drummer.

    I was instantly hooked on their melodic tunes, and bloody hell those girls can play! (plus they’re hot). I even bought an album!

    Definitely check them out.

  47. Hi there, I’m the lead singer of UK new wave/pop/rock band “Super 8 Cynics” We have recently finished recording our debut album and our currently gigging all over the UK. Our music has been described as “dark anthemic pop with meat on the bones”. If that resonates with you then please check out our website. You can also watch our latest video here –


    Ady Hall

  48. Hi there,

    we are Emina – featuring Emina on vocals, maria on drums, Steve on guitar and andy on bass; we play rock, hard rock and poprock, and we have just released an EP as a teaser for the upcoming album.
    Check out the title song I’m Leaving, an emotional ballad, definitely not a love song, or Speeding On A Highway, a classic rock influenced track or Thas Why Im Screaming thats almost metal on my homepage or see some live perofrmances on youtube
    Love to hear from you

  49. “The Polish music scene is absolutely on fire right now and Psychollywood is another band looking to take the world by storm. Combining nineties post-grunge (Stone Temple Pilots) with southern-fried metal (Black Label Society) and a bit of bluesy eighties sleaze metal (Faster Pussycat), Psychollywood shreds your eardrums with fiery guitar solos, a solid rhythm section and a keen sense for melody. Check out their latest self-titled release on Bandcamp” -recommendation from
    Check out our new album at , and!

  50. Red House Glory are Theo, Lewis and Nathan, they grew up in North London, playing and writing songs together before they even reached their teens. Growing up they credit American Rock bands; Nirvana, Pixies, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam amongst their biggest influences, along with British talent like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Radiohead. Drawing upon these influences RHG possess a powerful and dynamic sound that marks a refreshing progression from the indie scene that has dominated British music in recent years.

    Naturally, the band’s close-knit chemistry off-stage is mirrored in their live performances. At ease amongst each other, RHG command the stage with a magnetism that cannot be faked. Last month the boys sold out their first ever show as Red House Glory at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town. Since, word of their “electrifyingly passionate set, full of catchy hooks and huge drum beats” has spread.

    “melodic, infectious rock music that will last forever. It’s only a matter of time before these guys take it to the big time.” – Amazing Radio.

  51. I was at the Victoria in Mile End last week and, when I walk in a live music venue and don’t know who’s going to be playing I expect some more or less talented band with not much of a surprise. But when those guys came up on stage damn! the show was pure entertainment from beginning to end! A brilliant act and some great heavy guitar riffs.. I don’t remember having had so much fun at a gig for a long time.. check them out!

  52. Hello

    We are a band from Norwich UK. We are about to put our first EP out there and would love it if people have a listen and maybe comment on Soundcloud.

    Our site is here:

    Or the EP on Soundcloud is here:

    There is also some older material on Myspace and a simple video that a friend made for Blazar Jet which was recently played on BBC Norfolk Introducing. Believe Concede End was also on BBC Norfolk Introducing in August. We have a gig at Karma Kafe in Norwich on the 30th September and another in November at B2 in Norwich, details on the site.

    We hope you like it! If you need to know anything more please let us know.

    All the best.

    Starsexplode x

  53. Shazman hits Europe!

    Shazman is an Urban/Reggae artist in the vein of Sean Paul & Shaggy. His hitsingle “Mystery Lady” recently made it to the US Billboard and stood 9 weeks in the Hot Singles Sales chart. In addition to that he received a huge compliment when he was nominated as Best Reggae for the Hollywood Music in Media Award. The single is currently in rotation on various radio stations in US and abroad.

  54. Hi!

    I’m an R&B singer/songwriter. I started recording my first album 3 years ago. I am very proud of my work, and I feel that I’ve come a long way in this short amount of time. Check me out, and keep up with me on twitter. @missarethahenry


  55. Starved Man and the Begging Beggar is a two piece ambient rock project created by Matthew Flaherty and David Robinson.

    We started way back in 2006 recording a few very low quality tracks. SMBB was almost forgotten about until early 2011 when we decided to restart the project with better equipment and take it a little more seriously.

    Our 5 track EP, Have You Ever Been So Angry You Kicked A Flower? is due for release on the 5th of December 2011.


    Thank you.

  56. ‘Foreign Sketches’ is the first draft on the selected sketches. Foreign by nature, as is mine, and presented in their rawest form. Blown wide open, letting the stories, emotions, sensations, live through a voice and a guitar.
    Their blueprints are constantly mutating themselves, choosing new friends, new sounds… But that will be then. This is now.

    Madalena Alberto’s Youtube Channel:
    Madalena Alberto on iTunes:

  57. Indie pop singer Leshai will be self-releasing her debut album Devil’s Kiss on November 29th. The album will include 9 tracks (eight of which were written by the singer). Songs include: “You’re Like”, “Easy”, “Get It On the Floor”, “Until I’m Holding You”, “Devil’s Kiss” and many more! Free album download to all who Like Leshai’s Facebook page between now and Nov. 22!

    Link to Facebook:

  58. Emerging from the pits of Holy Hell, Atomic Fate climbed to the top of the metal scene in 2008 with their debut album, Welcome To Holy Hell. The band’s latest album, This Is Only The Beginning, welds earth-shattering vocals, gnashing guitar, pummeling bass, and maniacal drums to fabricate a record brimming with pulse-pounding scorchers. With standout tracks like “Step Into The Ring,” look for Atomic Fate to be a major part in the metal landscape for years to come. Keep it Metal… Very Metal ! ! !
    Follow them on Twitter @AtomicFate

  59. Fronted by award-winning songwriter Hillary Reynolds, this band is a pinnacle of innovation in today’s pop music. The powerhouse foursome makes its trademark sound by fusing tight vocal harmonies, the flash & polish of cutting-edge production technique, and authentic instruments for a diversity of sound unachievable in other realms. HRB are 100% Berklee College of Music alum, with diverse talents in songwriting, live performance, orchestration, and production, just to get started.

    The social media strategies are only viable if we all work together, sharing followings and cross-promoting each other. It’s great to participate in things like this!

  60. Hello there,
    I am a singer-songwriter specializing in R&B, house music, funk and jazz standards. I currently have a single on iTunes, “See You in My Dreams,” from my forthcoming album, “Dirty Diamonds.” For 2012, I am raising funds for a different charity each month in honor of my grandmother. The project is called, “Nana’s Jewels.” You can check out my music, performance videos and performance schedule at I’m also on twitter at

  61. Hello Band Weblogs! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to post our music, this website is a fantastic medium for bands trying to get exposure.

    We are Wallowe Jones & BEST, we are a Hip-Hop infused with R&B Duo with a spoken word base. Our debut album “Shades of Gray” is currently on iTunes. “Shades of Gray” features the Singles Amazin’ Grace, Miracles & To Say That I made it. Please check us out!

    Check us ou on Facebook too! Thanks!

  62. Thank you Jenny and Dave for your support. If you want a smile on your face and brighten your day, watch my new world premiere video Bushka Bushka on youtube. Bushka Bushka is a brand new dance for 2012! If you like “Teach me how to dougie” you’ll like Bushka Bushka.

  63. Howdy!
    I’m Hankijord an electronic producer from Brisbane, Australia. I primarily produce what all the ‘kids’ listen to these days, which tends to be dubstep/house/dance music.
    I give all my music away for FREE presently, so get in a grab it while you can! 🙂
    Stream and download tracks here:
    More info here:
    And videos here:

  64. Hi, first can i say I’m glad i found this site….very handy and musician friendly, thankyou. We are a 3-piece acoustic band from Merseyside called Clever Little Tramps and we would be very grateful if you could give us a listen and if possible a review…our songs can be found at and also
    Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you in the future, Russell

  65. Hi

    We are Flight Of Arrows, a four piece alternative rock band based in Preston and Sheffield.

    We have been together since early 2011 but spent the first 6 months writing and rehearsing before recording 5 new songs and playing our first gigs in and around Preston during Summer 2011. We have been well received building a strong local fan base, drawing large crowds to our local venues already having supported James Walsh, All The Young and Paris Riots in the last six months.

    We have generated interest from the London music industry and look forward to 2012 with great anticipation. We have received great support and air play from local radio and we began 2012 with a live session on Radio Lancs BBC Introducing show in January. We also aim to expand our fan base beyond Lancashire into our other base in Sheffield and beyond. We have a couple of festivals lined up for the summer.

