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Joan Rivers

I think it's time to set the balance. So far all the stand ups that I've reviewed are guys. I know when we talk of stand up comedians we automatically think of blokes. You know, Ben Elton, Bob Hope, Bill Hicks, George Bush etc., but there are some very funny female comics out there.

I'm gonna start with Joan Rivers. Probably one of the most controversial comedians to walk the boards of any stage.

Joan was born June 8th 1933. She started her career in the late 1950's and in the early 60's, performed in various comedy clubs around Greenwich Village; also appearing as a guest on the Tonight Show and working as a gag writer for Candid Camera.

This woman has been around. Wrote the book and wore the t-shirt (I reckon she invented the f****** thing). Joan Rivers is an award winning comedian who isn't afraid of saying what she thinks and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

You can find out more about her by visiting the website She's up to so much stuff! Also, you might like to treat yourself to one of her DVDs. Like 'Joan Rivers Live At The London Palladium' recorded in 2006. Still currentish.

Joan Rivers on

Joan Rivers on

Here's Joan doing what she does best on Live At The Apollo (not necessarily safe for work):

Watch Joan Rivers Live at The Apollo video [original air dates 2007] Part 1

Joan Rivers Part 2:

Part 3

Joan Rivers Official Website

By: Dave Tommo

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