Live Earth bands USA to play at Giants Stadium in New Jersey

Organizers have announced that the Live Earth bands and artists set to play the 7/7/07 concert in the USA will be taking place at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Acts scheduled to perform at the US concert in New Jersey are to include:

AFI, Akon, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Kenna, KT Tunstall, Ludacris, Melissa Etheridge, Roger Waters, Sheryl Crow, Smashing Pumpkins, The Police, Keith Urban and Taking Back Sunday.

From, "Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. EDT on Monday, April 16 2007 and will be available at or by calling Ticketmaster at (212) 307-7171. All ticket information is available at All proceeds will benefit the Alliance for Climate Protection and other international NGOs."

More information about Live Earth and the bands playing at Wembley Stadium in London. Also Live Earth locations around the world: Hamburg, Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai, China, Antarctica, Johannesburg, South Africa, Sydney, Australia and Washington, D.C.

Live Earth is going to be the most talked about music event of the summer. I can say that with confidence, and there are many reasons why people will be discussing the worldwide concerts that will be taking place to help raise awareness about climate change and global warming. You could spend days debating the subject. For instance, the fact that Al Gore is the co-chair of Live Earth is just enough information to have caused a mass media feeding frenzy. Some people like the idea of Al Gore's involvement, some people don't and they all have their reasons for it.

Then there are the questions about the concert goers who will be traveling to the shows and all of the equipment that needs to get to the shows and the "carbon footprint" that the concerts will leave behind. Is it justifiable?

And of course with Live Earth founder Kevin Wall's recent announcement of concert venue locations and headlining acts like Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers brings to light a fresh debate of more carbon footprints and is this hypocrisy?

Quite a few people that I've talked to about Live Earth think that rather than having only a handful of concert locations around the world for thousands of people to have to travel to, why not put on local gigs? To Think Globally, Act Locally, with local clubs set up to host a special Live Earth night.

Say for example, if Radiohead and Supergrass, two bands that happen to be from my town which is Oxford, were to announce that they are headlining Live Earth down the road at The Zodiac or the New Theatre for the locals - that would be brilliant. Of course this is just a hypothetical wish. Seriously though, have there been any local arrangements made throughout the towns and communities for Live Earth?

I obviously don't have all the answers and am simply a bystander without a car, who has no plans to travel to the shows but will be happy to watch the Live Earth concerts either online or on TV. However, if there is a local event happening in Oxford, that would be a different story. I would be there with bells on.

Live Earth Official Website

By: Jenny May
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