    We have just recorded two more songs to add to our existing collection, all of which can be heard here;

    and our official web site here;

    Please have a look and listen. We would appreciate any comments.

    Many thanks

    Phil Benton
    Flight Of Arrows

  66. Hey guys!

    Not From Concentrate is a Rock (kinda ska-ish) band from New York City. We’ve been together for 4 years now and are going to release our first album next month! We would really love it if you gave us a listen: (click on bandpage)

    We also have some new tracks up here we haven’t yet put on Facebook:

    Thanks so much!

    Not From Concentrate

  67. Hey Folks, Paul Creane and the Changing Band here. Have a lovely listen to our Americana/alt-country/roots/folk type sounds 🙂








  68. Hey Jenny and all other music lovers,
    I just figured I would come here and try and promote my friend’s band (I love music, but am not able to do anything musically, unfortunately).

    Ohio indie band Woodson manages to mix folk, americana, and rock all into breathtakingly beautiful and hauntingly delicious music. With roots in the once great steel town of Youngstown, Ohio, Woodson draws so much inspiration from the environment in the Midwest. Said to sound like Kevin Devine and Brand New, Woodson’s music can make you feel disappointment, heartbreak, anger and a sense of freedom all in one sitting.

    Please feel free to check them out:

    Thanks all, and keep rocking!

  69. Haze is four individuals ready to take music to the next level. We bring high-energy, talent, and creativity to the table at every occasion. The sounds and styles of the music range in many directions so be prepared to hear something new at all times. So far, Haze writes, records and creates all aspects of the music by themselves so the resulting sound is nothing short of original.

    All our latest music can be heard and downloaded for free at:

    Our latest music video:

    Our goal is create positive connections and spread our sound to as many people as we can. Thank you for listening!

  70. Hello Luvs,

    Come along on The Marmalade Army’s sophomore effort “All Tomorrow’s Yesterdays” and get “unstuck” in time. Is it 1962 or 1974? You may easily be lost anywhere in between as the lovable lads celebrate long hair, loud guitars and L-O-V-E! Slide over the hood and climb through the window as we take a sonic ride in the backseat of their musical Trans Am. Several years in the works, they have dusted off their wah wahs and proceeded to kick out the jellies and jams with a “brand-old” collection of ditties guaranteed to perm your hair and snap your underpants. Strap in, turn up and hang loose with the music scene’s most confused rock combo this side of the Way Out City Limits!

    Available at CD Baby, itunes, Amazon, etc.


    Lumpy Peppermint

  71. Hows it going!! Just came across this website and saw this opportunity 🙂 Well my name Gnarski. I am an EDM producer that sticks to melodic progressive house and heavy dance tunes! I make music because I love music thats pretty much it! You can check out my tracks at!

    and my fan page here for more releases and updates

    Hope you enjoy what you hear and hope to get some people that aren’t so into EDM into it! 🙂 Take care

  72. Hi everyone. My name K.( my full stage name is K. Tha Super Producer) and I am an aspiring music producer. I produce hip hop, pop, and r&b instrumentals with my partner and keyboardist Hood Angel.

    We have been producing in seclusion for almost a year, but finally released a beat video on YouTube a few weeks ago. The beat is called “The Beginning” and it is a hip hop beat that is a unique blend of kick drums, synth, bass, and guitars.

    Check our debut video and look for more music from us in the next few weeks.


  73. I’m glad I came across this site! It seems like a cool place to get your name out

    I’m Brian AD, a singer-songwriter/producer with inspiration from various pop genres over the past 30 years. I try everything from folk-based acoustic to electronic and everything in between. I layer all of my songs with my own bass, keyboard, percussion, vocals and guitar with the occasional cover & mix.

    I’ve been producing music for a few years now with my own beat production along with playing guitar and piano since I was a little kid. If you want to check out my stuff you can visit:

    I hope you enjoy what you find! cheers

  74. Whats Up World..Its Dee Jeneral Coming Straight From Detroit, Mi. I’m Trying 2 Get My Music Heard By Some People With An Ear For Real Music. My Website Is Posted, Plus My Myspace Page Is
    That Page Have A Few More Songs 2 Enjoy!! Thanks

  75. Hi Band Weblogs and everyone reading!

    Timshel is a four-piece indierock band from Finland. Bringing melodic guitars, sweet harmonies, and raw energy back to the scene, Timshel will make sure you have a good time without having to know any fancy dance-moves other than the ones you were born with!

    Please check out our new single here:
    or here
    Our website here:
    And of course, like us on Facebook:

    All good,
    Markus (Timshel)

  76. Hello everyone! I’m glad I came across this site!

    My name is Wakako Koda and I am a manager of a Japanese artist called “Ki-yo”
    Ki-yo is a singer, songwriter and music producer living in New York City

    His international debut single”#1″ released on May 1st 2012 and
    his 2nd single “Dear All My Loves” released on June 1st 2012 .
    Please check them out!


    His style is mixture of pop, R&B, rock and dance music. He’s performed a lot of places in Japan and the US such as Pianos, Somethin’ cafe, Tomi Jazz, New York ethical culture center hall, sang gospel at the apollo theater, and sang The U.S National Anthem for All American Open Karate competition at Hunter college, and sang a gospel song and won the first place for the McDonalds gospel competition at the Prudential Center in NJ as well.

    He also used to have a contract with EMI music and released several albums in Japan.

  77. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you!

    I’m a professional country soloist performing nationally & internationally. I sing in the style of Alan Jackson. Pure Country – Neo-Traditional sound mixing in modern country, folk, Americana, and many other favorites from my American heritage.



    To book a gig at GigMasters…

    Take care!

  78. Hello!

    The Cruelest Animal just released our first ep. Fans of rock, metal and post rock will like our stuff. There is a free download available here: “

    And a few words about us here:

    The Cruelest Animal is a project developed by two seasoned LA musicians in collaboration with lots of talented friends. Including members of the bands Intronaut, The Great Wall and Bear Baiting. Although there is a live band being assembled, the idea behind TCA is to create music in the studio without worrying about how to recreate it in a live situation. That premise has opened the door for all kinds of collaboration and experimentation.

    “white light and the empire collapse” is the first ep by The Cruelest Animal. It entangles heavy yet melodic songs with spacey interludes and abstract political / social themes. Upon hearing it, people have had a tendency to refer to it as a song. That is how it is meant to be experienced. Although it’s divided into 8 separate tracks, white light is really a single piece of music that morphs and transitions through different states of mood and mind.

  79. Hello there!

    We’re a totally unique new band called Fall of Empires


    Kind of a mix between Enter Shikari and Bring me the Horizon

    We’d love for anyone to check us out and spread the word!




  80. Hella Dope!

    Electro-pop artist mikO Tolliver is releasing her debut album “Heart is Money.”

    Her music style delivers straight vocals over a backdrop of guitar riffs and synth sounds, driving rhythms and experimental breaks. Her debut album “Heart is Money” blends her musical influences of Bjork and Bloc Party with 80s cult films like Labyrinth.

  81. Hi Jenny,
    There is a surprising new artist with a great sound coming up in Portugal, but already with radio play in several other European countries. Hopefully it will catch on because t deserves to. Here is the news item:

    Alvaro M. Rocha steps out of anonymity with a surprisingly new catchy single – Stay

    The musician – composer Alvaro M. Rocha is now launching a single to step out of anonymity. A professional working till now in the background of the music industry as a composer, producer, sound designer and audio engineer, the artist now wishes to make himself known to the general public with the release of his debut single “Stay”. This talented Portuguese artist often described as a cross between Jean Michel Jarre and Vangellis, whose own style surprises even the most resistant to electronic music, now invites the listener to visit his site where the songs are available to listen freely, for a limited period of time. The first official album “Debut” is expected to be released in December this year, but Stay is already available on itunes.
    Thank you
    PR – AMR


    Angelstar deliver their debut track for BASE Music and immediately show off their quality in both songwriting and performing. The trio from Ayrshire are already established as popular recording artists, with a recent Amazon UK Trance Number One to their name! They are also well known as one of Scotland’s top live wedding and function band.

