We Walk In Straight Lines EP launch @ Mojo, Liverpool

Liverpool’s fastest up-and-coming indie-rock four-piece, We Walk In Straight Lines, in association with LAZY GENIUS cordially invite you to the launch party of their debut self titled EP on Monday 8th March 2010 at Mojo, Liverpool from 8pm.

We Walk In Straight Lines

Support is provided by:

The Moguls
Police Squad
The Fall of Kings

Liverpool’s We Walk In Straight Lines came together in 2009 and are comprised of Jonny Russell (25) (Vocals/Guitars), Mark Booth (24) (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Sergiusz Zasada (23) (Drums) and Chris Hassan (25) (Keys).

Sharing a mutual weariness of uniformed zombies producing tired, superficial songs, the band have wasted no time in throwing together their own blend of chaotic, world-weary material.

The band have played many of the North’s finest venues, including Night N Day Cafe in Manchester, Seven Arts Centre in Leeds and a string of dates across Liverpool’s many, well-established music holes.

Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music described them as a, “band who write and play with that urgent intensity Steve Lamacq is on the lookout for. The idea that they simply had to write these songs of they would explode”.

NYC-based blog, The Wild Honey Pie said: “After an in depth listen to their stuff, all I can say is that I’m truly impressed. The band is full of energy and shows a lot of potential… they give you a strong blend of structured chaos, which is complemented nicely by portions of soft, elegant melodies.”

The Masque of Liverpool said this: “(We Walk In Straight Lines)…really very, very good live and show a musicianship and creativity that is sadly lacking in the majority of bands in Liverpool at the moment.”

Liverpool Echo: “Deliciously dishevelled, We Walk In Straight Lines have only been together for 6 months, but have already marked themselves out as one’s to watch.”

The night also marks the start of Lazy Genius’ monthly residence in Mojo, and what better way to get it off the ground than a stellar line-up of Liverpool’s brightest young things?

Their EP is comprised of the first 4 tracks on their MySpace and the band will be giving away free copies for attendees.

Lazy Genius Director Tom Johnson said… “We Walk In Straight Lines are the band I am most excited about in Liverpool at the moment, they represent a truly original, exciting and intelligent alternative to a lot of the drudgery dominating the scene. Spiky, poetic and fast paced, with a brilliantly awkward urgency they are the band no one’s talking about, but everyone should be… just the way they like it!”

For music and more, go to:

We Walk In Straight Lines MySpace

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