The Rushes new Corners EP review + watch video

The Rushes

I've been really enjoying The Rushes new 'Corners' EP the last few days. It's been the first disc that I grab when I want to listen to music.

The singer really can sing. I like his voice - and their 70's/80's rock style harmonies and melodies have been pulling me in with each listen. I'm also quite intrigued with the subtle vocal effects, and the sound is very well mixed.

Watch The Rushes - "Corners" video:

Stand out songs on the four-track EP include debut single, "Corners" and "What You Waiting For?".

They have a slower track, "Stop It" currently up on their Myspace page - hopefully that will be included on their upcoming album, it's a great song.

Here's some additional press info. on The Rushes:

The Rushes are a four-piece band from South London via Leeds who make surging melodic rock, with hooks so catchy they're pop.

Since 2007 they've been amassing material for their debut album which has been produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Beth Orton, Athlete).

First, The Rushes will release the four-track 'Corners' EP, in March 2008, featuring the songs "Corners", "To The Surface", "What You Waiting For" and "Get The Feeling". The album will follow in the summer.

Many of the songs on their debut were inspired by the band's personal lives, particularly a "complicated relationship" Gerard had. "It's the document of a two-year period," he says. "They're specific, accurate and honest."

The Rushes combine the musical attack of Kings Of Leon with the melodic grace of The Police. They'll be bringing their brand of big music to your town in the coming months. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try The Rushes."

Gerard O'Connell - Lead vocals / guitar
Dan Armstrong - Keyboards/vocals
James O'Connell - Bass
Joe Allen - Drums

The Rushes - "Corners" video link

The Rushes on Myspace
The Rushes Official Website

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