Bjork releases 'Voltaic' - watch video: tour trailer


Bjork's 'Voltaic' is in stores now via Nonesuch Records in the U.S. (One Little Indian in the UK, and Universal worldwide.) 'Voltaic' a lovingly packaged celebration of the past two years of Björk’s Volta activities.

Watch trailer: Bjork Voltaic tour video

Voltaic DVD 1 (the volta tour)
Filmed highlights from the Volta tour, recorded in Paris and Reykjavik (currently screening around the country...dates below)

Voltaic DVD 2 (the volta videos)
All of the Volta music videos, including the “Declare Independence” clip directed by Michel Gondry.

Voltaic CD 2 (the volta mixes)
Key remixes from Volta, with versions of “Earth Intruders,” “Declare Independence,” and “Wanderlust,” by the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Matthew Herbert, Graeme Sinden, Ghostigital, and Modeselektor.

Voltaic CD 1 (live at olympic studios)
Songs from the Volta tour recorded live at the legendary Olympic Studios in London, just before Björk’s headlining show at the Glastonbury Festival in 2007. It was recorded in one afternoon, and the whole set was played live before being produced and mixed by Björk.

Bjork - Voltaic

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Voltaic Disc 1—CD of songs from the Volta tour performed live at Olympic Studios

1. Wanderlust - Live
2. Hunter - Live
3. Pleasure Is All Mine – Live
4. Innocence – Live
5. Army of Me - Live
6. I Miss You - Live
7. Earth intruders - Live
8. All Is Full Of Love - Live
9. Pagan Poetry - Live
10. Vertebrae by Vertebrae - Live
11. Declare Independence - Live

Voltaic Disc 2—DVD of live concert performances

1. Brennio Pio Vitar - Live in Paris
2. Earth Intruders - Live in Paris
3. Hunter - Live in Paris
4. Immature - Live in Paris
5. Joga - Live in Paris
6. Pleasure Is All Mine - Live in Paris
7. Vertebrae by Vertebrae - Live in Paris
8. Where Is the Line - Live in Paris
9. Who Is It - Live in Paris
10. Desired Constellation - Live in Paris
11. Army of Me - Live in Paris
12. Bachelorette - Live in Paris
13. Wanderlust - Live in Paris
14. Hyperballad - Live in Paris
15. Pluto - Live in Paris
16. Declare Independence - Live in Paris
17. Pneumonia - Live in Reykjavik
18. My Juvenile - Live in Reykjavik
19. Vokuro - Live in Reykjavik
20. Sonnets / Unrealities XI - Live in Reykjavik
21. Mouths Cradle - Live in Reykjavik

Voltaic Disc 3—DVD of the Volta videos

1. Earth Intruders
2. Declare Independence
3. Innocence - Version 1 (winner)
4. Wanderlust
5. The Dull Flame of Desire
6. Innocence - David Saghiri
7. Innocence - Dimitrio Stankowicz
8. Innocence - Etienne Strubbe
9. Innocence - Juliet Himmer
10. Innocence - Laurent Labouille
11. Innocence - Mario Caporali
12. Innocence - Miko o_o
13. Innocence - Misi Park & Pierre Khazem
14. Innocence - Christiano Leal
15. Innocence - Roland Matusek

Voltaic Disc 4—CD of remixes of Volta songs

1. Earth Intruders - Spank Rock remix
2. Innocence - Simian Mobile Disco remix 12”
3. Declare Independence - Mathew Herbert 12”
4. Wanderlust - Ratatat remix
5. The Dull Flame of Desire - modeselektor’s RMX for girls
6. Earth Intruders - lexx remix
7. Innocence - Sinden Remix
8. Declare Independence - Ghostigital in Deep End Dance Remix 12”
9. The Dull Flame of Desire - Modeselektor’s RMX for Boys
10. Innocence - Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel 12” Version
11. Declare Independence - Black Plus mix
12. Innocence - Simian Mobile Disco dub remix

Top Photo Credit: Bernhard Kristinn

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