New Order Collector's Editions : win a signed bass + listening party links!

New Order - Collector's Edition

In celebration of the New Order 'Collector's Edition' release, Rhino Records has put together a contest where you can win a signed bass from Peter Hook of New Order.

Check it out!

Contest Information

Listening Party Links:


WMA 56

WMA 100


Listening Party Track List:

1 Dreams Never End
2 Procession
3 Age of Consent
4 Blue Monday
5 The Perfect Kiss
6 Salvation Theme
7 Bizarre Love Triangle
8 1963
9 Round & Round
10 Don't Do It

Rhino Reissues a decade of New Order

New Order on

New Order on

After forming in 1980, New Order went on to develop a groundbreaking sound that mixed synthesizer-driven pop with electronic dance beats on a series of acclaimed and influential albums. The band - Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert - released a total of five albums during the '80s that helped blaze a trail for the alternative music movement that would peak a decade later.

Rhino pays tribute to these musical pioneers with Collector's Editions of the band's first five albums: MOVEMENT, POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES, LOW-LIFE, BROTHERHOOD and TECHNIQUE. On November 11, 2008, all five will be available at all retail outlets, including, for a list price of $24.98.

Each will be reissued as a double-disc that contains a remastered version of the original Factory Records recording on the first disc, along with a bonus disc that collects the band's numerous non-album singles, b-sides and remixes.

After the tragic death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, the band's surviving members, Sumner, Hook and Morris, founded New Order with Gilbert and released its darkly melodic debut, MOVEMENT (1981). The album's eight songs show the band moving away from the past and embracing a new sound on "Truth," "Denial" and the opening track, "Dreams Never End." Among the bonus disc highlights is "Ceremony," a song written by Joy Division but never recorded in the studio that New Order recorded as its first single. Also included are later singles ("Temptation" and "Everything's Gone Green") that foreshadow the band's more dance-oriented direction.

New Order found its voice on the group's sophomore effort, POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES (1983). Featuring the original eight songs on the British release, the first disc offers exceptional dance-pop with "Your Silent Face" and "Age Of Consent." The bonus disc includes "Blue Monday"
and its b-side "The Beach," which were released exclusively as a single in the U.K., but included on the U.S. version of Power, Corruption & Lies. The single became the best-selling, independently released 12" single of all time in the U.K.

The group achieved a high-water mark with its third release LOW-LIFE (1985), an eight-song album that perfected New Order's cutting-edge electronic sound with the singles "The Perfect Kiss" and "Sub-Culture." The bonus disc contains songs the band contributed to the popular film
Pretty In Pink, including "Shellshock" (from the soundtrack) as well as an instrumental version of the album track "Elegia" that was heard in the film, but not on the soundtrack.

The band returned a year later with BROTHERHOOD (1986), an album highlighted by the brilliant single "Bizarre Love Triangle" along with the fan favorite "Weirdo" and the ballad "All Day Long." The bonus disc offers the 12" single versions of "Touched By The Hand Of God" and
"Bizarre Love Triangle" as well as two remixes of "True Faith"; its b-side "1963"; and a new version of "Blue Monday" released in 1988.

New Order closed the decade with TECHNIQUE (1989), a nine-song album influenced by the exploding popularity of the acid house scene in Great Britain. Debuting at #1 in the U.K., the album delivered the singles "Run," "Fine Time" and "Round & Round" as well as "Vanishing Point," a song later used as the theme for a popular British television show. The bonus disc features the 12" single "World In Motion," the official song of the English national football team in 1990's World Cup competition. Also featured is "Fine Line," an instrumental version of the album track "Fine Time," as well as b-sides "Best & Marsh" and "MTO."

Track List:


Disc One

1. "Dreams Never End"
2. "Truth"
3. "Senses"
4. "Chosen Time"
5. "I.C.B."
6. "The Him"
7. "Doubts Even Here"
8. "Denial"

Disc Two

1. "Ceremony" - 12" Version
2. "Temptation" - 12" Version
3. "In A Lonely Place" - 7" Version
4. "Everything's Gone Green" - 12" Version 5. "Procession" - 7" Version
6. "Cries and Whispers"
7. "Hurt" - 12" Version
8. "Mesh"- 12" Version
9. "Ceremony" - Alternate Version
10. "Temptation" - Alternate 12" Version


Disc One

1. "Age Of Consent"
2. "We All Stand"
3. "The Village"
4. "5 8 6"
5. "Your Silent Face"
6. "Ultraviolence"
7. "Ecstacy"
8. "Leave Me Alone"

Disc Two

1. "Blue Monday" - 12" Version
2. "The Beach" - 12" Version
3. "Confusion" - 12" Version
4. "Thieves Like Us" - 12" Version
5. "Lonesome Tonight" - 12" Version
6. "Murder" - 12" Version
7. "Thieves Like Us" - Instrumental
8. "Confusion" - Instrumental


Disc One

1. "Love Vigilantes"
2. "The Perfect Kiss"
3. "This Time Of Night"
4. "Sunrise"
5. "Elegia"
6. "Sooner Than You Think"
7. "Sub-Culture"
8. "Face Up"

Disc Two

1. "The Perfect Kiss" - 12" Version
2. "Sub-Culture" - 12" Version
3. "Shellshock" - John Robie Remix, 12" Version 4. "Shame Of The Nation"
5. "Elegia"
6. "Lets Go (From Salvation)"
7. "Salvation Theme"
8. "Dub Vulture"


Disc One

1. "Paradise"
2. "Weirdo"
3. "As It Was When It Was"
4. "Broken Promise"
5. "Way Of Life"
6. "Bizarre Love Triangle"
7. "All Day Long"
8. "Angel Dust"
9. "Every Little Counts"
10. "State Of The Nation"

Disc Two

1. "Bizarre Love Triangle" - 12" Version 2. "1963" - 12" Version 3.
"True Faith" - Shep Pettibone Remix, 12" Version 4. "Touched By The Hand
Of God" - 12" Version 5. "Blue Monday '88"
6. "Evil Dust"
7. "True Faith" - True Dub
8. "Beach Buggy"


Disc One

1. "Fine Time"
2. "All The Way"
3. "Love Less"
4. "Round & Round"
5. "Guilty Partner"
6. "Run"
7. "Mr. Disco"
8. "Vanishing Point"
9. "Dream Attack"

Disc Two

1. "Don't Do It" - 12" Version
2. "Fine Line" - 12" Version
3. "Round and Round" - 12" Version
4. "Best & Marsh" - 12" Version
5. "Run 2" - 12" Version
6. "MTO"
7. "Fine Time" - Silk Mix
8. "Vanishing Point" - Instrumental, 12" Version 9. "World In Motion" -
Cabinieri Mix, 12" Version

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