Hot Head Show single "Bummer/Hotel Room", video + UK tour dates

Hot Head Show release Bummer / Hotel Room on Tentacle Entercletainment

Hot Head Show

On 14th February 2011 London 3 piece Hot Head Show will release their debut double A-side 7-inch, Bummer/Hotel Room.

Hotel Room was recorded to 4-track cassette tape in a room above a betting shop in Hackney, and Bummer to a laptop in deepest darkest Buckinghamshire. The record was produced by the band themselves, and mixed by local celebrity "Serbian Brian Bogdanovic".

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Both songs were tracked during sessions for the album, sessions which were interrupted last March when the band accepted an unexpected offer from cult icon Les Claypool (of Primus) to tour the USA and Europe, an adventure which ended up including a sold out date at London's Koko and press coverage ranging from outraged to ecstatic.

On returning to the UK, the band set about completing the recordings and producing a video for Bummer, one of the tracks on the 7-inch.

The video is a clever reworking of vintage 16mm Russ Meyer footage originally released in 1966 under the title Mondo Topless. It has attracted a lot of attention for its raunchy imagery but was conceived as an exercise in, what the band call "rhythmadelic micromontage" by Hot Head Show's frontman Jordan Copeland. (Jordan also happens to be the son of The Police's founder and drummer, Stewart Copeland.)

Frontman Jordan Copeland on the project:

"Wrestling with a tendency to overthink things is really what ties it all together. We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were just trying to make a straight-up Bang-Bang product, though that isn't quite what we ended up with."

In April, Hot Head Show will move back into their van and set off to promote the album release. The 3-week tour will take them back to France, Germany and Italy, where the band now have a significant fanbase, as well as the Czech Republic and Poland - details to be announced soon.

Hot Head Show are Jordan Copeland (lead vox + guitar), Vaughn Stokes (bass guitar + vox) and Beatamax (drums + vox).

"I've never heard anything quite like this before and I really can't compare it directly with any one band." - The Sonic Abyss

"Hot Head Show are inherently sexy, but exposure to them might leave you feeling a bit confused and sordid." - Planet Notion

"This nimble, racing music is an eloquent staccato riposte to Deerhoof, with moments of Nick Cave passion and Beefheart blues contortion - they offer the complex pleasure of shaking your head in three directions at once." - Clive Bell, The Wire

Hot Head Show are playing the following UK live dates, with more to be confirmed.

2011 UK tour dates:

(Dates and information subject to change.)

February 2011

15 - Monto Water Rats, London - SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY

March 2011

5 - Birds Nest, London
19 - Wonderland, London
31 - Prince Albert, Brighton

April 2011

11 - 93 Feet East, London

May 2011

31 - Café 1001, London

The band's debut double A-side single "Bummer/Hotel Room" is to be released on Tentacle Entacletainment on February 14, 2011.

Watch "Bummer" video

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Hot Head Show on

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Hot Head Show Official Website

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