Icelandic band Retro Stefson on tour in the UK for Great Escape and Club NME shows

Retro Stefson

Through countless formative live performances and the crafting of a collection of superior pop songs, super-youthful Icelandic octet Retro Stefson have mastered the art of moving a crowd to the brink of sheer ecstasy - and keeping it there for as long as they wish.

Through their virtuoso pick 'n' mix approach, fusing metal to afro-beat to disco to improv, this ultra-talented party band have created a fresh form of mutant Icelandic pop music that could only exist right at this moment.

They hit America for the first time in 2012, playing four packed shows in some weird and wonderful locations set within the organised chaos of the sprawling Austin festival.

"Our first show was in a gay bar and second on the rooftop of Wholefoods for a bunch of preschool kids," says band leader Unnsteinn Manuel (pictured above, bottom right), "and then lastly we did two club shows - it went very well and the crowd was pleased." And now, to England: "We are very much looking forward coming to England, and also to visit Nandos," he laughs. "In Iceland no one has bothered to open up a real Nandos yet so we've only had copycat joints that fail. One thing special I like about Brighton is the sea. The majority of places that are livable in Iceland are by the sea so I feel quite nice at the shore."

And so these young Icelanders enjoy their globetrotting lifestyle? "I haven't been at home for one straight month in the past three years, but I love seeing new places and fresh faces."

Retro Stefson "Kimba" - Live @ Iceland Airwaves '11 - video:

Armed with an immediate and charismatic stage presence along with a highly impressive arsenal of songs, Retro Stefson always border on the right side of pop; the side that's creative, cool and constantly pushing the envelope.

They regularly sell out their native Iceland's largest concert halls and top the national charts, all the while converting hordes of overseas fans with tours in Europe and the US and now at The Great Escape 2012.

Retro Stefson are a band to be celebrated. They are an antidote to the flood of callow TV-show pop music - vibrant, talented, upbeat, creative... and coming your way.

Retro Stefson May 2012 UK tour dates:

(Dates and information subject to change.)

10th May @ The Great Escape 23.30 - LATEST BAR
11th May @ The Great Escape 15.00 - ABOVE AUDIO (Airwaves Party)
11th May @ The Great Escape 19.30 - GREEN DOOR STORE
11th May @ CLUB NME, Midnight - KOKO, London

For the latest tour dates and more, go to:

Retro Stefson Official Website

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