White Belt Yellow Tag debut album Methods + watch video

From the former guitarist of yourcodenameis:milo - Justin Lockey, and Craig Pilbin comes: White Belt Yellow Tag

White Belt Yellow Tag

Sometimes things take a little time to come together. Then when they finally do, they suddenly propel themselves forwards at light-speed, such is their perfectly locked chemistry. So it is with Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin.

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The pair you see, waited until between them they'd already garnered critic-slaying-acclaim and a mastery of studio wizardry in past incarnations before they finally fell together and decided to make music as a pair - as White Belt Yellow Tag.

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And once they did, they recorded 'Methods', their debut album in three weeks - no producer, initially no record label, no pluggers or pushers.

Craig had some songs. Justin had ideas but most importantly there was an enormous musical click and the pair quickly found they had something pretty special. The song-writing started almost immediately.

Things began to move quickly especially when a certain Zane Lowe, without a radio plugger to bug for official tunes, ripped the demos himself from MySpace to play to the nation on Radio 1 with no knowledge of either Justin or Craig's backgrounds.

It was their self-belief and confidence in what they were doing which drove them throughout the hectic 3-week recording sessions. But despite being finished in well under a month they insist there's absolutely nothing DIY-shoddy about their music. This is unashamedly big, anthemic, booming pop. Moments such as "Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)" and "News" are the kind of songs that rescue the phrase 'arena-sized' and give it a good shaking.

Yet the album (mixed by Chris Potter) is rich in depth - part Doves, part Jesus & Mary Chain, part Seamonsters period Wedding Present - with songs such as "Remains" proving the band are equally adept at creating something with a rough, klanging edge.

However it's the variation - from widescreen moments like the soaring "You're Not Invincible", the Heaven Up Here period Bunnymen feel of "Same Clothes Same Life" and the introspective "Where Echoes Land" - which really defines what White Belt Yellow Tag are all about. Not just black & white, 'Methods' brims with colour, innovation and a far-reaching musical adventurousness. Grand and cinematic it may be, but between the cracks there is much more.

"A masterful debut. WBYT will be one of the breakthrough acts of 2010." - ARTROCKER

"Impassioned, epic soundscapes" - THE GUARDIAN

"The atmospheric solemnity of Elbow or Doves" - NME

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