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I'm a huge Rush fan. My cousins first introduced Rush to me in 1975. Last month they were at Red Rocks on their Snakes & Arrows tour. By my count this is disc number 22. Rush is unique for me because I rarely like a new Rush CD the first time I hear it (with the exception of Presto). Snakes and Arrows was the same. I liked "The Main Monkey Business" (track 6) immediately, but the rest took a few listens. Now it's my favorite CD and I honestly like every song.

Last month a few Lijit people (the older ones), made the trip up to Red Rocks to see the show with me.

Rush Concert at Red Rocks
Why are they taking my picture?

I saw Rush a few years back at Redrocks on the R30 tour. I have seen them 6 or 7 times through the years (several times in High School). R30 was special because it had been 10 years (at least) since I had been to a show, but I really enjoyed this show more. The sound was better, and I was more into the show ;-)

Rush - Red Rocks
Rush at Red Rocks Snakes & Arrows Tour

The usual fun Rush stuff was there. Sometime in the past Geddy Lee (bass, vocals) started going direct with his bass into the PA making the stacks of bass cabinets behind him simply for show. On the R30 tour they were replaced with a set of coin operated dryers (properly mic'd of course). During the show either a celebrity (if you're in a town with one) would come out, put some coins in, take out a shirt or two, and continue on. (Most notable celebrity for that tour was Jack Black who stripped to his boxers and stood on top of the dryers pounding his chest). I was delighted to see that the coin ops were gone on this tour and replaced with chicken roasters.. During the show two people (one a kid) came out and checked on the progress of the chicken. Nice.

Geddy Lee - Rush
Geddy Lee with Chicken based sound reinforcement

I shot some video with Canon point and shoot camera that came out ok. The PA overwhelmed the built in mic some of the time (but not as bad as I thought it might).

Watch Rush at Red Rocks video:

The weather was awesome, better than R30, and like the last tour they played two sets with an intermission. My favorite song was off the new CD, "Workin' them Angels" (track 3). The song is powerful on the CD but live is incredible. I shot a little video of the song, but I wish I would have shot the entire song. The sound was so immense that the canon had some real issues with this one..

Watch short video clip - Rush at Red Rocks

It was a great show. I'm half thinking about catching the end of the tour somewhere before they head off to Europe.

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