    Good Times is a supremely catchy song and we expect big feedback for this uplifting debut. The release features a catchy club remix from Simon Sinfield as well as a sun-drenched beach mix from The CloudShapers.

    Released: 6th August 2012

  83. In anticipation of my 4th release “PhD”, I will be allowing people to download the first single “A Song for Peace” off my website for free. The song is inspired by the rapper Eminem and is a call to songwriters to write more peaceful songs especially at a time when we are technically still in war time here in the states with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. I don’t believe that supporting the troops is mutually exclusive to promoting peace. I’d rather go to a peace rally than an anti-war protest. Anyway, I hope you like the song. The artist I get compared to the most is Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders.

  84. This is K, one half of the upcoming music production team Splitting Image. I recently produced a new hip-hop instrumental called Trappin Ain’t Dead. The beat is a classic example of hip-hop music with a taste of what is commonly referred to as “trap” music. Trap music is simply hip-hop music that everyone from rough neighbors and the street life can relate to. Rap artists can easily create a hot freestyle or track with this beat.

    Everyone can listen to Trappin Ain’t Dead on the Splitting Image reverbnation music page: Also, listen to the beats by my partner Hood Angel.

    The video for Trappin Ain’t Dead is coming really soon!

  85. Hi guys and girls,

    My band Verona Lights have just released our first single from our up coming album.
    The single is titled ‘Water Colour’ and is available on iTunes, you can also hear it on our website, along with 2 other tracks from the album.
    Also on our website you can find links to all of our other pages – facebook/twitter etc.


  86. Martian Sun is a state of fluid and constant motion; notes that circle, and weave – pulsating- bending and flexing in such a way so as to captivate and freeze, harvesting complete and undiluted attention. Its conclusion is simply its genesis.

    Have a listen at any of these places:

  87. Hey everyone, I’m a singer-songwriter performing lyric-led, jazz-tinged folk blues. I’m London based and play here regularly, as well as around the south east of the country.

    We released recently released a video, please check it out here:

    The track “Bitter Ditty” is taken from the When My Ship Comes In EP, which you can stream/download free at


  88. This is Really New and Unheard Music.

    I was born into a musical family, but had my families failures put on me at a young age. I was Discouraged from playing or getting into music (In hopes I would pursue a Reliable Career Path).

    This was acceptable up until last year. My mother went in for Thyroid Surgery it was a very emotional moment in our lives. I came home to take care of her and one day she overheard me singing and playing guitar. She asked her husband to Record what she heard for her recovery time.

    Since then a spark came over me and I have unloaded 20 songs and counting onto our list. With My Step Dad, My Real Dad, Friends and other family members contributing this is Really starting to Come together.

    On top of this Current Project I am Working with several bands and dozens of musicians. Creating new songs, melodies, harmonies, Signature Riffs, videos and Always Supporting Fellow Musicians. Forever Grateful for the positive Vibes Moving forward on this New Found Passion. I am finally in the full Throttle Joy that My life Really Needed.

    Music really has a profound effect on us all, I know these songs will connect with you.

    The songs can be found on

    I am always happy to Collaborate and Keep in Touch.

    Thanks for Reading this far :~) Sending everyone my very best and excited to hear back.

    ~Bon Evans

    Reverb ~
    Twitter ~
    Site ~
    YouTube ~

  89. Hi 🙂

    I’m very pleased to share with You my music.
    The song is entitled “I Hope You’ll Come Back”.
    You can download it for free and show to the others if You like it.
    I’m looking for a record label for my album (15 pop-acoustic-soul-country songs).
    I would be grateful for any help or advise 🙂

  90. Upcoming pop/r&b singer Leshai just released her new single “Rest of My Life.” The single is the second release from the singer’s soon to be released EP, “Get Like Me.”

    The r&b track was produced by production duo Splitting Image.

    The single is available on reverbnation and will be featured on the 5-track EP that will be released digitally on Nov. 16. The EP will contain 5 new songs from Leshai with genres ranging from r&b to rock.

  91. RkDeepLove Records was founded in 2012 by the Ioana Iancu and Andrei Chirvase. RkDeepLove is dedicated to promoting electronic music. Since its inception, RkDeepLove Records has become established as a highly respected electronic music label.The label structured its services to give over looked talent a chance to express their music in a creative way that would make an impact on the music industry; the label’s intention is to go international by creating new outlets to keep up with the high demands of the music industry.
    Breaks / Drum And Bass / Dubstep stuff
    Ez Breaks
    The Flashback Project
    Vazteria X
    Tony Lizana
    Unconscious Perception
    Dj Hook

    For promos, demos, remix & production requests:

    We only accept demos through private SoundCloud links sent to [email protected]
    or you can use the SoundCloud dropbox. (add all your contact info in the email or SoundCloud track)

  92. Several Conclusions is a spooky Americana project that invokes old ghosts and whiskey soaked roads. In 2008 “songs for the half awake” was released. A dark portrait of a wayward traveler featuring musical saw, banjo and acoustic guitar. Every song sung from the bottom of a bourbon bottle. In 2011 “how we passed” was released a slightly less dark album featuring folk magic and stories of cold rivers and men that fall in love with Banshees. These sounds can be found across the internet on itunes, spotify and many more. The newly created website features adventures in sound and interaction. Give it a listen on a cold grey day and enjoy. Thanks for listening!

  93. Hey everyone!

    My band, The Nature, is an Alternative Rock 4 piece out of Southern California. Some of our influences are Circa Survive, Manchester Orchestra and Portugal. The Man. We have only recorded one song thus far but we were recently signed to an LA based indie label and we are recording an entire EP in January!

    Please check us out and like our page!

    Thanks and have a great day!

  94. Jakob22 returns with another video, letting the world into his crazy warped world of nightmares and dreams. This time he doesn’t come alone, as he brings long time collaborator PeepSho. The two rock on the edge of darkness with the new track ” My Sins”.

    “My Sins” is the 4th video released off the album Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect. It continues on the dark journey that Jakob22 has been carrying us on in the last 2 years,

    PeepSho is a name that all who follow Toronto Hip Hop should definatly recognize. PeepSho returns reincarnated as the masked rapper GULLY GATES. Showing off his multiple talents as he sings on the chorus and drops a great 3rd verse

    My Sins is produced by 2Deep Production and is available on the album Dreamstate 2: The REM Effect Available for Free Download at

    *Official Video* My Sins

    My Sins

  95. We’re Akoko, a Washington DC based band / hip hop duo founded by members Sloane Amelia & Sugg Savage. Combining influences from rock, hip hop, the 90s, consciousness, and caribbean upbringings, with a dash of peculiarity. Akoko means noise makers. Our mission is to inspire the world one song at a time and to bring our queud visions to life.

    For Band Inquiries, Bookings, Or Other Info Email Us At: [email protected]

    Twitter: @whynotakoko

  96. “Fans of acoustic music will come to dig Brother Monk. His style of singing is very easy going, steeped in soulful and romantic lyricism. Each of his songs will place listeners in a soothing mood, and the artist has a talent for placing listeners in an emotional frame of mind. These songs will remind fans of unrequited love and passion of the human spirit.

    The acoustics in each of the songs is a signature factor with this artist, and he excels on many levels in making the guitar unique and engaging with each song. His songs have no monotony, and his music delves into the basic essence of human expression and emotional out-pouring. Fans of romantic songs and acoustics will come to enjoy this singer’s talent for playing the guitar with a clear singing voice. This is not to say that his songs are love ballads, but he has a knack for creating music that will touch people’s hearts.”


  97. From humble beginnings rehearsing in a Glue Factory, an old Dentist Surgery, and a studio once used by The Lighthouse Family (until it flooded), Peculiar Disco Moves have evolved into a band that glorifies the trials and tribulations of raw British life within the boundaries of their own unique brand of feelgood, fun, inspiring progressive-pop narratives. We have an exciting upcoming EP release, accompanied by a launch party at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne on 12th April.

    Here are the links to hear their EP (tracks are in order the appear on the EP):

    ‘Automatic Choice’
    ‘What Did You Do Today’

  98. Hey Guys,

    I’m Jack and I’m the lead singer and guitar player of a band called The Grade, we have a couple of demos out and I’d like to see what people think of them, they are in their early stages at the moment to be honest but all feedback will be great!

