Robbie Williams “You Know Me” single review – watch video

“You Know Me” is Robbie Williams second release from his new album Reality Killed the Video Star and to be perfectly honest, I actually like it.

Robbie Williams - You Know Me

It isn’t easy to crack a good tune out these days, as most of the contemporaries will tell you. The song is a piano led ballad, old school sixties style with sweeping vocals and strings and dare I say that it is a bit like Take That? It’s influenced by a song by Francoise Hardy called Voila.

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In the video for “You Know Me”, Robbie is dancing around in the woods dressed up as the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. Definitely going for the Christmas market with this one then, and to be fair, why not?

You Know Me – from Children in Need Live 2009:

Robbie Williams has gifted us with some quality stand the test of time songs throughout his career and I believe that this will sit alongside such classics as “Angels” very comfortably. I hope to see the song do well in the jostling jumble sale style fight for Christmas number one this year and if I am right, then Robbie Williams will be a very happy bunny (ouch!).

“You Know Me” is set for UK release on 7 December 2009.

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