Brad Paisley “Letter To Me” single from 5th Gear, review + watch video

Brad Paisley - 5th Gear

Brad Paisley has released his latest single, “Letter To Me” off of his album ’5th Gear’. It’s about what he would say to himself at age 17 if he could write a letter to himself today. The lyrics are full of advice and encouragement and I’m sure that the song will touch the heartstrings of many who can relate.

For the filming of the video, Paisley invited his classmates from his 1991 graduating class at John Marshall High School to be involved. Over 140 classmates from his old school participated in the video, as well as one of his most supportive teacher’s, also the policeman who gave him his first ticket and current students from John Marshall.

I think the video concept is a great idea. It just confirms what I’ve been thinking all along – that not only is Brad Paisley a huge talent (keeping in mind his great guitar playing and cool Telecaster guitars), but he also seems like one of the nicest guys in country music today. Inviting old classmates to be in a video is quite the gesture – and I can’t think of many artists that would do something like this.

After watching his performance at the 41st Annual Country Music Awards (CMAs), my interest in Brad Paisley and his music has been reignited. It was good to watch him perform “Online”, also off of ’5th Gear’, and after being nominated seven times, he finally took home the Best Male Vocalist Award at the CMAs. I found it surprising that he hadn’t won Best Male Vocalist before, but then again, there has been some stiff competition in the Country Male category over the years.

Two songs off of Brad’s latest album ’5th Gear’ have hit #1 in the Country Music Singles Charts“Ticks” (watch video), the first single, and “Online” (watch video). Now with third single, “Letter To Me”, it will be interesting to see if he can get another #1.

Watch Brad Paisley – “Letter To Me” video on YouTube

Brad is currently touring with opening acts Taylor Swift and Rodney Atkins on the Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour.

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By: Jenny May