    We apparently sound like a mixture of arctic monkeys and early muse ( first album ) i think that’s the best album 😉

    Let me know what you think:

  99. Hi.
    The Late Yetis are awesome. You need to know their music. Their music will make your life infinitely better. If you are reading this, then you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of a life changing movement.
    Here is a link to our E.P on our Soundcloud page:
    Here is a link to one of our music videos on Youtube:
    And if you really like us (like we think you will) – here’s our facebook page :
    Love, The Late Yetis. =)

  100. This site is awesome, I am excited to stumble upon it and discover new artist’s sch as myself. I am just beginning to get back out there again after a short hiatus. I recently went in the studio with Branon Saller of Atreyu and recorded an e.p. that he and myslef produced. He also played drums on it. I am really stoked to release it May 7th. You can hear a song at or and check out some clips of the others at Hope everyone likes it.
    Las Vegas

  101. Bob Romanus, who played Mike Damone in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, is one half of the musical duo Poppa’s Kitchen. And while his acting résumé certainly brings out the where-are-they-now lookyloos, one listen to the music he makes with partner Steve Feldman turns all comers into believers.
    For decades, Feldman and Romanus have been hand-crafting folk rock songs for their own enjoyment and sharing it in intimate venues. And though their latest album, Just So You Know, maintains this raw intimacy, it also throws open the doors to introduce Poppa’s Kitchen to a much wider audience.

    But words are no match for music – so have a listen. The title track from their latest album, Just So You Know, is a fitting entrée into Poppa’s Kitchen. From the first chord of “Just So You Know,” it feels like we’re being shared the heaviest of burdens, being shown a heart worn threadbare. Throughout, Romanus’ bourbon-soaked confessions ring so familiar that we could confuse them with our own. And the rock hymnal arrangement climbs the steps to a righteous church that echoes of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Tom Waits.

    The entire album can be heard here: You can also check out or @PoppasKitchen.

  102. I just released my third vocal album, Troubleshoot The Moon, featuring a mix of personal and political songs backed by a funky, folksy, electronic big band soundtrack. For free samples, lyrics, and the latest news, visit (especially if you like Beck, Sufjan Stevens, Santigold, or other eclectic artists!)

  103. Here’s our new single ‘Drowning In The Drought’ which was released on 4th may, please download and give it a listen. We’d love to know what you think:
    The band is based in Salford, England and we’ve been going for five years now. We are currently looking for a drummer and this single was actually done between just two people (Doug: Vox, synth, guitar), and Neil (Bass, vox, drums). Despite being drummerless (we are currently auditioning) we have carried on with just two members (who are the founding members and write all the material) via sheer belligerence and experimentation. We have set up the “Rain City Sessions” as a means of showcasing our songs in a different way (ie adapted versions as we are not a full band at the moment). Please check out the link below from our youtube channel ‘Malevolent Multimedia’:
    For photos, homegrown music videos, a full bio, other past reviews, facebook link and more please visit our official website (

  104. Paolo Morena. Live Looper. One Man Band.

    Paolo Morena is one of the most well known and respected faces on the Essex Music scene, and has spent most of his life singing and performing, either in bands or as now, as a solo act.

    When you meet Paolo, and when you see him on stage, it is obvious that he is one of those people born to perform, born to be a musician. He writes beautiful hook laden melodies, and sings them with a passion that is honest and believable. He has that gift of being able to write songs that are very personal, and yet universal at the same time. Listen to “Peace of Mind”, “Mission In Me” and “Oh Yeah’ and you feel the emotion of the lyric – and then listen to tracks like “Queen of The Party Scene” and “Saturday Night” and you hear great story telling that puts a smile on your face.

    In performance, Paolo brings a whole new dimension to his songs as he uses live looping on stage – effectively becoming a one- man band. It is incredibly to watch, and marks Paolo out as a very special and unique performer.

    Please check out Paolo’s new song ‘REVENGE’ .

  105. The Band – Holocene

    We are a Birmingham Based Indie band that formed in September 2011 after discovering a mutual love for music. The band consists of four high school friends which each have an eclectic music taste which contributes to the unique sound we create. Although we do have acquired tastes we do reach common ground on bands such as: Kings of Leon, The Clash, Velvet Underground, The Cribs and Foals; all bands with a predominant guitar sound, which hopefully you’ll see in our track below.

    Flaws In Us All- was recorded over Christmas 2012 at Magic garden studios, Wolverhampton, with Gavin Monaghan (Editors/ Twang).

    Unreleased track –


    Sound Cloud (released tracks) –

    Press Quotes:

    “The four lads from Oldbury have been making waves in the West Midlands music scene throughout this year and were even given a ringing endorsement by Carl Barat from the Libertines.”

    – Halesowen News

    “These youngsters go by the name of ‘Holocene’ and if you like The Undertones, The Smiths, The Arctic Monkeys and Foals you will adore these boys.”

    – Enjoy Bearwood Blog

  106. Cosmic Shakedown. REAL ROCK N’ ROLL IS ON CPR — LETS FIGHT TO SAVE IT !!! Look no furthur…..

    The fact is — this world is turning into one giant corporate cesspool of fake processed junk…It has soiled everything — even MUSIC ! What passes for “rock” these days — blows and is sad. It is anything BUT genuine rock n’ roll, and THAT is what earth needs .

    We are a rock n’ roll band and we have been kickin’ around Buffalo NY & abroad for 2 years and got something cool brewing up. We just put out a brand new EP, – ‘Mammoth Sessions’ . We would love for you to hear it ! And tell us what you think? Do your thing . Hell, we want anyone to hear it! haha anyone out there??

    Peace and let us know ! Any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated — we want to learn !!!

    rock n’ roll will not die on our watch- we are pretty much raw, straight up, heart on sleeve, bluesy rock n’ roll but all thru modern eyes .

  107. The Baltic States is an alternative indie band based in North-West, UK. It blends minimal techno, big-beat and IDM with hypnotic, soaring vocal-melodies in order to create an exciting new sound. The band consists of Jev Maligins – a former member of Beat Milk Jugs (TV Records) – and Helen Morrisson, lead-vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with The Wretched Pearls.
    The Baltic States has recently released its debut single, ‘Kontrol’, which has been well-received by both radio and social media platforms, and is currently preparing to take its music directly to live audiences. With evocative visuals and exhilarating collaborations with other first-rate musicians, these performances will be far more than mere duplications of the studio recordings.


  108. I’ve just finished my debut EP called “2 of a Kind” i know everyone must get a lot of “could you pls take a few seconds to listen to my tracks” and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have to but i really want to be heard and get music out.
    So if you could just spare a few minutes of your time or however many seconds or minutes you could willing to give me to listen to my tracks it would mean the world to me, I’d really appreciate anything.
    So if you re bore surfing the web or on Facebook or just chilling or whatever
    Please take a few minutes to help me out just by listening to like one of my tracks
    Hey you might even like it

  109. I am a vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Salisbury, MD, and I would like to present my debut avant-prog solo album, ‘Interior City’ by The Gabriel Construct. The album features ex-Periphery members Travis Orbin and Tom Murphy. It was engineered by Garrett Davis (The Devil Wears Prada, Train, Shinedown) and mixed/mastered by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Life on Repeat, Conditions).


  110. Hello! I represent the Prog-Indie/Alternative band Ravens Ballroom from NJ/NYC area and they have recently released their debut EP Rain Dance. I am curious to know if you would be interested in taking a listen and perhaps doing your own review on it! I hope you enjoy it!!

    Thank you,

    Michael Arbitblit
    Executive Manager
    Magnetic Management

  111. Please check out the all girl group Sweet Deviate from Wollongong, Australia on YouTube.
    Alex – lead vocals , Kerie – lead guitar, Belinda – rhythm guitar, Elissa – bass guitar, heidi – drums.

  112. After nine albums worth of material and an acclaimed eponymous release in 2010, RON is back with their tenth album. Batch 10” Art is an action-packed romp through the warped musical mind of an endlessly entertaining band.

    The band is comprised of Chicago music veterans Ryan Behling (vocals/keys/bass), Scott Shellberg (bass/guitar/vocals) and Mike Maerz (drums/percussion/vocals). The trio wrote and recorded these tracks in their Whale’s Mouth East and Whale’s Mouth West studios in Chicago in the midst of broadcasting the first season of their Internet TV series.

