Florence and The Machine "Dog Days Are Over" video nominated for VMAs

Florence and The Machine's "Dog Days Are Over" video nominated for Video Of The Year and Best Rock Video at the VMAS!

Florence and The Machine

Download Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix)

Florence and The Machine's utterly gorgeous video for "Dog Days Are Over" is nominated for a slew of VMAs, including Video of the Year, Best Rock Video, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography.

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The last two are up to MTV judges, but fans can vote for Best Rock Video and Video of the Year from now till Aug 24, 2010.

Watch "Dog Days Are Over" video:

Also, Flo fans can grab a free download of Short Club's remix of "Cosmic Love" right here:

It's a beautiful, driving remix of an already incredible song, and it's free!

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Video of the Year

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