Camilla Kerslake debut album + "She Moved Through the Fair" + GMTV, Alan Titchmarsh

Tape That!

Camilla Kerslake

Camilla Kerslake Unveils Debut Album

21-year-old Camilla Kerslake is creating a real frisson of excitement and anticipation, with her rare, elusive, one-of-a-kind classical voice.

Recently signed to Gary Barlow’s new Future Records label, the future looks incredibly bright for Camilla Kerslake.

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Her debut single, "She Moved Through the Fair", is already being championed by Terry Wogan on Radio 2 while GMTV have a filmed segment ready to roll.

Her debut album (out November 16, 2009) has been produced by the legendary Mike Hedges and features her own impeccable versions of "How Can I Keep From Singing" and "Rule the World" (in Italian) amongst other original songs.

The story of Camilla Kerslake is one that dreams are made of. Only this summer she camped outside a London studio for weeks on end. Inside Take That were recording and Camilla was determined to give Gary the demo tape she had saved up to record.

Her persistence paid off and he eventually listened. “I was instantly captivated by it,” Gary admits. “Her voice is a unique and powerful instrument.”

Google Alert: Camilla Kerslake’s studio video for "Rule The World" (In Italian) has incredibly received over 60,000 hits since its posting last week (September 28th).

Watch Camilla Kerslake video (Take That, Rule The World):

Tale Of Camilla’s Tape

Age: 21

Birthplace: London, England (Lived in New Zealand until she was eight)

Education: Guildford’s Academy Of Contemporary Music

Debut Single: "She Moved Through The Fair", November 2nd

Debut Album: Camilla Kerslake (Self-Titled) Out November 16th

Upcoming TV Appearances:

Friday 30th October - GMTV Live In Dublin

Monday 2nd November - GMTV Live In studio

Monday 23rd November - Alan Titchmarsh Live

Christmas Eve - BBC1 Singing For The Troops

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7 Responses to Camilla Kerslake debut album + "She Moved Through the Fair" + GMTV, Alan Titchmarsh

  1. Jill says:

    Just heard this, literally, on Terry Wogan! What a voice! This is one of the most beautiful songs but is very difficult to sing and this version sends shivers down one's spine, it's so hauntingly lovely.

  2. Dorothy Byrne says:

    I caught the last moments of this glorious voice on the late late show, and determined to look up the singer went online today and watched You tube...What a wonderful talent, and her voice is so clear and vibrant...I will be buying her album and any subsequent albums she makes...thank you so much for sharing something so beautiful with us. I wish you all the very best of luck and happiness in your career.

  3. Rob Farmer says:

    Camilla has a potentially wonderful voice - a great range, pure tone and she sings beautifully in tune. Lovely vowel sounds, but it would be nice to hear some consonants between them so that we know what the words are supposed to be.

  4. CamillaKerslake says:

    Yes. Camilla Kerslake has indeed the kind of voice that can hush a crowd or cause it to roar approval, one that can bring tears to the eyes or make the human heart soar. Her voice is coloratura soprano; But the fact is that there isn't a 'kind of' voice like Camilla's.

    The debut album from Camilla Kerslake is fantastic. I can't stop listening to it. The Gary Barlow track 'Rule the world', sung in Italian by Camilla is sensational.

  5. Chris Ward says:

    This Girl has beautiful tones but as Farmer above says her diction leaves something to be desired.....if only she sang like Susan Boyle, who has perfect diction with her equally beautiful voice, she'd be the perfect ultimate singer/star with her pretty looks as well..... Gary you have good diction when you sing so get her trained in diction so we can understand the words of songs we do not know! Listen to Wild Horses by SUBO to hear every syllable STILL sung beautifully!

    Good Luck!

  6. Viv says:

    Just heard her on Popstar to Operastar and thought she was fairly ordinary, in fact in some parts she was bad, don't see what all the fuss is about.

  7. Gillian says:

    I think Camilla's got an amazing instrument in her voice - haunting and affecting. Those of you looking for more diction from her consonants are, I suspect, opera buffs. Many of us (the true classical-crossover fans) are not in the slightest bit attracted to the opera voice. These are different genres so let's not compare or worse, criticise - Viv!

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