Sacred Harp release 'Window's A Fall' + free download

Sacred Harp

Sacred Harp

Sacred Harp are a Norwegian quartet with their roots in improv experimentalism, who applied form and structure to their work to create 'Window's A Fall', an epic, prysmic album released in the UK 05 December, 2011 on Brainlove Records.

Opening track "Found In The Open Country (The Deep Underlying Structure)" shows off singer Jessica Sligter's precise atonality and the band's tense atmospherics - in this song, and in the album as a whole, Sacred Harp have conjoured up something truly magical.

The band say: "Long & dark winters make us pious.... or devilish. Sacred Harp met in Oslo the winter 2007. Back then the music was totally improvised, but after a while the focus turned more and more into composed music and songwriting, and now improvisation is used only as a tool to create the songs. The music is a result of channeling all our influences and inspiration through a process where total freedom meets totalitarian strictness and attention to minute details. Our music is influenced by the insides of our heads, which in turn are shaped by the love of color, sound and words we share. Enjoy!"

The record is released on Brainlove Records in collaboration with Trust Me Records, Oslo.

Sacred Harp - Found In The Open Country (The Underlying Deep Structure):

"Sacred Harp's genre-twining, far-reaching debut LP confidently justifies any surface impenetrability with a sharp songcraft bubbling underneath: Window's A Fall sounds like the darkest bits of Scott Walker taking a psychedelic vacation in the weirdest parts of 'Twin Peaks'… a late announcement in the album-of-the-year stakes." - Jazz Monroe, The Stool Pigeon

"Sacred Harp very nearly threaten to complete music itself with their distinctive, shimmering Norwegian majesty" - Jon Hillcock, New Noise Podcast

"Weird-yet-enthralling... maybe the most disconcerting thing you'll hear this year" - Luke Slater, Drowned In Sound

"Norway's Sacred Harp really could soundtrack Twin Peaks... they have the same uncanniness; a sense of something familiar and yet not quite right." - Josh Hall, The Line Of Best Fit (Song Of The Day)

"Terrifyingly intense... from echoey, sparse meditation to contrapuntal squalls that tread between sludge metal and new wave's darker, gothic edges. Sacred Harp's Window's a Fall is out their on its own." - Keiran Tyler, The Arts Desk

Sacred Harp on Brainlove Records

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