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Jim Jeffries

What with the internet, airplanes and the media, I suppose you're probably familiar with Australian born comedian Mr. Jim Jeffries. But if you live in a hole in the ground in the woods and you eat badgers, then you might not be. Jim Jeffries has been out there for at least the last five years, and like any good old cheeky vintage, he improves with age.

I like the fact that he isn't afraid to say anything he wants without reprisal. He tells it straight. He'll talk about his experiences as if they happen like that to all of us. His influences range from Eddie Murphy to Richard Pryor and even Magic Johnson.

Now, if you're scared by rude words and think that your soul will plummet towards the centre of the earth if you laugh at anti-christian jokes, then I would give this bloke a miss because Jim Jeffries is that Australian geezer down the pub swearing his head off - except he's painfully funny and he gets paid for it!

It's not all fish and chips on a sunny day for Jim. No, not at all. At one gig he was performing at, a member of the audience was so offended by the humor, that he clambered on to the stage and smacked poor old Jim in the face. Now I know you type of people like that sort of stuff because let's be honest, we do like to soak up a bit of other people's suffering. Don't we? It makes us feel better about our own sorry existence. So here you go, knock yourselves out on this one:

Watch Jim Jeffries getting punched video:

If unlike the idiot from the audience you are a fan of Jim Jeffries, then you can spend some of your time looking at his website and find out more about this wonder from down under. Ouch! Sorry about that tag. Where's the bloke with the fist. I need a smack for that.

Jim Jeffries Official Website
Jim Jeffries MySpace

By: Dave Tommo

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