Super Volcano to play CMJ Music Festival at Luna Lounge Brooklyn, NY

Super Volcano

Come out for the opening night of the CMJ 2007 Music Marathon for Super Volcano - we are performing Tuesday October 16th, 2007 at 10:30pm at the Luna Lounge in Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

We will have cds, tshirts, and other merch for sale and we will be performing new songs from our upcoming album. Really, what more could you ask from a Tuesday in October? If you have any questions feel free to ask, but remember this is our only October New York show, our next gig after CMJ will be at Pianos on Friday November 30th with Mancino and Grey Man.

Also this year CMJ has hooked up with the social networking site imeem. We've created a profile there to be featured on imeem's "CMJ Featured Artist of the Day". If you have signed up with imeem please feel free to add us to your profile - you will gain access to special tracks of ours only available on our imeem page.

Super Volcano imeem profile

Super Volcano

From Ear Farm (national online) 08/26/07: "Super Volcano is new on the scene in New York. An unknown, garage synth-pop three piece that's ready to climb into the hearts and minds of NYC indie music fans with songs that are equally interesting and head-bop inducing. Based solely upon their four song demo EP, this is a band full of heaping amounts of potential. Hear me out - this music will prove my words to be less than hyperbolic, I promise...So check out each of their songs, and see these guys live, for a complete picture of this band you're bound to love if you ever found The Unicorns appealing. Or, looking even closer to home - consider Super Volcano as a friendly foil to Mancino. Goodness knows how much we all love them... and I don't actually see the two bands fighting for turf here in the crowded landscape of New York up and comers, but rather as two sides of the same coin that is the ever-changing landscape of poppy indie-rock."

CMJ Presents
Super Volcano at Luna Lounge
361 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

7:45 People Noise: Rock / Psychedelic
8:30 Breaking Laces: Alternative / Pop
9:45 Hollow Sound: Alternative / Indie
10:30 Super Volcano: Indie / Rock
11:15 Tigers and Monkeys: Indie / Alternative

For more information visit:

CMJ Music Festival
Super Volcano on Myspace

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