The Long Insiders, Little Lost David, Jim Driscoll + Jenny May - Jericho Tavern, Oxford

Coo Coo Club

Coo Coo Club Presents: The Long Insiders, Little Lost David, Jim Driscoll & Jenny May at Jericho Tavern, Oxford Saturday 13th September, 2008.

Tickets can be purchased at WeGotTickets

The Long Insiders

The Long Insiders

The Long Insiders rise up to meet us from the darker underbelly of the clean crisp spires of Oxford to bring us songs of gin, lies, cold women and guilty men in smoke filled bars. A new incarnation of the long term musical collaboration between the Brother's Kenny (Nick and Simon) and drummer, Dan Goddard, was born when Nick met Sarah (Vocals) in the corner of a theatre bar, the start of a fractious coming together that saw the re-emergance of some of Oxford's finest musicians. A look through a half empty martini glass at a world of Ennio Morricone-inspired spagetti westerns and emotional alt surf melodies with a guitar style that is characteristically Long Insiders.
"a unique blend of tremelo surf guitar and breathy female vocals"

The Long Insiders MySpace

Little Lost David

Little Lost David

Sheffield based singer/songwriter David Roch, isn't little, or lost, but he does make highly personal, beautifully aching music. His self-titled EP - out now - was overseen by Arctic Monkeys producer Alan Smyth, and has received plaudits from Jonathan Ross, Q magazine, The Guardian to name but a few. Compared to the likes of Antony Hegarty and Rufus Wainwright - all three are influenced by the pathos of Billie Holiday and the Buckleys - but being English, David also credits such closer-to-home figures as William Blake, Simon Armitage and the painter David Shrigley for the dark, misty bent of his music. It's a heady mix, and one that captivates those who happen across it.

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Jim Driscoll & Jenny May

Having played just a handful of shows in Oxford - including Iffley Lock! - Jim Driscoll & Jenny May have only been collaborating for a short time, and already there's a buzz surrounding their music and intimate harmonies. Some may already be familiar with Jim as the keyboardist for local favourites The Drug Squad, and both Jim and Jenny have worked with members of Mercury Music Prize nominated Guillemots. Playing alternative/acoustic/folk/country. Not to be missed!

Jim Driscoll & Jenny May MySpace

The Coo Coo Club

The Jericho Tavern

More music: Jenny May music

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