  113. Hey, if you get the chance check out the 7 piece shoegaze/indie/dream pop band The Phantom Light. Their latest EP which came out in April called ‘Sky Lanterns EP’ can be heard from the link below:

    Below is a music video lifted from the EP

    The Greater Picture –

    & some recent pro shot live videos from St. James’ Church, Swansea:

    The Greater Picture –

    A Rose In The Avalanche –

    The Phantom light

  114. In May 2013 the world as we knew it changed. Swedish speed/thrash metal band ABOVE THE MIST released their debut EP “Tide turner”.

    If you think you’re ready for it, feel free to listen and download at the following location:
    (Also available on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic, AmazonMp3)

  115. “Music is the shorthand of emotion” ~ Leo Tolstoy
    I’m a 23 year old indie/alternative singer/songwriter based out of Rockford Illinois. I just released my first full length album entitled “Children of Ash” available free to download from But for a quick listen check out these direct links showcasing some of the various songs on the album:

  116. Great posts and comments on this blog. A really good resource for artists to be able to get their music heard. I am a new Hip hop artist out of Bronx, New York who recently released his debut single “Bring it Back” Featuring Skillandri which you can check out here.

    Also, to link up with me on all the major social networks from one place visit me on reverbnation at

    I look forward to good interactions and meeting new fans and people.

  117. I came across your blog, while blog hunting, and you don’t find too many people who can listen to various genres. Obviously you have preferences, and don’t like everything, but my genre is one I feel that you wouldn’t mind, Rap/Hip Hop.

    What I like about my music is the fact that I always talk about something that people can relate to. Hip Hop is boring, and I’m tired of hearing: Sex, Drugs, Money, Killing, etc. No, I’m not a gospel rapper, but my messages stand out from the crowd.

    Another thing I like about my music, is that I don’t use other rappers’ beats. Like I said, hip hop is boring, so I like finding new sounds for people to hear.

    Two more things I like is that I bring comedy into hip hop, because you can’t stay serious 24/7, we all have different emotions. Also I use skits in my songs, It’s one thing to talk about something, but it’s another to bring people to that world.

  118. Bruce LOK – He’s influenced by a wide range of genres from rock, folk, blues, classical, ambient and dub..and would list Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke as his main influences.

    Since forming in 2009 Bruce Lok has performed at many venues in greater london such as 100 club and o2 indigo. He has recorded two eps with producer John Henry Poole (Cinematic Orchestra, Jack Panate). Now he’s writing with Arranger and composers Chris Elliott, Kit Wooley and Bruce Wooley on a new e.p that will be taken down a much more darker route with an overall more alternative dub step post rock emotive sound.

    SmackDown – Live at BBC Maida Vale

  119. Hi – Anyone in Austin Texas? This is a nice family friendly show with some very musically astute moments –

    From the press release:

    Experience the magic of an old time radio show, as Texas jazz musicians Alex Coke, Suzi Stern and Rich Harney bring Dylan Thomas’ beloved holiday tale to life in Austin this December. Amidst the sounds of songs, toys, and improvised music, A Child’s Christmas in Wales sparkles with surprise, inspired by the enchanting shortstory.

    The performance (and award winning CD) feature 4 new songs by pianist Harney and vocalist Stern with multi instrumentalist Coke employing a dazzling array of toys that ring, pop, whistle and sing, illuminating the original text in celebration of the season.

    An Austin holiday favorite since 2006, please join us at this year’s family friendly matinee and only public performance. Sunday, December 22, 2013 3pm at First Presbyterian Church 8001 Mesa Blvd.

    In true holiday spirit, A Child’s Christmas In Wales gives the gift of wonder and mirth to music fans, families, and children of all ages.

  120. New Christmas Single! “Get Close To You” OUT NOW! Joeleen featuring legendary Chris James. Former singer from the famous group, that were out in the 60’s “The Natural Four”.

    Joeleen and Chris are a perfect combination of Warmth and Joy that will definitely put you into The CHRISTMAS Spirit.

    You Tube Video:
    Official Website:

    “Happy Holiday’s” and Many Blessings Joeleen xxx
    CD Baby:

  121. Wolf Club Lunar Society hail from the deepest south of the river Thames. Taking inspiration from the city’s sleazy core, they set exacting vivid imagery against techno-coloured monochrome riffs. Cutting their teeth in the darkest back-alley clubs the capital has to offer, their live show is a pure encapsulation of punk rock spirit, sneering at self-restraint, tipping its hat to a time when music was more than aural-beige and your favourite band was a badge of honour.

  122. “The Case of the Three Sided Dream”
    World premiere at South by Southwest film festival

    The feature documentary film on the music and life of multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk makes its world premiere at the South by Southwest film festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, March 10-15, 2014.

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk was a one of a kind musician, personality, satirist and windmill-slayer who despite being blind, becoming paralyzed, and facing America’s racial injustices – did not relent.

    His life’s work was exploring sound and making music. Beyond that, he was an outspoken activist who started a political movement to get more exposure for Jazz in America – particularly on TV.

    Dreams were important to Rahsaan. They planted the seed in his mind to play three horns simultaneously. His name came from dreams. When asked about his religious beliefs, he would say: “I’m from the Religion of Dreams”.

    At the age of 40, Rahsaan suffered a stroke which left him half paralyzed. Despite this, he continued to tour and play music, with the use of only one hand, literally until the day he died.

    For screening dates and times for “The Case of the Three Sided Dream”,

    “We hope you stay on the case. Don’t get inside the case ’cause if you get inside the case, they’ll shut the case up on you and you’ll never get out again.”
    -Rahsaan Roland Kirk

  123. Hi Jenny,

    I play in a band called Bears of Brasov and on 9th Feb we released a new track called, ‘Stay’. It was recently the winner of BBC Berkshire’s demo panel and it is our first track to be broadcasted on regional radio. You can listen to the track here:

    Here is a brief biog of the band:

    Bears of Brasov combine heavy riffs, catchy tunes and dynamic boy/girl vocals. Since forming in late 2012, they have been drawing in crowds across the UK with their energetic live performances and unique on-stage chemistry.

    Please find a link to our Facebook and website below:

    It would be great to get some feedback on the track, we hope you like it!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best Wishes,


  124. Hey,

    I’m an acoustic alternative folk solo artist from the UK currently travelling Australia. My music comes from the heart and represents the spiritual and inspirational change in careers towards music. I’ve released my first EP En Route and I’m in the process of recording my second release.

    I have a video for En Route
    Once –

    I’m also available on itunes and most major online stores and streaming sites

  125. Hi Jenny,

    Please find the link below for our new single ‘Our Time’, released on Cheese And Onion Records – March 10th 2014.

    We were hoping you might be interested in reviewing / featuring it on your website? Please contact us should you want any more information.


    Pat Aitcheson

    Manager of Matchbox Heroes

  126. Hi Jenny
    Hope you’re well, Just a little bit of info and some links
    to my music/band. Hope you like it …

    Jake Morrell is a singer songwriter from the countryside of Norfolk, UK. Together with his three piece band they create a sweet blend of folk/rock and pop. Currently gigging around the UK to spread their sound the band are also in the process of promoting 3 new singles throughout the 2014 period with an album on the way.

    A link to their 2012 Ep – Hey Bright Eyes


  127. Cool! We’re a new band in Berlin, still in rehearsals but we’ll be ready to put it out there as soon as summer comes back to town. Members come from: US, Japan, France, Brazil and Italy. 20-30 originals right now, will play with some covers later! I guess we call the style PROG POP! Enjoy our lo-fi rehearsal tapes…


    Rieko, Natasha, Shawn, Julien and Marco from


  128. Electro-rock band based out of Paris but as American as it gets, bringing together the sounds of rock, dubstep, metal, pop and electro aesthetics.

    We have shared the stage with Steve Nieve of Elvis Costello, Sting, Elvis Costello himself, and Joe Sumner of Fiction Plane.

    Next upcoming concert date: Fuji Rock Festival in Japan!

    Check out http://FACEBOOK.COM/TALLULYSSE for downloads of the free variety and more sick musical goodies.

  129. My name is Joel Strauss, a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist with rock, alternative, folk and early 20th century traditional pop influences.

