The Epstein Release “Chimes” / “Sophia Loren” – Double A-Side Single

The Epstein

The Epstein – Chimes / Sophia Loren – Double A-side Single

Released via Zawinul Records in the UK 28th October 2013

“Chimes” / “Sophia Loren” is the new double A-side single from Oxford based alt-pop outfit The Epstein, taken from their second album Murmurations.

The Epstein began life a few years ago when singer/songwriter Olly Wills started playing open mic nights with guitarist Jon Berry in the back rooms of pubs in Oxford and London. Gradually developing into a full, country-edged band, The Epstein’s debut album Last Of The Charanguistas won them the ‘Editors Choice’ accolade in Rolling Stone as well as Huw Stephens’ ‘Album of the Week’ on Radio 1, leading them to Glastonbury, various other prime festival slots and a much wider audience.

Since then they have grown impressively, evolving through their modest Americana roots into a more ambitious, adventurous proposition, incorporating ambient electronica, Morricone-style orchestral backdrops and sweeping widescreen blues.

Recorded over 14 months in London, Oxford and Bremen, Murmurations is a departure from the raw, live sound of their previous release and captures the band at their most majestic.

As lead singer Olly Wills states:

“We weren’t looking to catch the live performance, which is what we obsessed over in previous recordings. We wanted this to be the style of us in the studio with the time and thought that go into the process. We wanted this to be grand, wide-ranging, epic and cinematic in scope.”

The first single “I Held You Once”, with its distinctive vibe of West-Coast folk-rock wrapped in a Spector-like wall of sound, was a live favourite for some time, whilst its follow-up, “Calling Out Your Name”, continued to showcase their newfound widescreen sound, bursting into a joyous crescendo of sparkling melody.

“Chimes” and “Sophia Loren” both shed light on the more reflective, storytelling side of their songwriting with the former a powerful, sky-scraping ode to the beauty and magic of their hometown, whilst the latter is an almost Nick Cave-esque narrative about meeting a stranger in Italy, soaked in pedal steel guitar and longing brass arrangement.

The band will embark on their first tour of Scotland at the end of this month, playing at the famous Avalanche Records in Edinburgh before shows on the west coast and Isle of Skye. This will be their last tour at the end of a very busy year, but the band will still be playing headline shows in Oxford and London in November and December whilst also focusing on the next album which they plan to release in Spring 2014.

The Epstein press reviews:

“The Epstein play in another league: a vast, desert-like land of the soul.” – Rolling Stone (Editors Choice)

“Album of the week” – Huw Stephens, Radio 1

“If your heart doesn’t tremble along with this song, you can’t have cried when Bambi’s mum died either. Monster!” – Drowned in Sound Singles of the Week

“As engaging as Calexico and as endearing as The Broken Family Band.” – Q

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