The Gaddabouts - featuring Edie Brickell, Steve Gadd, Pino Palladino

Edie Brickell has joined Steve Gadd, Pino Palladino and Andy Fairweather-Low to launch a new band project aptly named The Gaddabouts.

Edie Brickell

The group's forthcoming debut will be released January 2011 and is composed of material written by Brickell over the past decade as well as songs written with the band in the studio the very day of recording.

In celebration of the project, the group will make their live debut at Carnegie's Zankel Hall as part of the WFUV concert series in April 2011.

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Initially conceived of in 2000, the project began when longtime admirers Gadd and Brickell recorded demos together and decided to form a band. Brickell loved the laid-back vibe Gadd created in the studio and asked him to also produce the record.

In addition to the duo, Gadd asked his friends, renowned guitarist Andy Fairweather-Low and legendary bassist Pino Palladino, to join the group. Their union was joyful and effortless and half of the songs were recorded during the first session.

Over the subsequent 10 years (between Brickell's other projects, family life and the band's touring schedules), the duo managed to stay in touch and keep the idea for the project alive. Finally, in 2010, they were able to resume recording and finish the album in New York City.

Of their reunion, Edie Brickell comments, "it was as if no time had passed. The band picked up where they left off with a vibrant, fun-loving feel inspired by Steve and his sweet, soulful rhythm."

Two new songs can be streamed now on

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Edie Brickell Official Website

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