    “He skillfully weaves together various styles, like pop, rock and folk into his songs, together with intelligent and inspiring lyrics. And that voice – ”

    “…Strauss is one of the best One-Man Bands we’ve heard in a while.”

    – Indie Rock Cafe, 04/11/14 Artist of the week

    My entire album ‘Don’t Lose That Feeling’ can be streamed at, and my Youtube music video can be streamed here:

  130. Hello Jenny, great idea and I’d like to be a part of it by promoting my band THE ANSWER! that’s on Kickstarter at the moment where we’re trying to raise funds for our debut album.

    Until now we recorded 4 songs and we released our first EP under the name “Prelude to THE ANSWER!”.

    These are two of our favourite songs (even though we love them all :)):

    first single – If I Had U

    our newest song – Never

    If you’d like to support us or just check out our Kickstarter page the link is:

    Thank you for opportunity and have an awesome day…

    Best wishes!
    Rob Sugar, drummer THE ANSWER!

  131. Hi everyone,

    My name’s Valentina. I’m a self-produced musician who writes original music. I do the programming/composition/arrangement/lyrics and vocals for professional, high quality and inspirational Gospel/Christian/Dance/Electronic music.

    My music is available at:

    My websites are at:

    Please tell all your friends!
    God bless you all!

  132. Thanks to you people have an option to look at unsigned bands and discover new music, thank you for everything you do for unsigned bands and undiscovered talent. Here is a little about the duo I belong to.

    Holiman y Ube is a Latin-Urban music duo from Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 2012. The focus of the duo is to mix authentic Latin American music with today’s world trends like Hip Hop, House and Dubstep providing the listener not only with music to dance to, but also music to listen to. We love writing about partying and having a good time, but when we write love songs the lyrics are deep and meaningful engaging the listener’s attention.

    Get in contact with us through here

  133. My name is Giselle Dijon.

    I am a teenage drag queen, and an independent singer/songwriter from Gilmer, Texas. My music is influenced by all genres while still remaining loyal to my main genre which is pop. I just released my debut album “Labyrinth” on all digital music platforms including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and more and I was hoping to have more people give my music a chance, it is something I work super hard at and put a lot of time and energy into. I appreciate every amount of support I can get!

    You can listen to my album for free here:

    You can buy it on iTunes here:

    Follow me on Twitter:

    Subscribe to me on YouTube (I make videos!):

    ‘Like’ me on Facebook:

    and follow me on Instagram at: @giselledijon

    Thank you.

  134. We’re a passionate EDM duo called The Shy Guys, hailing from Orange County, CA, and we’ve just released our first album called “First Attempt” (and soon will be releasing our second one). We’d love it if you’d listened to our tunes and give us any feedback!

    The Shy Guys

  135. Young 21 year old from the mid ohio valley. (West Virginia,Ohio)
    Is universal in his genre of hiphop/R&B. He works hard an is trying to get himself a larger fan base to touch more people with his music!

  136. We’re 4 Alberta boys who can’t stop making noise! We’re influenced by the last 4 decades of rock and we sound like it!
    We have lyric vids to experience.
    Tweets to follow.
    Facebooks to like.
    And music for sale.

  137. Doug Osborne Music is releasing Cambridge Nights – Single (Remastered), the first new material from Serious Fun since the release of the Boston Rock & Roll Anthology, Vol 4 on VAR International.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 is the release date for the download and streaming release of the first single.

    Cambridge Nights – Single (Remastered) will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and all global download and streaming services

    Great for Modern Rock, Classic Rock and Alternative radio, podcast and other formats and media
    One Sheet attached for Press Quotes and more info

    Please contact me for an advance preview download, stream, or CD (coming soon)

    Following up on the success of Pasted on Pout and Arrest My Heart from that LP, the band is releasing Cambridge Nights as a digital only single. It will be followed by two more remastered digital single releases, an EP (CD, download and streaming) of previously unreleased mixes of seven high-energy songs, and a new original full-length album from Doug Osborne.

    Doug Osborne

    Doug Osborne Music
    PO Box 66776
    Los Angeles, CA 90066

    424-242-4570 talk or text

    email [email protected]

    facebook dougosbornemusic
    twitter DOsborneMusic
    youtube dougosbornemusic

    redandslow (publishing and label)

  138. I began rapping back in 1984, but never took it seriously until 1992. I was in an underground group Mixed Company. I did an EP with them and from there I did a single with another underground group Natural Advice titled HONEY MUFF PIE. I made a music video with this group for the single. I’ve managed to keep my self busy and later decided to do work on my own when I created a club/house single titled MOTHERLAND JAM. Engineered by Chuck Heman at Magnetic Air Studios.

  139. MOTHERFATHER – A post-rock group that uses a multi-media approach to enhance their live shows, creating an emotionally charged experience that engages the audience through powerful sights and sounds. Their minimalist instrumental style is balanced with carefully crafted film footage that plays during the performance, guiding the listener through a hypnotic narrative of audio and visual events. Formed in early 2011, MOTHERFATHER continues to strive to create and develop a seamless blend of music and visual arts to provide a truly unique live music experience. A two-song LP was released in the winter of 2012 and an expected upcoming full length release titled “We Are Earthlings…Let’s Blow Up Earth Things” is currently being recorded and will be available in CD format as well as a digital Download package including visual enrichment’s.

    MOTHERFATHER – Eli Hindman/ Nelson Jones/Dave Lowell/Tim Hardy

  140. Hello, Wanted to introduce you to Flat 24/7.

    Flat 24/7 is the colourful, dance- able, alternative indie vibe of three born and bred derby lads, a lovely lady from Leicester and a groovy French drummer. Beginning in early 2013 with acoustic, student hall, through the night jamming, singer Jamie and guitarist Ian found an intricate sound with gritty, soulful vocals and an ear grabbing sense of ease.

    Hope you enjoy the tunes 🙂

  141. Hey there!

    We’re Ken’s Beijing, an Indie/Folk/Rock/Pop four-piece from London. If you like bands like Typhoon, Half Moon Run, Mumford & Sons etc. give us a listen!

    This is the video for our song ‘Young’, hope you enjoy 🙂

    Also you can download our stuff for FREE on our SoundCloud page:

    (PS we’re named after our local Chinese takeaway just in case anyone was wondering)

  142. I am a singer/songwriter, author and poet. I have, to date, self-published two books of poetry and have released ten or so albums via my own record label, What’s Next Records, and published via bandcamp.

    I have something coming out March 24, 2015. It is a book of three short novels accompanying a double album, “Simplifiers or A Pair Of Honest Men,” that is written out over the course of the third novella.

    You can read all my writing and get links to my music via my tumblr:

    You can find me on twitter, @thesupposedso

    Thanks ya’ll. Hope you dig it, ever.

  143. We The People ( Can you hear us )
    I’m amazed at the many voices that reach out to be heard. This platform and it’s intention is amazing! There is a voice crying out from the wilderness a voice that will be heard among and through all the noise of the misguided. The voice of reason and power. The voice of the people!

  144. Hope all is well.
    Just an update from Concept 7 for you. We have a selection of new tracks out now from our current album “The Machinery Of Control”. These new tracks are available for free download from the links below and if they are of interest to you, then enjoy and spread the word 🙂
    Official Website:

    As always, many thanks for your support.

  145. Daisy and The Dark is a new cinematic alternative pop project. An invitation into a magical world where ethereal vocals float over haunting soundscapes, I’m self-releasing my debut single ‘Waltzing’ on Feb 9th and would love you to have a listen:



  146. Hey guys!

    We are a London based three-piece rock band! We kind of sound like a mixture of Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons & Arcane Roots.

    We have recently released our debut music video, and we’re trying to get it a little bit of exposure!

    If you wouldn’t mind giving it a watch and leaving us a comment, that’d be brilliant! And obviously if you like what you hear, you can find us all over social media!

    Here it is:

    Let us know what you think.

    All the best,


  147. For immediate release: Urban Latino artist Papo Kpuccino is ranked at number #6 in the DJ Latino Record Pool. He is also in the Top 20 Hits of the National Latino Record Pool Directors Association ranking. Listen to the Hit “Mi Tambor” Also vote for “Mi Tambor” Papo Kpuccino to go to Barcelona Spain in the Hard Rock Rising

  148. Manchester’s self-proclaimed leading drag queen rapper is back! Following a couple of music videos out and about in the city and the country side, in this video I stay in bed, get up close and personal with Vladimir Putin, and air some grievances about the Russian leader, Christian extremists, and Katy Perry, all over the beat of Nicki Minaj and Eminem’s 2010 track ‘Roman’s Revenge’.

