Filter Magazine: Karen O and Spike Jonze - Where the Wild Things Are

FILTER Issue 37: Karen O and Spike Jonze Discover Where the Wild Things Are, Out 9/11

Filter Magazine - Where the Wild Things Are

We are very excited to bring you the latest installment of FILTER Magazine!

In this very special issue, we team up with visionary director Spike Jonze to present an exclusive story that involves the many talents, angles, days and nights and ins and outs involved in the making of Jonze’s highly anticipated film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s story, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

As Jonze himself says, “Most of the time, magazine pieces just represent one part of making a movie, and I’m excited about this story because it represents the truer spirit of our film - a group of people who got together to make this thing. It was the experiences of all these people, the talents of all these people...their imaginations and everything inside them that made the movie what it is.”

Let Filter take you behind the scenes and beyond with this talented pack of Wild Things, including interviews with Jonze and soundtrack composer Karen O; star Max Records and Catherine Keener; screenwriter Dave Eggers; actress Catherine O’Hara; documentarian Lance Bangs; never-before-seen photos and art from the film’s set and crew; a cover illustrated by the film’s graphics and titles artist Geoff McFetridge; and much, much more.

Also, we travel back to the early '90s to reminisce with The Jesus Lizard in celebration of their Touch & Go Record re-releases and reunion tour; legendary graphic artist Vaughan Oliver takes us through the years of the Pixies’ cover art; actor Willem Dafoe and writer/director Lars Von Trier discuss their new sylvan horror film, ANTICHRIST; we talk to Jason Schwartzman about Coconut Records, his new HBO show BORED TO DEATH and his famous friends and family; and Pulitzer Prize winning artist Berkeley Breathed takes us back to his roots in the funny pages.

In addition, we match Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses up with his hero, JJ Cale, to discover how to keep the fortune and forgo the fame; we get refined with The Swell Season; and take a journey into Poland for the OFF FESTIVAL.

Plus: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, AM, Fool’s Gold, Port O’Brien, Yo La Tengo and a very special EndNote featuring Dave Eggers’ first book. Continue to check back to for more!


Where the Wild Things Are on

Where the Wild Things Are on

Check out Spike Jonze's post about the issue on his We Love You So blog.

Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack cover art

Filter Issue 37: Karen O and Spike Jonze Discover Where the Wild Things Are on stands September 11, 2009

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