Thumpermonkey Lives! release We Bake Our Bread In Her Holy Fire - video

We Bake Our Bread In Her Holy Fire - a new album by Thumpermonkey Lives! is released 6th September on Genin Records.

Thumpermonkey Lives!

Originally signed to Some Bizarre (The The, Einstürzende Neubauten) with noughties surf-goth act Brand Violet, Woodman started Thumpermonkey in 2001 as a self-released project.

The electro-dirge gurglings of early releases Alpha Romeo and Pigheart, were described as "a work of a warped genius, or just unholy union of Extreme Noise Terror, 'Antmusic' era Adam and the Ants, and a group of passing Druids" by Logo Magazine.

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After leaving Brand Violet, Thumpermonkey became a live act in 2005 - Thumpermonkey Lives! and released two studio albums on the Tooting Bizarre net label: 'Chap With The Wings, Five Rounds Rapid' and 'Bring Me Sun For Breakfast'. Both of these mined sludgier, Melvins style territory, and were lauded by Unpeeled; "glam out on a limb metallic grind...Bowie off the leash", and by ORGAN magazine; "imagine Gillan but cool enough in terms of energy and attitude to be on Discord Records with an Albini edge and hard boiled heavyweight maths".

Watch video - "419" by Thumpermonkey Lives!:

In the latest incarnation of the band, Woodman is joined by Rael Jones and Ben Wren who bring a more orchestrated, filmic atmosphere to the band.

Early advance reviews of the new album describe it as "exploding into an outrageous supernova, outshining half the sky...ideas way beyond their station: huge depth, big sound, immaculate arrangements, and a big, big voice. It's a lot of things, and greater than the sum of its parts: unashamed proper prog." (ORGAN)

Jones is also composing the music for Woodman's first short psychological horror film, currently titled 'The Bath', and produced by BRAG Productions.

Thumpermonkey Lives! have played with Godzilla Black, Nitkowski, The Laze, Astrohenge, Part Rocket, Mayors of Miyazaki, and 50ft Panda.

They are giving away an MP3 of the album finale track "419" from their bandcamp page.

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