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Booty Luv "Say It" single: out now!

Booty Luv - Say It

A million record sales later, and following a year inventing a host of blow-your-socks-off pop tunes, the First Ladies of Hed Kandi are finally ready to let the first gem out of the bag with new single "Say It".

Booty Luv "Say It" video:

Watch behind the scenes video:

Hailed as the single of the summer, "Say It" has been receiving rapturous reviews from pop critics since the ladies debuted the song on the massive Dance Nation Arena Tour, which played to over 50,000 fans earlier this year.

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Already rocking radio, with support from Radio One and the Global Network, the song retains the Booty Luv sound so recognisable on the airwaves. This time though, the girls turn down the house and introduce an electro twist, likely to cause a riot on the dance floor.

Nadia of the band says “We’re so excited about people hearing our new sound. We’ve worked hard to create something really fresh.”

Cherise adds “Our fans will still be able to rave to this record but we’re moving on, mixing it up. We loved the sound of our last album but we’re really into the electro thing right now.”

The story so far for Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts, AKA Booty Luv, has been nothing short of amazing. After splitting with hit urban act Big Brovaz, the girls released their debut single "Boogie 2Nite" in 2006, reaching number two, selling over 230,000 copies and remaining in the Top 10 for eight weeks.

The girls’ second single "Shine", a cover of the Luther Vandross classic, followed its predecessor into the top ten and dominated the airwaves for months.

"Don’t Mess With My Man" became the ladies’ third hit single, adding straight to Radio One’s A list and instantly topping the national club charts. Debut album ‘Boogie 2Nite’ appeared in record stores in September 2007 and became one of Hed Kandi’s most successful artist albums of all time. That same year, the girls spent 44 weeks out of 52 in the Airplay Top 40, receiving over 70,000 spins of their four singles.

Early 2010 will see the release of Booty Luv’s much anticipated second album.

Until then, the girls will offer fans yet more classic hit singles, starting in the form of the fierce "Say It", a sure-fire sign of the pop genius ahead.

“Booty Luv's comeback single is VERY INCREDIBLE. Amazing amazing amazing...” -

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