Andy Hull's side-project Right Away, Great Captain! + 'The Eventually Home' release

Andy Hull

Andy Hull knows the fears that accumulate with miles, having spent the last two years on the road as the front-man for Manchester Orchestra. It is with those fears that he has channeled the second installment of Right Away, Great Captain!, his solo side-project in which Hull continues to tell the ongoing saga of a 17th century sailor who catches his wife in an act of betrayal with his very own brother.

Entitled 'The Eventually Home' (Favorite Gentlemen Recordings), which is part two of a three-chapter set, the album sees the heartbroken and wary sailor finally on his way back home, where he contemplates the various themes of God, death, and revenge.

These are all feelings and experiences sometimes shared by Andy himself. "I took from my own emotions of being gone for so long and then being scared to come home," Hull said. "The Eventually Home is much more than a second chapter of a tale; it's a tragedy that most have felt before and brings up the timeless question of what home exactly is."

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Following up on 2006's 'The Bitter End', the new release is an intricate and tightly-woven account where the protagonist has been swallowed up by his own hate and desire for revenge. 'The Eventually Home' abandons the more lo-fi folk sound of the debut for a darker perspective, both musically and lyrically.

Right Away, Great Captain!

Listen to "Down To Your Soul" on, from Right Away, Great Captain!'s 'The Eventually Home'.

With co-production duties handled by Atlanta's Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Winston Audio), the sophomore piece eludes a hopeless sonic atmosphere compounded with Hull's strong and confident vocals and lyrics.

On the opening track, the moody but tender "Down To Your Soul", Hull sings of the only sure thing the main character knows at the point of his demise, proclaiming "I carved a map in the back of my arm. So don't worry, I'm coming home."

The record comes to its near-end with the song "I Am A Vampire To You," which is an echo to the growing madness of the sailor who only sees home as the place to finish everything.

'The Eventually Home' is not a stripped-down and simpler version of Manchester Orchestra, but Hull's own personal vision and story of embracing doubt from a songwriter who shares in many of the same spirits and perspectives as the mariner himself.

'The Eventually Home' is now available through Favorite Gentlemen Recordings.

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One Response to Andy Hull's side-project Right Away, Great Captain! + 'The Eventually Home' release

  1. This was a fantastic record. As much as I love Manchester Orchestra and their sound, I feel Andy Hull is at his very best in the low-key, acoustic sound that he gets to toy with when he's writing as RAGC!

    My name is linked to my own review of the album, feel free to check it out if you want =)

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