    Check out the video below and share if you like it! Thanks for watching! X

  149. Hi Jenny,

    My Edinburgh based Indie/Alternative band Quiet as a Mouse are releasing our 2nd EP ‘Memorybox’ on Monday 13th April and we are playing three launch shows to coincide with its release in London (The Stillery, 14th April), Glasgow (Broadcast, 23rd April) and Edinburgh (The Wee Red Bar, 8th May).

    You can stream and share ‘Snowflake’ the first single from the EP via our Soundcloud page:

    It would be brilliant if you would be able to help with some coverage for this EP release and or our upcoming live shows.


    Alex Moran

  150. Hi there,

    My name’s Mike, I’m a Scottish Singer/Songwriter trying to make a go of it, getting out on the road and trying to do as much as I can to promote myself so I’d massively appreciate it if you could have a listen to a couple of my tracks, a mixture of Acoustic Singer/Songwriter and Folk-Pop.

    Thanks a lot,

    (The Breathing Room)

  151. For your listening pleasure,

    The Grand Tradition are a collection of musicians from Cardiff put together and fronted by Anthony Wickham.
    We pride ourselves on our eclectic songs, groove based rhythms and jazz styled chord progressions inspired by the likes of Steely Dan and Ry Cooder. Taking our contemporary edge from Foster The People, 90’s Soul, Phoenix and Little Comets.
    We’re a brand new band for 2015 and our self released Pre-Band Demo has already received airplay on Adam Walton’s BBC introducing, Nation Radio, Amazing Radio and GTFM.
    On the demo Anthony sings, plays guitar and beatbox’s where there will be drums, Jon Constantine plays bass and Harri Davies is on Keys.
    All the songs are available to download on soundcloud but if you would like us to send you MP3’s please ask.


    Grand Tradition

  152. Hey there, Jenny

    Villain is a romanian EDM / IDM / WORLD FUSION project , formed in December 2012 .
    On December 22th 2014 he released his first LP effort called BASTARD MODE : ON ! , a 12 track – instrumental eargasm , especially for the fans of those genres .

    For full album streaming , check this link :

    For more info and music by Villain , check these links :

    Best regards , Andrei Sorin Ovezea ( management & PR )

    *** For any further information or details , feel free to e-mail me here : [email protected]

  153. I know a group of talented guys who are trying to play warped tour this year. If you go to their fb page and like them they would really appreciate it. There, they have a link to the battle of the bands page. By sharing the link and listening to their songs on the botb website you can raise their buzz rating. Please help these guys, they work really hard and really deserve this opportunity.

  154. Hi Jenny,

    Hope you’re well,

    Just wanted to pass on our brand new single ‘Wire & Thorns’ set for release on the 30th April. We’d love for you to give it a listen with the potential of a feature if you like our sound.

    OntSofa performance –

    Bio – Blending natural talent, a passionate love for music and a strong, undeniable work ethic is a sure fire way to create musical excellence that moves audiences and resonates with the soul. This is the simple concept behind folk – rock act “The Jake Morrell Band” – to create high quality music and deliver performances with flair, energy and panache.

    The band features musicians hailing from the fields of East Anglia to the borderlands of southern France and the beautiful stretches of Norway beneath the Northern Lights. They’re an eclectic troupe, each member bringing their own sound and character to the whole and blending to create a sound that both transcends genres and does credit to the music that inspires them. With a gig history that reads like a road atlas, the band have truly honed their craft and always leave you feeling fulfilled, joyous and wanting more.

    Jake & the Band are now in the process of working with London based producer Brett Shaw (Florence & The Machine, The Kooks & Dry the River) to create their brand new singles for 2015. You can find Jake Morrell and his band performing all over London as well as further afield, be sure not to miss them when they roll into town!

    Love your blog, i’m a regular reader !
    All the best

  155. Hey. I’m a singer/ songwriter. Can’t really define my genre, its more like a combo of Electro/Rock/Dance/Glam Rock with a bit of Metal and an Acoustic ballad thrown in.

    Hope you get a chance to listen to the tracks 🙂


  156. I write 80’s style metal ballads and modern acoustic verses when I’m out of my mind… which is most of the time. In the Redding, CA area… NORCAL. The women are beautiful here and the parties are insane. The heat drives into a frenzy when I play outside(musically, not with my trucks in the sandbox =/) and it’s hot here 8 months out of the year! I love music and playing!… and women!… and money!… and anyways, here’s an older cover…

    Thanks for reading! You Rock!


  157. Formed in 2014, Ragamaya is an experimental indie rock band based out of the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Influenced by the likes of The beatles, Beach House, Jai Uttal, Sonic Youth among others, the name ‘Ragamaya’ translates into ‘passionate’ in sanskrit. The band’s deliberate lo-fi production is rooted in melodies that are unpretentious, intricate yet harmonic. The group currently includes Shruti, Roon, David, Simanta and Dhriti.

    Artists We also like: The Beatles, Sonic Youth, Beach House, AIR, Hiatus kaiyote, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jai Uttal, Chet Baker, Mazzy Star, Django Reinhardt, Guthrie Govan, Tom Waits, The Smiths, The Do, Woods, GRIMES, Sigur Ros, Joe Pass, Radiohead, Takuya Kuroda, David Bowie.

  158. Hi Jenny and band web bloggers!
    I hope you are well. My name is Lee Gordon, I’m a singer/songwriter based in Norwich. On February 22nd 2016 I will be independently releasing my debut single BEACH HOUSE.

    There will also be an official video accompanying the release. Here is a direct link to the song on Soundcloud: or go to any of the websites via links below for pictures, video, music and all other info.


    Lee Gordon

    BBC Radio 2 New Talent Songwriter of the Year finalist described as. ‘a Devil singing an angels songs’

    Tom Robinson’s (6music) Fresh on the net said ‘lovely songs, man, does he have a big voice’

    Songwriting Magazine recently said ‘refreshingly different, with vocals FULL of soul,
    Gordon knows how to create intense beauty and melancholy with only the most simple of elements.’

  159. Hello Jenny,
    I hope this message finds you well. Just a quick note to let you know that my album is a free download starting today. I would love a mention on your blog as I think it would be a nice addition for your listeners. And you could be the first to discover my music.

    nine new songs recorded by raymond richards (local natives producer) featuring
    rob hume (little red lung, teddy’s cheer club) on bass and keys
    john broeckel (little red lung) on drums and percussion
    raymond richards on pedal steel

    If you’d like to offer a review or interview, feature one my videos ( or songs, I would love to connect with you. Thank you for your time.


  160. Hello, my name is Gordon Lewis. I am in a band called Roma Ransom, here is some information about us and our music located below:

    Roma Ransom’s sound is more than just a pleasant backdrop. They have a distinct sound worth savoring. Their music is influenced by global sounds, specifically from Europe, northern Africa and Asia. They will take you on a journey, through cobblestone streets and across sandy deserts— into the places only your mind can go. They carry us away on waves
    of sound to distant shores all without leaving the room.

  161. Hello,

    I perform as part of London based all-female rock band BERRIES.

    We are now streaming our second release ‘Waiting’ please check it out here –

    Thanks so much!

    ‘The band’s energy was electric from the moment they stepped on stage, and continued as they worked through their set list.’ – We Plug Good Music, 2016, Barfly Review

    ‘One of the hottest looking prospects on the guitar-led scene’ – We Close Tonight, 2016

    As heard on: BBC London Introducing, Gigslutz Radio, RockCurrent, Vibe FM & more

  162. The Cairds emerged early 2015, following a previous musical endeavour. Based in and around Kilmarnock and Kilwinning, the band have been focusing on providing their own take on the Indie music scene. With the combination of the slightly sweet and catchy, alongside the edgier and grittier. The band have a range of musical influences including: Catfish & The Bottlemen; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; Supergrass, etc.
    The band is made up of: Dylan Kerr and Andy Kerr- guitar & vocals; Adam Macdonald- Bass; Blair Innes- Drums. Together they bring a wealth of musical experience which has allowed them to build their own their own musical personality.

