The Dogbones release "The Whole World is Weird" single [Video]

The Dogbones

London based band The Dogbones are releasing their forthcoming single "The Whole World is Weird" on 30th August, 2011 via record label Cadiz Music.

The single will be a download only release and available on iTunes.

Formed in 2009, The Dogbones are a 5-piece band comprising ex-Queen Adreena and ex- Daisy Chainsaw members.

Described as a primal, sneering, garage punk band with 2 drummers and a girl with ants in her pants their influences are "the electric guitar, nursery rhymes and tribal drums".

"The Whole World is Weird" track has been much acclaimed by NME's Dele Fadele as: "Incendiary dark, dark, stuff. An outsider anthem, that also doubles as a prayer for those who've lost a sense of belonging, 'The Whole World Is Weird' speaks truth in a music biz whirlpool of lies. The twin-drum-attack, and serrated, monster riffs, fitfully map out a state of emotional catatonia."

A captivating live band, live reviews so far have praised them for "Powering along on their two-drummer thunder", The Dogbones sound like the Glitter Band and Babes In Toyland having a fight in the cupboard under the stairs. They're all fried 'n' frazzled guitar and caterwauled vocals, an exhilarating blend in itself, but don't go getting the impression that The Dogbones are all about noise. The band's secret superpower is their ability to place a point-perfect pop song under all the blood and guts. Catchy choruses rise out of the melee like islands in a stormy sea. Hear it once and you'll be singing 'The Whole World Is Weird' all day.

In support of "The Whole World is Weird" single release, The Dogbones will be playing a handful of autumn dates starting with The Water Rats venue in London on September 21st.

The Dogbones "The Whole World is Weird" video:

The Dogbones are:

Johnny Orion - Guitar (Daisy Chainsaw, Vapid Dolly, Dizzy Q Viper, Queenadreena)
Matt Banham - Drums
Nomi Leonard - Vocals + Guitar (Wendykurk, Queenadreena)
Michael Vakalis - Bass (briefly in Queenadreena, Jesus Got His Gun)
Vince Johnson - Drums (Daisy Chainsaw, Medieval Babes)

For more information, go to:

The Dogbones Facebook

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