Waterfahl EP review


It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of weather this summer so far. So what could cheer up a gloomy day better than Waterfahl‘s new EP? Laying back with your chair leaning against the wall, with the cloudy/sunny weather leaking through the window and listening to the opening track “Another Story”, nice, welcoming lazy blues. Hanne Fahl‘s warm singing and harmonica weaves some inspiring patterns into the air with Finn Fahl‘s acoustic guitar orchestrating the mood.

I know it might be wrong to suggest alcoholic accompaniment, but I feel a glass of red wine would partner these songs perfectly. Hey, but that’s just me. You may fancy something else with yours! You know, sometimes I hear an acoustic song and think, they could do with some bass, trumpets, harps, synths and a wacky video etc…Waterfahl’s music drifts around you like a welcoming breeze and Hanne’s voice soothes your soul, absolutely no need for any of that over production nonsense here. On track 5 “Walked All Day” they present a type of gypsy vibe to their repertoire. Yeah, upbeat and all clappy!

With cajon and piano blended into the sound courtesy of Jack Hollywood they call this style “Nordicanna”. Americana bluesy shuffle with a cha cha cha here and there.

We have been lucky enough to have hosted Waterfahl at our GiddyUp Music Sunday afternoon show and look forward to the next time they come and entertain us, but ’till then go find this addictive CD and see how it works through your system!

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By: Dave Tommo
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