  163. Madman & kilowatt just released their 1st single “Waste My Time” you can listen to it here on youtube.

    If you like what you here please support us and purchase it on Google play Amazon or iTunes It’s only a buck.

    It’s also available for streamiing on spotify.

    Google Play:



    Thank you for your support

  164. Electronic-Drum-Guitar North London Noiseniks Jolanga really know how to fill a dance floor. Heralded by BBC Introducing as “a joy from start to finish.” Jolanga are the perfect blend of electronica, baggy and pop rock.

    Dreamt In Dali is the name of the release, out 29th April 2016. A 4 Track EP that takes us on a journey from big beats to raucous riffs – recorded at Livingston in Wood Green.

    Lead track “Chicago” has been a firm live favourite for the past 6 months and fuses House Music Rhythms, Killer Fuzz Bass and Punky Trash Guitars that could feel equally at home in a nightclub as they could in your garage.


    2016 has already set out to be a promising year for Jolanga with packed slots at Camden Barfly and drawing comparisons from The Music to Royal Blood to Tame Impala.

    Live: The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch – London EP Release Party 20th April – 8pm FREE ENTRY
    Camden Rocks Festival, Camden Town – London – 4th June 2016 – 2pm

  165. We’re Nubian Sounds, a Neo-Funk Rock band located in Atlanta Georgia. Thanks for taking the time to listen to some of our music. We’re independent musicians and artists with a message to spread!

    Check out Nubian Sounds single “The Train Song”

    We appreciate any support! You can help Nubian Sounds with a like, follow, share, +1, on any of our social media pages. Tell a friend!

  166. I am in a three-piece punk/emo band called Third Season out of Atlanta, GA. We’ve been playing since 2009 and we are about to put out our first professionally recorded album. I found Band Weblogs through one of our contemporaries and after kicking around the site for a while, I must say, I am totally enamored with the philosophy here.

    I’m posting a link to our bands lead track Amputated from our upcoming album Advice From Fallen Leaves –

    I hope everyone enjoys! Feedback both good and bad is always welcome in comment form!

  167. I hope you’re having a great day! I apologise for the essay…My names Josh Kemp and first things first i hope you don’t mind i dropped you an email, i’m an unsigned singer songwriter and have just released my new music video ‘Imaginary Friend: What a Wonderful World’, shot on location around South East Asia.

    The Concept
    The idea for this song and then video came from the realisation that we are frequently bogged down by negativity, in the news or even in our day to day lives as bad things are a lot more sensational or memorable and the spreading of good things are often deemed cliche, boastful, too personal or alienating.

    I noticed that the good parts of life are often over looked or taken for granted
    So I wanted initially to write a song that would explain to someone who would never have chance to see it, the best things in the world, in my opinion of course 🙂

    We tend not to notice the big things we take for granted until they are gone, and that’s something i aim to change, even if it’s just for 6mins20!

    I lost a friend a few weeks ago to depression, so it has instilled a determination to try to inspire people to see the little things that make a difference to the mental health to as many as possible in a small way!

    I really hope you enjoy it!

    The video is OUT NOW –
    Thanks in advance for you’re time with this!

    Josh x

  168. tAngerinecAt – a really powerful blend of industrial, dramatic electronica, politically charged lyrics, passionate vocals and hurdy-gurdy which bursts alive with a groaning, droning depth.

    Here are some press quotes about us:

    “This is some of the most powerful music I have heard in long time, and holds a message too. The music built in its billowing, bountiful depths: difficult to believe there were only two musicians on stage.”

    Emily Oldfield, Louder Then War

    “They have been blazing a unique trail across the music venues of the north and beyond with their fascinating sound and overtly political/polemical music. Someone needs to snap them up quick and get them out to a wider audience. They are based in Manchester.”

    Bob Osborne, co-owner of German Shepherd Records.

    Official Site ·
    BandCamp ·
    YouTube ·
    Twitter ·

  169. roadside are an established unsigned band from Plymouth Devon. Recently released single ‘Disarm’. Album and UK tour to be announced soon. Check out Disarm video and our other music videos to get a feel for our melodic British guitar sound and follow us on social media to enjoy the journey with us .

    Web :

    Link for Disarm video :

    Facebook :

    Twitter : @roadsidetunes

    YouTube channel :

  170. Robert Kunin is an independent music artist from New York, United States. Robert’s music is a combination of acoustic and electric guitars(sometimes trumpet), with a mix of Rock, Progressive Folk, Blues, Word, and electronic.

    Support independent music



    Google music

    Microsoft music

    Free kunin music on the internet archive

  171. I am Dollie Demi. I am a 21 year old artist based in Manchester but from Nottingham. I am currently in my third year at BIMM Manchester studying songwriting. I will be releasing an EP in 2017 called Boys Suck, but for now I am releasing singles on the run up to the EP. I am currently gigging in the UK. I have just headlined a gig at the Night and Day Cafe in Manchester and performed at venues such as the Fallow Cafe in Manchester. I have an upcoming gig on the 28th of October at the o2 Academy in Islington 2 where I will be opening up for After Alice. I also have a gig at Factory in Manchester on the 25th of November.

    Throw It All Away, will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Googleplay, Apple Music and Deezer on the 28th of October but it is available to listen to on Soundcloud now. This is the follow up single to New Girl which I released in August.

  172. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you so much for doing your part to promote unsigned bands. Please see below for a brief bio and some social media links for our family band, The CheeseBergens.

    What happens when two would have been rock stars have a middle aged crisis? They decide to form a family band with their unwitting children. Enter The CheeseBergens comprised of Ides Bergen, father and drummer, Marissa Bergen, mother and bassist, Jesse Bergen, son and singer/lead guitarist and Anjelica Bergen, daughter and singer/guitarist.
    Mama and Papa Cheese have been honing their skills for years playing the L.A. club circuit in bands to varying success. The Cheese Kids have been busy building their own resumes in rock schools in the L.A. area. Now they come together with their own brand of rock n’ roll with punk and metal influences.
    The CheeseBergens have been featured on Rock Rage Radio, I Love Heavy Metal Radio and have appeared on two Metal Babe Mayhem compilations as well as Dewar’s PR Summer Compilation. They have played reputable Los Angeles clubs including The Mint and The Troubadour.

  173. Good evening Jenny!

    My names Josh Kemp, and i’ve just released the music video for my new single ‘U.R.’ from my new EP entitled ‘A Wonderful World 🌍’.

    The last 12 months have been pretty turbulent globally and personally and i’ve been doing my best to focus on positivity throughout the year, through articles, acting work and charity fundraisers for charities like Nottingham’s Framework – Homeless Housing Charity.

    My EP ‘A Wonderful World 🌍 ‘ is no exception and is dedicated to the unsung heroes that the media miss, the news neglects and that fame escapes.

    So the video for U.R. is dedicated to those who do incredible things every day, often unseen, but are lost in a sea of sensationalist headlines and celebrity culture.

    Josh Kemp – U.R. [Official Video]

    p.s my latest single U.R. can be downloaded from this link.

    “One of the best artists from our area… Consistently putting out great tracks” – Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing EM

  174. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for creating this blog :).
    My name is Michael Lee and I’m based in Aylesbury just outside Oxfordshire and I’m just about to release a new single. Below is a press release along with some links to the new song.

    After a two year absence progressive rock artist Michael Lee will be releasing a new song called ‘Fools Rush In’ on the 20th of March 2017 through all the major online music stores. ‘Fools Rush In’ is the first single to be taken from Lee’s new album ‘Destination’ which will be due for release later this year. Fans of Lee’s previous work will be surprised with the change in direction with the new material. Lee’s signature heavy guitar style along with his rock vocals have been subsided to reveal some of his most honest, personal and commercial work yet.
    ‘Fools Rush In’ tells the story of being cautious in the endeavor of finding true love. This message is perfectly brought to life in the ‘Fools Rush In’ music video which was directed by Michael’s younger brother Tommy Lee. The video intersperses Michael in love based comedic scenes alongside classic stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy and the Three Stooges to name a few. The Fools Rush In video is now live on youtube and has been since valentines day 2017.

    Here is a link to the music video to the song

    Here is a soundcloud link as well

    Here is my website as well

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