Cruella Ribbons debut single Sunshine To My Showers / The One

Debut single Sunshine To My Showers / The One Released on the 24th of January 2011

Cruella Ribbons

Cruella Ribbons is Kelly White. She's not your average girl, never seen without her red lipstick and perfect hair, but her chipped nail varnish and fingers cut to ribbons show her life-long dedication to the guitar.

She classes her fierce female influences refreshingly between Annie Lennox, Grace Jones and Dusty Springfield. Once a member of Theoretical Girl's backing band The Equations, Cruella Ribbons is setting out with her own band and about to release her debut double A-side single Sunshine To My Showers/ The One on the 24th of January 2011.

Her early grunge years and an obsession with Courtney Love inevitably led to her playing the guitar, systematically working her way through Dusty Springfield's back catalogue.

The nickname 'Cruella' stemmed from her striking black and white hair she became recognised for in the Equations. The name stuck. After touring with Theoretical Girl to venues such as SXSW and Glastonbury as The Equations, Cruella explains "I'd hit my "ceiling" so to speak, and didn't think there was much further I could go with it only being a backing band so I made Glastonbury 2009 my last ever gig with T.G."

Strutting out with her own band which consists of Katie, Mikey and Nathan. Doing this has allowed Cruella to demonstrate the culmination of her musical influences she's been developing for years. Sunshine To My Showers is post punk and angstful, yet light-hearted and tongue in cheek, venting love and admiration. The One is a guitar heavy 1960s-esque girl band song... a message that is contradictory in terms but truthful all the same.

Much like her hairstyles, her music is ever evolving…

Sunshine To My Showers/ The One are set for digital release on the 24th of January 2011.

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