Terry Cummings T.C. Finally review

Terry CummingsAfter 18 years of exceptional play in the NBA Terry Cummings has arrived in a new career as a singer. T.C. Finally introduces Cummings as the latest former sports star turned entertainer. Although this kind of transition seems like a common occurrence it takes someone with special talents to make an impact that counts initially.

After listening to Cummings' debut, I think it is safe to say that the man has found a new home for his many talents. The music is rhythm and blues-pop (urban adult contemporary) and it reflects the audience listening in the 35-45 year old age group-particularly those with a long commute to work either driving or taking public transportation, that need a nice diversion to help the transit go by a little faster.

Cummings has a pleasant vocal style that is very smooth, reminiscent of the late great Marvin Gaye. The recent single release from the album "Marvin's Vibe" is a great track that highlights the singer's magnetism and appeal. The tracks on this CD give you the scope of the T.C. vocal a style. He emanates warmth and a confident male sensuality that comes across as spiritual (listen to "To Serve You Lord") and focused. I am sure women will love this recording and men can respect it while finding a nice groove along the way. I definitely enjoyed it all and was impressed with the talent Cummings has as an all around entertainer. I checked out some videos on his website and it looks as though he has a strong presence on the stage so he will be able to deliver the goods to his audience in a live setting.

Other tracks that I felt were exceptional are "More, More, More," "Sugar," and "You Are The Love Of My Life." Listening to the words, I found a very sincere message from a man that obviously respects and appreciates the relationships in his life. It was nice to hear some earnest messages rather than references to infidelity, partying, and other negative experiences that lead to pain and destruction in people's lives. It helps to have a nice funky groove to go along with the words and this album offers musical quality to match the lyrical content perfectly. Terry Cummings says "Take A Chance On Love" and I say take a chance on his music, you will be glad you did.

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Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

01. Feeling You
02. Love Takes Time
03. You Are The Love Of My Life
04. One Last Tear
05. All I Want
06. I'll Do It For You
07. I Still Believe (Mama's Song)
08. More, More, More
09. Take A Chance On Love
10. The Right Time
11. Butterflies
12. Marvin's Vibe
13. He Said, She Said
14. Lonely
15. Sugar
16. Finally
17. To Serve You Lord

Artist: Terry Cummings
Title: T.C. Finally
Genre: R & B-Pop-Urban AC
Label: R.N.L.G. Llc
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