The Coral review – Carling Academy Oxford

The Coral - Roots and Echos

I arrived at the Carling Academy Oxford just in time to grab a beer and see Manchester, UK based band Northern Uproar take the stage. I like their positive, upbeat punk influenced sound. They look good on stage together and it’s always good to see a bass playing vocalist.

I enjoyed the burly guitarist’s Steve Jones/Mick Jones influence. There was also a bit of a Jam style to their music. All around, I think that Northern Uproar is a good band to look out for.

The Coral are one of my favourite bands on the scene at the moment, so it was great to get the chance to see them play live in Oxford. I wasn’t disappointed after listening to their new album ‘Roots and Echoes’. They weren’t shy in promoting said album and why not because when they played “Who’s Gonna Find Me” it sounds a million times better standing in the same room as the band, hearing it live.

I feel a bit of a Beach Boys vibe off them in a slight way and do believe that The Coral will be with us for a very long time. It’s always good to watch a band mature in front of you.

So definitely go along to a live Coral show because they make you forget about what’s going on outside and they get you wobbling from side to side with a smile on your face for an hour or so!

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By: Dave Tommo