Tallulah Rendall to release 'Alive' album + "Ghost On The Water" single

Tallulah Rendall Announces New Album, 'Alive' and Single, "Ghost On The Water"

Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall's music is ethereal yet powerful, delicate and yet vociferous in its insistent, intricate and beautifully orchestrated sound.

Her second album, 'Alive' is a record possessed of a pervasive strength, songs rise into soaring, expansive climaxes with Tallulah's voice a mesmerising constant.

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Despite this power there remains a delicate femininity and lightness of song writing on 'Alive' demonstrative of a breadth of creative talent and an instinctive mastery of light and shade which brings to mind musical influences from Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley to Martha Wainwright.

Recorded at Hookend Studios, formerly owned by David Gilmour and the erstwhile home of Radiohead, Morrisey and The Manic Street Preachers, 'Alive' retains that vital, magical 'live' feel whilst affording every individual intricacy of Tallulah's song writing the glorious clarity which it richly deserves.

Tallulah's debut, 'Libellus' was a soulful, mellifluous and downright beautiful affair which led to the Evening Standard calling her a 'top up and coming artist' and Contact Music branding the album 'sublime, fragile, soulful and heart-piercing in its intensity'.

Yet for Tallulah the creative process is not exclusively musical. 'Libellus' was packaged with an astonishing 50 page book featuring artwork by Beshlie Mckelvie and with 'Alive' Tallulah is moving further into collaborative territory.

With a dozen artists using each album track as a starting inspiration for an exclusive piece it is this ongoing aesthetic detail that sets Tallulah apart. Each song is lovingly crafted and accompanied by a piece of art which explores and elucidates the themes of that track.

The album's debut single, "Ghost on the Water", is released on September 27, 2010 with the full album scheduled for early 2011.

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