Night Of Treason – ‘Gentlemen & Hooligans’ album review

Night Of Treason

When I got a whiff of ‘Gentlemen & Hooligans’, the new album by Night Of Treason, my blood began racing. A wake up call for the punks who have been asleep for the the last 20 years, and a call to arms for the young. I haven’t enjoyed such sounds for a very long time and was cranking up the volume and tapping, banging and air guttering all at the same time.

There seems to be a lack of this sort of music in the world today. It has all the appeal of credulous songs from when most nights you were out watching another inspiring band at your local venue, while also taking you to new places in your head at the same time.

“Can’t Remember” is the opening song on the album, it has a unique but familiar sound. A bit like the Diminished Responsibility record from UK Subs back in the eighties. Yet it still manages to stay true to Night Of Treason’s character.

So how do I get you to want to go and invest in this CD then? Lyrically they are very clever. Like on the song “Ballad Of The Teddy Boy”. There is a really good story to this song. Words that inspire pictures in your head with real toe tapping new school punk and an invigorating inspiring attitude too.

Yeah, there seems to be an awakening, a resurgence of new punk on the streets of England at the moment and if you want to get an idea of what it is about then get yourself ‘Gentlemen & Hooligans’ by Night Of Treason and you will be a part of what is happening outside your front door again.

Night of Treason – This is my Town video:

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By: Dave Tommo