Glee - 'Wheels' episode ft songs: Dancing With Myself, Defying Gravity, Proud Mary

In 'Wheels', it's the battle of the high 'F's as the Glee club has its first ever 'diva off'. The prize? The chance to sing the Wicked solo Defying Gravity with the club's two biggest divas; Rachel "its my go-to shower song" Berry and Kurt "I have an iPod dedicated exclusively to selections from Wicked" Hummel going note to note for the privilege.


Meanwhile, when Schu finds Artie practicing on his own in the auditorium, he decides it's time to teach the rest of the Glee club the meaning of empathy; wheel spins and tantrums abound as the everyone's favourite school choir put on the wheelchairs.

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So what's happening in Episode # 9? Well, here's what you need to know:

Episode # 9 'Wheels'

When Artie's chances of going to Regionals are in doubt, Will challenges the others to experience life from a different point of view by spending three hours a day in a wheel chair. Kurt and Rachel have their first 'diva-off' to decide who gets to sing their favourite solo song.

Quinn tells Finn to 'man-up' and figure out a way to support her and 'his' baby and one wonders whether Finn will ever figure out the truth Without Finn realising, he has a 'Dad off' with Puck, as Puck claims that he says if it were his baby, he would do "whatever it takes." Puck reels in the cash for Sectionals by turning a lousy bake sale into a success by getting the whole school hooked on his 'special' cupcakes.

The Songs from Episode #9 with YouTube Links

Song: Dancing With Myself
Performed By: Artie
Original By: Billy Idol
Original version on YouTube
Glee version on YouTube

Song: Defying Gravity
Performed By: Kurt and Rachel duet
Original By: Wicked The Musical
Original version on Youtube
(as performed by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth)

Listen to Glee version of Defying Gravity:

Song: Proud Mary
Performed By: Artie and Mercedes
Original By: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Original version on Youtube
Glee version on Youtube

Defying Gravity (Rachel's solo version)
Defying Gravity (Kurt/Chris Colfer solo version)

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